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Grape Bold e Liquid (Premium) (30 mL)

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Grape Bold e Liquid (Premium) (30 mL)

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This delicious Grape e Liquid flavor has an authentic sweet taste of a vineyard grown grape.




Vapor4Life’s Grape Nobacco Juice is bursting with the refreshing, summery flavor of just-picked Concord grapes. This is truly the best grape-flavored electronic cigarette liquid available anywhere! Enjoy the dense vapor and incredibly intense, juicy taste of V4L Grape vapor juice as an all day favorite or as an occasional sweet treat. View more yummy electronic cigarette liquids...

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Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Great throat hit but thats it
    Review by Jayon 5/8/2014
    It tastes like grape crush. Not sure why I tried this when I dont like Grape Crush. It does deliver a true grape taste initially but the flavor seems to fade from the juice after about a week in the bottle. It has a great throat hit but the flavor seems somewhat lost. It might be better on lower nicotine levels. I use 24mg. I say try it...just not for me.
  • Rating
    Great Grape Flavor
    Review by Old Smokieon 1/22/2014
    Ive tried 3 of the top 4 customer favorite flavors. Cinnablaze...fantastic, Grape nobacco Wow premium juice, this is great, Vanilla, I cant understand why I didnt like Van. it has so many good reviews. I need to try more flavors but Im picky about what I like. But so far Cinnablaze and Grape are A+++ Glad to see the Cinnablaze carts back in stock, Im definately going to stock up.
  • Rating
    Love this flavor!
    Review by Cherylon 2/14/2013
    Truly taste like grape!!
  • Rating
    Needs More Ooomph!
    Review by ShirlSquirrelon 1/25/2013
    Was hoping I'd get the great kick of grape taste like I did in the cool carts but I did not so, please tell them to triple flavor it in the future.

    On the plus side, nice smooth hits & tons of vapor!!!
  • Rating
    Review by Boa1969on 12/13/2012
    Great flavor. One of my top faves.
  • Rating
    Review by mistyon 12/10/2012
    Never gets old, very delicious. It does stink though, if you get the juice on your hands. The vapor smells a little bad which is weird because it tastes really good.
  • Rating
    Review by lynnon 10/15/2012
    It has a good strong throat hit. I can add it to almost any other juice that's not strong enuf to make that e-juice stronger & mixes well w all I've tried. Initially my fav was beach bum but not quite strong enuf hit. I usually mix w peach & love that mix!
  • Rating
    Review by Johnon 10/13/2012
    This flavor doesn't get old to me. It's not too sweet or bland. It is one my new favorites. I'm glad I tried it.
  • Rating
    One of my Favs
    Review by Laurenon 8/27/2012
    This is an all day vape for me. I just love it!!!!
  • Rating
    Great sweet grape taste.
    Review by Caseyon 6/15/2012
    If your looking for Grape flavor, this is the one to get. Very tasty.
  • Rating
    Great Flavor and Vapor
    Review by Shemon 6/9/2011
    After reading the reviews, I had to try this. I didn't believe it could be that good. I am so glad I did try it! The grape flavor is excellent, but not at all too sweet. The vapor is outstanding! This has become one of my favorites.
  • Rating
    Review by L. Hendersonon 5/2/2011
    At 18 mg this has a nice throat hit and lots of vapor production. It has a consistent grape taste and grape aroma.
  • Rating
    Great, Great, Great
    Review by Linda Ericksonon 3/15/2011
    Think already wrote review on this one. After 2 bottles, still one of our favorites, or maybe "the favorite". Really has the grape crush flavor.Could overdose on this one. Ordering 3 next time.
  • Rating
    Great flavor... but
    Review by Monty Lozanoon 11/6/2010
    this is a good fruity flavor it tastes like grape tru to what it says on the bottle.. however the 36mg causes one hell of a throat burn for those that like to inhale for big vapes. regular tokes have good flavor but not high vape. this would be excellent if they offered a lower mg thus the reason for 3 stars. if you like a good grapy taste and dont mind the harsh throat hit then this is for you.
  • Rating
    True to it's name!
    Review by Lee Enfingeron 8/1/2010
    If you like grape - this is the one! When you need a good fruit hit, this grape is true to it's name! Love it and will re-order!
  • Rating
    Review by Daniel Sawchakon 5/16/2010
    After hearing some great reviews on it, I was a little cautious about trying it because I am not a fan of grapes but love grape flavored Kool-Aid (contradicting I know). Much to my surprise it tasted just like the Kool-Aid version and calms not only my nicotine cravings but my sugary sweet cravings as well ^_^ excellent flavor!