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Hazelnut Coffee Smooth e Liquid (WOW) (30mL)

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Hazelnut Coffee Smooth e Liquid (WOW) (30mL)

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A dark coffee blend meets buttery and sweet warm roasted nuts to create a vapor flavor blend you will surely fall in love with.




Coffee and hazelnut are together at last. This delicious morning treat will have you up and running with the taste of freshly ground coffee beans and a touch of hazelnut. Move over coffee shop, we have your new morning brew right here in e Cigarette form! Try this Vapor4Life e-liquid out in a V4L cartomizer or tank for extra satisfaction.

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Customer Reviews

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    Everyday vape
    Review by DWAYNEon 12/2/2012
    This is my everyday vape flavor. I've been vaping for only a couple of months but have not turned back too anolog cigerettes since, maybe mainly due to the taste I get with hazelnut coffee E-juice. I'm still searching for and would like to try more but for now this is it. The taste for me is very sutle but strong without being over bearing like a lot of the menthol flavored juices. I think the hazelnut flavor has a natural taste. Will being defintley buying more to keep in stock.
  • Rating
    Similar to the rest of the Coffee flavors.
    Review by HateCoachon 9/1/2012
    Sadly, this isn't anything astounding. So far the only coffee flavor I enjoy is Java Junction. The hazelnut isn't as distinct as any of the other Wow coffee flavors. But iif you like the sweeter coffee Wow flavors they have like. this may be your thing. . Currently going to let it steep for a week or two and see if it makes any difference. For me, back to Java Junction