Kilt Bold e Liquid (Premium) (30 mL)

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Our popular European tobacco-flavored e-liquid in prefilled Vapor King CoolCart cartomizers. Box of 5.
Vapor4Life Kilt Nobacco Juice offers a balanced blend of select flavors inspired by the finest European tobaccos. V4L Kilt e Cig juice combines the complete taste of tobacco in a rich, complex vapor. Try some and you'll see why this exclusive e-liquid blend is a favorite among our V4L e Cig customers. View more electronic cigarette liquids...

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  • Rating
    Review by BuckoBill on 3/2/2011
    I purchased some of this and I am satisfied with the taste. It doesn't have really a tobacco taste but you can taste a hint of vanilla bean. Its not overpowering but subtle. I gave it 4 stars cause it does not have alot of vapor but the throat hit is good.
  • Rating
    Kant Juice
    Review by E-cig fanatic on 2/27/2011
    Straight up Tobacco flavor, I got no sweetness or any background flavors in this one. Not much else to say about it, Just a solid Tobacco. Quality stuff
  • Rating
    This is the Kant version I like.
    Review by Amos Trisler on 10/21/2010
    Don't know if this is the old formula or the new, but this one is just right. I got a 0mg sample cart and instantly fell in love with it. I ordered the carts, but they are different. I also ordered the 5ml bottle at the same time and THIS is the taste that makes Kant a happy place.

    The other reviewer got it right. Hints of mint and vanilla. As I explore the myriad of flavors in vaporland this mix of Kant sits right there with the blueberry carts as a permanent place in my rotation (to use the pipe smoker term). I alternate between this and blueberry on the pass thru at the computer or for the drive to and from work.

    The other cart mix of Kant has its appeal, but is not in the same class as this version. This is the one to love.
  • Rating
    Good Flavor
    Review by Divaping on 4/1/2010
    I like this. Sweet Tobacco Flavor. Delicious. Tobacco with a hint of mint and vanilla. Wonderful Vape!