Kiwi Apple Strawberry Smooth e Liquid (WOW) (30 mL)

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Refreshing kiwi, apple and strawberry flavors create a tropical fruit medley for a truly appetizing vaping flavor.
A fruity blend of tropical kiwi, red apple, and perfectly ripened strawberries. Another premium smokeless cigarette e-liquid by Vapor4Life - home of the Original Vapor King electronic cigarette.

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    Up in the air
    Review by Serena F on 1/4/2013
    I used to LOVE this one! Sweet, tart, all around I'd sing it's praises. But this last time I ordered it was really perfumey. It has nice vapor and TH like usual. But I think I got a bad batch or my tastebuds are on revolt against it. But you may OR may not like it.
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    Review by Christine on 11/5/2012
    But what did you expect? ;] I liked this flavor. I enjoyed the sweetness and the hint of tartness from the green apple.

    Review by paco on 6/9/2012
    This is the only juice i vape. It isnt harsh and doesnt have a rough throat hit but the flavor is amazing. More of a furity flavor but it does taste good :)

    Crisp & Tart
    Review by Ann on 6/7/2012
    This juice has the tart taste I've been looking for. Good on it's own, or mix it with Apple Cinnamon Cranberry for a flavor explosion - best combo yet.
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    A good day time vape
    Review by Jeffery Haynes on 7/21/2011
    This has a fruity taste but slightly tart. Could not taste the strawberry at all.

    I have been refilling the carts from a 30 ml bottle of the WOW Kiwi Apple Strawberry for two weeks and to add an extra star. This has an acquired taste. Now I vape it every day. Great for during the day when you are working
  • Rating
    Review by Earl Carmichael on 12/3/2010
    has a very fruity taste moderate throat hit good vapor production not as much as some as the other flavors hear but still a good amount
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