Margarita Bold e Liquid (Premium) (30 mL)

Lemon and lime come together with a kick of tequila to bring your taste buds the delicious flavor of the classic margarita.




You don’t have to salt the rims of your cartomizers to enjoy V4L Margarita Nobacco Juice. Citrus notes of lemon, lime, and orange give this e-juice a sunny, playful attitude, while the tequila undertones give it a kick. A fun, flavorful vapor juice for those times when you’d rather be on the beach sipping a margarita! Shop more fun V4L electronic cigarette liquids...

Customer Reviews

Yuck Review by Carl
Not a fan. The aftertaste is horrible. (Posted on 10/24/2013)
Not bad... was expecting more. Review by MarkJ
I'm not very experienced when it comes to e-liquid flavors. That said, based on reviews I was honestly expecting a stronger flavor. It does have a flavor and it isn't bad. I love margaritas and was expecting more of a limey punch I guess. I'm going with the margarita smartee comparison. (Posted on 9/23/2013)
Spot On! Review by Nancy
I really didn't think this one would taste like it was advertised. Some reviewers said it tasted like Lime Smarties which is ok by me, but boy was I surprised! I picked up the ejuice and was amazed that it tasted just like a Margarita - don't know how you do it! (Posted on 7/8/2013)
Love this flavor! Review by Kimberly
This was the first flavor I tried when I started vaping, it's still one of my favorites! It's not too strong or too mild, tastes just like margaritas with a slight sweetness to it. It has a great throat hit and could easily be an all day vape. If you tend to lean more towards the fruit flavors and like something that tastes fresh, you will probably like this juice. (Posted on 10/19/2012)
It's ok Review by E-cig fan
I also use it best a a mixer with other fruit flavors, which makes it much more tastey. (Posted on 8/15/2011)
Just Like the drink!! Review by Dayna Perkins
This is good stuff!! Tastes just like the drink with a slightly sweet taste. Really good!!! Without the hangover!!!! (Posted on 1/2/2011)
great flavor if you can find one that works Review by Allison
I love this cart! Great yummy flavor, almost a sweet and sour deal. Light and smooth. I'm really wanting to get another for the flavor but I think I'll wait until they make it a wow cart. Please. Please. (Posted on 11/4/2010)
Color and Taste is Everything Review by Pat Croft
Margarita has a reddish tint to its juice which makes it that much more tasteful, after experimenting with about 15 different flavors. (Posted on 7/22/2010)
I love this to death Review by Jim Kehoe
I got a margarita cartomizer as a freebie and just loved it. Nice and sweet with a mixture of flavors. Does it taste like a margarita? No. Is it tasty as all hell, YES. I grabbed a 30ml of it, and have been loving it all week. This makes a good mixer for other flavors like cherry and peach. (Posted on 6/9/2010)
Nice..... Review by Kevin Parnell
Maybe you should consider vaping this flavor with a pinch of salt or sugar in your mouth to complete the experience. I really wasnt expecting much from this nobacco juice because I didnt think it would taste like the real deal...boy was I wrong. Awsome. (Posted on 5/20/2010)
If you like the Margarita cartos you'll love this Review by Deb
Tastes like a factory made carto in my opinion when refilling with this juice. It tastes delicious. It doesn't taste like a margarita but it tastes like mixed citrus and is both sweet and sour. Nice throat hit, even when zero nic (vape this at night before bed sometimes). I have tried this juice at various nic levels and the are all the same flavor with just a different nic taste. (Posted on 3/19/2010)

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