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Menthol Bold e Liquid (Premium) (30 mL)

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Menthol Bold e Liquid (Premium) (30 mL)

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Our Menthol vaping e Liquid flavor is a straight-up blast of refreshing mint, with a slight sweetness, and no tobacco undertones.




Vapor4Life Menthol Nobacco Juice gives traditional menthol cigarettes some serious competition! This vapor juice offers a fresh, minty menthol flavor with a touch of sweetness—no tobacco undertones. It’s an invigorating e-juice that might just become your number one favorite! View more electronic cigarette vapor juice flavors...

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Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Review by KSPENCERon 11/29/2014
    The flavor of this liquid is unbeatable. I have searched for 2 years and can't find anything that comes close to it!
  • Rating
    best menthol flavor!
    Review by not only money savings but satisfyingon 9/9/2013
    I smoked 38 years COOL super longs, the day I received my kit with menthol nobacco juice was last day I lit a COOL.
    Flavor great and I reccommend to every Cool smoker out there!
  • Rating
    Great for Pure Menthol Lovers
    Review by The Dudeon 9/4/2013
    I have enjoyed menthol cigs in the past and was hoping that this would be similar to that. Now I am new to vapor and found it wasn't close to the cig so part of the difference is no doubt just converting, but I really didn't taste any tobacco flavor with the menthol. It is good if you really just want the pure menthol flavor and I must say it is growing on me. I have ordered the Wow 555 and am hoping for an experience closer to regular cigs.
  • Rating
    Review by Perfect Blendon 8/22/2013
    Add a hint of grape to it and this menthols rocks!
  • Rating
    Good Menthol Flavor!
    Review by Rufuson 5/8/2013
    Great flavor, I like the slight hint of sweetness.
  • Rating
    AWESOME ITS A SMOKERS DREAM if you cant find the right menthol!!!!
    Review by nicomccart67on 9/5/2012
    I vape it all day and couldn't find the right menthol even in v4l so I am not just saying this because I love them so much but when it comes to menthol I have hated other menthol's they have had and I am a true menthol smoker. I smoked menthol cigg all day everyday . if you are a sweeter menthol go for the regular old Nobacco juice which I ordered and love. It is my fav as-well as my all all day vape and love love love it so try it and maybe you'll find your love like I did . I was once hopeless but i am no longer without my perfect menthol!
  • Rating
    Great Menthol taste!
    Review by Dennison 8/5/2010
    For an ex-Camel Menthol smoker this is very close the real thing, not too strong, just about right. this is one of my new favorites.
  • Rating
    almost the best
    Review by matt zigmondon 7/4/2010
    amazing menthol flavor great for converting anlogers to PV's... my olny problem its not really sweet at all....and i personally prefer a little flavor to it but to each his(or her) own...
  • Rating
    Excellent Flavour
    Review by Thornbyrdon 4/27/2010
    Great all day and night vape flavour. My favorite flavour I've tried, out of all brands and varying flavour types.

    This is my flavour of choice, wouldn't go without it.
  • Rating
    Great service
    Review by Wanda Lamberton 3/17/2010
    I received my juice today an so smooth with the flavor of menthol,no matter how large or small your order he always sends a gift along,thank you so much well be ordering more.
  • Rating
    Menthol Nobacco
    Review by Billon 1/4/2010
    Pretty good, flat minty menthol flavor. I prefer the Smilin special menthol.
  • Rating
    Delivers on the promise - and then some...
    Review by Adrenalynnon 12/4/2009
    V4L _promised_ not to disappoint with this formulation - and they have unquestionably delivered on their word!

    All the menthol, none of the bitter tobacco - this is just cooool, smooooth menthol. It glides across the tongue cool, it meanders down the throat smooth, and it exhales with plenty of smooth cool volume. This is what menthol cigarettes advertise and always fall woefully short on when the flame meets the stick. It finishes with that slightly minty refreshing palate.

    This will easily be my daily regular vape, no question. I think "gee, I think I'll have one of my old-fashioned cigarettes - and then reach for this. As I write this, I have one on a battery in my purse, and another on the USB pass-through. I think I've gone through at least a quarter ml of this formula in half a day.

    If I had one complaint it would be that, right now, it's available only in "low" strength. Maybe not so bad since I can just turn to it more often! :-)
  • Rating
    Great Menthol Taste
    Review by Randyon 4/15/2009
    This really does taste like menthol cigarettes to me, with just a tiny aftertaste of mint. My favorite menthol so far!