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Mint Bold e Liquid (Premium) (30 mL)

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Mint Bold e Liquid (Premium) (30 mL)

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Just like a spring of mint, this vaping flavor will give your taste buds a burst of icy freshness.




Freshen up your electric cigarette vapor with a sprig of mint…Mint Nobacco Juice that is! With just a hint of sweetness added to a blast of minty freshness, this V4L electronic cigarette liquid brings to mind visions of sprigs of mint so fresh, they still have droplets of morning dew on them. View more refreshing electronic cigarette flavors...

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Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Great refreshing mint/menthol taste
    Review by Rufuson 1/25/2013
    I didn't smoke menthol when I smoked regular cigarettes, but I enjoy the menthol/mint flavor of vapors. I've tried a few of the other menthol flavors, and enjoyed them, but this mint flavor has become my favorite. It's more refreshing and I think has more of a menthol flavoring, but without the slight chemically taste that the regular menthol liquids can have.

    A great choice for people who enjoy menthol and want to try something new!
  • Rating
    Minty Fresh Goodness
    Review by Jeffon 11/29/2012
    This has become my go to vaping flavor. It leaves such a fresh minty flavor not at all like a menthol flavor but more like the flavor you get when sucking on an Altoids or other breath mint.
  • Rating
    Very minty..
    Review by MVon 7/27/2011
    This reminded me of doublemint gum. Could have been a tad sweeter though, and not so minty but pretty good in my opinion.
  • Rating
    Nice clean vapor, good throat hit
    Review by bretton 6/13/2011
    I ordered this along with a box of five blank cartomizers. I loaded 'em up and tested 'em out. This gives a really nice mint flavor, good vapor and a good throat hit. There's no yucky aftertaste.
  • Rating
    Like a certain brand...
    Review by Foxon 5/2/2011
    does anyone else remember Nat Sherman Naturals Mint? If you loved those smokes when they were still legal, then you'll love this juice. Ordered mine in the 36 strength, being a nicotine fiend, and enjoy it daily. Not too much of a TH, but enough to notice, and about average vapor. Strange as it sounds, i like to mix this with Cuban Cigar.
  • Rating
    Yummy!! Minty!!
    Review by Dayna Perkinson 3/6/2011
    This is so good!! Minty from the word go!! Sweet, great vapor, just excellent!!
  • Rating
    Not quite Mint
    Review by Tonyon 2/15/2011
    I got a cart on a sample, thought this one was it cause it was MINT, not menthol. This one is more menthol than MINT.

    UPDATE: Moved this up to 3 stars, after vaping a bit on it, there is more mint than the actual menthol and isn't that bad if you like mint, and it also gives you mint breath too.
  • Rating
    Review by MICHAEL FREE and CHERYL FREEon 2/4/2011
  • Rating
    Review by faithon 12/12/2010
    I just got a bottle of this the other day and it is officially my new #1 followed by peppermint and then spearmint. The mint variations here are done extremely well and have a nice smooth draw.I would recommend stocking up on all 3 if you like a minty taste. This particular flavour surprised me with how good it is so i only bought 1 bottle(30ml) to be safe but bought 3 more after cracking the top on the 1st one and probably should have bought more as i have friends i have turned on to V4L and they will now be trying to mooch it from me. Not a flashy name (mint) but this is a super-yummy juice. Can you guy's at V4L change the name to "Super Yummy Mint"? :)
  • Rating
    Great Minty Taste!
    Review by Scott Edwardson 7/27/2010
    When my fav flavor, SMILIN Special was out of my 18mg strength I turned to this and was hooked. Now this flavor is out of all but the highest levels of nicotine. I love doing business with V4L, but I'd like to see more 'lower' levels of nicotine available for 30mg bottles of juice.
  • Rating
    Review by Kevin Morrison 7/22/2010
    great vape, great flavor! this is a good choice for an everyday vape. it is also very useful for mixing flavors, like Green Tea & Mint. i also use it to give my menthol a little more kick. this is a great flavor to start out with.
  • Rating
    Menthol smokers would love this
    Review by Seanon 6/11/2010
    It tastes like a fresh mint and gives you that cooling feeling you get from a cough drop. Its one of the best juices ive ever had
  • Rating
    Very refreshing
    Review by Nikki Renoon 3/2/2010
    This juice is great. Simple and to the point mint flavor. Strong and smooth. I have been getting lot's of vapor from this one.
  • Rating
    Review by Debon 2/19/2010
    I have tried most of the menthol juices and this is by far my favorite. It holds it's flavor better than most other juices of all kinds.
  • Rating
    Hands down fav all day vape!
    Review by Shelleyon 8/16/2009
    Used to smoke a milder menthol. As much as the menthol nobacco is terrific, the mint is a little milder and just right for me. Perfect throat hit and perfect flavor! Vape on!