Outlaw Apple Nobacco Juice USA (30 ml)

Outlaw Apple Nobacco Juice USA

Crisp like Granny Smith, but infused with legendary Bonnie-and-Clyde attitude, this fugitive flavor won’t be tamed. Light, tawny juice releases sweet and sassy apple tones with sure-shooting tobacco taste that stays cool under fire. You’ll want to hide out, vape away and never surrender.

The “Best By” date for these e-liquids has been reached. These e-liquids can still be used. The best by date for e-liquids is not an expiration date. You will not experience a loss in flavor or nicotine content until one year after the best by date.


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  • Rating
    Awesome Flavor
    Review by Dances on 4/24/2013
    This is an amazing flavor! it's perfect not too much of an apple taste with the right amount of tobacco flavor. this is my ALL DAY VAPE. I Love It!
  • Rating
    One of my favourites!
    Review by Grimmi on 3/5/2013
    I love this flavor, you get that apple taste with the mellow woody tastes of tobacco underneath it.

    It's not a sharp tangy apple taste, but rather an apple tobacco taste.

    For those who enjoy apple shisha, this hits the spot!

  • Rating
    Great taste
    Review by Nativelady1 on 10/3/2012
    I got this on sale to try it out & I'm glad I took a risk YUM!! It has a great throat hit, not to harsh, very smooth & this is the best part, a slight after taste of a candy apple, the kind you get at a State fair or carnival. Even my hubby agrees & wants me to buy more. I'm traditionally a menthol person bcuz that's what I smoked when I did real ciggs. I've tried several different flavors & to my surprise liked. Thank You Vapor4life.
  • Rating
    Excellent flavor
    Review by Lance on 9/1/2012
    This is the second time I've ordered this flavor and I really enjoy it. Lots of vapor when using my V4L EGO, and has a unique apple/tobacco-ish taste. Don't be afraid to order this, you won't regret it.