Congress e Liquid Bold (Premium) (30 mL)

Similar to a luxury brand of traditional cigarettes, this smooth e cig flavor is mild yet full flavored.
Vapor4Life Congress Nobacco Juice is a traditional tobacco lover's dream come true. This electronic cigarette liquid captures the mellow, smooth flavor of traditional luxury brand tobacco cigarettes. Mild yet full flavored, V4L Congress Nobacco Juice makes for the perfect all-day vape. If you love this vapor juice flavor, give our Congress Menthol rendition a try.

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    Great Replacement for Cigarettes
    Review by Brittany on 8/17/2015
    This was recommended for me in the shop, based on the brand of ciggarettes I smoke. I am looking to replace smoking with vaping, and this flavor was a nice replacement for my regular brand's flavor. Hoping this well help me save money and kick the smoking habit.
  • Rating
    Great Vaping
    Review by Darrel Sautner on 2/5/2011
    I didn't see eye to eye at first, on this flavor with my neighbor, I though he was bsing with me until he asked me to him a 30ml bottle. 'The two of us happen to like this this flavor a lot. YEP, I got to stock up.
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    Not What I Thought
    Review by E-cig devotee on 1/11/2011
    I ordered a 5ml bottle of this and thought it was really good. Ordered a 30 ml bottle and it is not so good. They maybe changed it suddenly?
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