Pear Bold e Liquid (Premium) (30 mL)

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This appetizing Pear e Liquid flavor has an authentic sweet taste of ripe Bartlett pear.
V4L Pear Nobacco Juice doesn’t require nearly as much time and effort as it does to find a perfectly ripe pear at the market. This e-juice is a harmony of juicy sweetness with the subtle, sophisticated flavors of fresh pear. And like every V4L electronic cigarette liquid, Vapor4Life Pear e-juice produces vapor that's just as as fantastic as it's mouthwatering flavor. View more delicious electronic cigarette liquids...

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  • Rating
    Pear Nobacco Juice (30 ml)
    Review by Vadim on 2/18/2013
    Purchased 2 bottles at 18mg, both are OK but did have better flavored in the past.
  • Rating
    This is another flavor I enjoy vaping
    Review by mary on 1/11/2013
    I'm not a real "real pear" fan because the fruit's mealy feel is weird, but I like the flavor of a pear. This pear flavored Nobacco Juice is like a real pear's flavor. Two thumbs up!
  • Rating
    Not bad
    Review by Jess on 12/23/2012
    I don't hate nor love this flavor. It's nice when I'm running low on other flavors (I'm a huge blueberry fan as well as cinnamon apple). It's a light flavor with an odd after taste.
  • Rating
    Nice flavor
    Review by Dominic on 8/19/2012
    I really enjoyed this light fruity flavor.
  • Rating
    Review by BSmith on 5/9/2011
    Very good, smooth and pleasant taste. Could have a stronger flavor, but this is one I order often.
  • Rating
    Not bad
    Review by L. Henderson on 5/2/2011
    I ordered this in 18mg. It smells like pear and tastes like pear. I gave it only 4 stars because I like a stronger throat hit and a stronger flavor than this offered. Overall it is a good juice with lots of vapor.
  • Rating
    Review by Alison R. Harper on 12/19/2009
    it's a subtle enough flavor that it won't destroy your palette but it's just nice enough to be a "desert" flavor.

    good job guys!
  • Rating
    Pear oh Pear
    Review by ALUCARD on 11/1/2009
    I love this! This is my new favorite! (of fruit flavors) Very smooth and so mellow. I can vape this stuff all day.
  • Rating
    Pleasant Clean Flavor, Versatile
    Review by Melissa R. on 10/26/2009
    The Pear Nobacco has a nice crispy pear flavor. I don't give it a 5 because the flavor is delicate and not always quite strong enough to really shout "pear" to myself and my recovering taste buds just yet. On the other hand, while it's pleasant enough on it's own, it is fast becoming my go to flavor for refilling assorted fruit cartos as it's a nice blend with everything from margarita to cognac. Thumbs up for versatility!
  • Rating
    Pear Nobacco Juice
    Review by Mary on 6/24/2009
    Pear Nobacco Juice is wonderful . It's not at all weak and has a wonderful exhale of pear scented vapor.
  • Rating
    Peach Juice
    Review by Cathy Schneider on 6/12/2009
    Love the Peach flavor....
    It has a really great taste,not too sweet just a great taste.
  • Rating
    killer Pear
    Review by Smilin in the Rain on 4/27/2009
    Steve thank you the Pear Nobacco Kicks butt. Flavor, Flavor, and more Flavor this stuff is one of the best I have tried. Sweet, but not to sweet. The flavor is what it says it is. I don't think I ever liked the fruit as much as I like vaping this stuff.

    P.S. It hits like Tyson before he started biting
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