Pineapple Bold e Liquid (Premium) (30 mL)

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This exquisite Pineapple e Liquid flavor has an authentic ripe taste of Hawaiian pineapple
V4L Pineapple Nobacco Juice really hits the spot with the oh-so-sweet tropical taste of pineapple. This exquisite electronic cigarette liquid produces a flavorful, full vapor while it's tangy pineapple flavor pleases your tongue. Put the "juice" in your e-juice with Vapor4Life Pineapple Nobacco Juice. View more delicious electronic cigarette liquids...

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  • Rating
    Review by Stacy on 2/19/2013
    I like this it reminds me of a pina colada.
  • Rating
    good but not great
    Review by Carto buff on 9/8/2011
    I bought this because I love pineapple. it was good but the vapor production wasn't enough for an all day vape.
  • Rating
    My Favorite
    Review by BSmith on 5/9/2011
    This is my favorite V4L Juice! Very clean taste. Not too sweet.
  • Rating
    Review by LeighAnn H. on 3/31/2011
    This is my favorite from V4L. In 18mg this has a great throat hit and massive vapor production. The taste is that of a sweet, ripe pineapple.
  • Rating
    Review by Brooke Landeros on 3/20/2011
    So I'm at the bar with my friends (never tried vaping before) and ask "Hey who wants to go smoke a ciggy?" and my friend hands me one of these and says "Have at it. You don't even have to go outside with these." I'M IN LOVE! Just bought a starter kit and a big thing of pineapple juice. Now I just gotta figure out some other flavors I'll like.
  • Rating
    Yummy pineapple
    Review by Suzanne on 12/25/2010
    Taste like sweetened dried pineapple. I'm gonna try this with coconut to get a pina colada taste. It is a good fruity flavor.
  • Rating
    Review by Allison on 5/27/2010
    Not bad, I don't usually vape fruity flavors but we got this as a sample and I really didn't mind it.
  • Rating
    yay!!! love it!
    Review by rocks82 on 11/11/2009
    Perfect match for the delicious pineapple cartomizers!!!! really a good buy for pineapple flavors.