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Pink Lemonade Bold e Liquid (Premium) (30 mL)

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Pink Lemonade Bold e Liquid (Premium) (30 mL)

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Close your eyes and let the tastes of summer explode with the same tart sweetness as an ice cold glass of pink lemonade.




V4L Pink Lemonade Nobacco Juice is the next best thing to an ice-cold glass of pink lemonade. This e-juice captures the taste of freshly squeezed lemon juice, sparkling cold water, and sweet, natural sugar. Three wonderful flavors in one mouthwatering electronic cigarette liquid. The perfect e-juice for those hot summer days. View more mouthwatering e cigarette liquids...

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Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Good but Kills Smileomizers
    Review by Dylan (Dielan44)on 12/19/2014
    Great tart taste, tastes almost identical to PEZ candy. Only downside is that this particular juice seems to clog up the smileomizers and kills the coil prematurely, however this was with the last generation smileomizers. I got a new smileomizer and am currently testing it to see if the juice is going to kill it again. So far it seems fine, I'm getting big hits, however there is some blockage in the bottom of the wick already, however that may be my fault as I did overfill it a bit (not used to small smileomizers, normally get XL but this was a free sample so I won't complain).
  • Rating
    One of my faves
    Review by Stephanieon 2/13/2013
    Maybe the name is misleading which leads to bad reviews but I love this one. I'm particular about my flavors - love coffee, hate coffee flavor vapes. love to smoke, hate tobacco flavor vapes. Most flavors are too light or sweet for me.

    This one has a tartness to it that I love and I can vape it all day. The flavor is not overwhelming but def there. Pink Lemonade, Red Energy and Pomegranate are my 3 main vapes (if that helps).
  • Rating
    It's the best
    Review by Tadon 1/17/2013
    First, per previous reviews, it's not what you expect. Like any other beverage flavor, it's not refreshing. Most of all, it tastes nothing like pink lemonade.

    However, it's my favorite flavor. It's lite—never harsh. There's no spice and its medium sweet. It just feels like its the best. They should name it something different so that it wouldn't get bad reviews.
  • Rating
    It's okay, but not what I was hoping for
    Review by Sidon 9/9/2012
    Sadly, there is very little lemonade taste, if at all. It does have a sort of tangy/sour grapefruit-ish taste to it which I think is alright, so I don't dislike it too much, but it's not all that great.
  • Rating
    Love the sourness
    Review by Jamison Ashbyon 2/15/2011
    I like it. It's refreshing. Now that I switched to e-cigarettes I can taste things much better and I will definitely get more of this.
  • Rating
    Review by Jim Kehoeon 6/9/2010
    I hadn't tried anything new in awhile, so I grabbed a few samplers of some of the newer flavors. In that purchase, I got the pink lemonade. Let me start off by saying that its not bad. But I think the flavor is very weak. It might just be me, but blueberry and watermelon are very visible, this isn't.

    But your mileage might vary.