Banana Bold e Cig Cartridges (Premium CoolCart)

Enjoy this sweet banana e Liquid, that tastes perfectly ripe.
Our Premium Banana Cartomizers caress your taste buds with the full, creamy sweetness of fresh, ripe bananas. Formulated to meet the exacting standards of our dedicated V4L flavor experts, these signature Vapor King cartomizers offer true-to-taste flavor for true-to-heart banana lovers. View more premium cartomizer flavors…

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  • Rating
    Review by Carl Sac on 11/13/2012
    The best of the 10 fruity flavors i've tried. I doubt any others will top it, even though i dont usually like banana flavored things this much.
  • Rating
    Review by Angela Patrick on 7/2/2011
    This is my husbands favorite it taste like a banana laffy taffy has great vape also
  • Rating
    Surprising !
    Review by Murdock on 3/5/2011
    Like many here, I received this as a free sample cart in a previous order. While I probably wouldn't vape this everytday, the flavor to me is just like a ripe banana, good job guys !!!
  • Rating
    love it
    Review by frederick lazenby on 10/4/2010
    Love banana e-cig 36mg the taste is great
  • Rating
    scrumptious flavor!
    Review by meredith on 9/30/2010
    Banana is delicious! Have this in 8mg, received as a sample, and I LOVE it. Very mellow taste. It tastes almost exactly like a banana runt, which is my favorite runt for sure! I will more than likely order more of these! Thanks for the sample!
  • Rating
    Banana in a Cool Cart
    Review by Noel Haye on 9/2/2010
    I don't like bananas at all... however, I recieved a cool cart of banana in the Fruit bowl sampler, and I loved it! It reminded me of the Now & Later candy from when I was a kid... Great Taste awesome Vapor! I almost thought It was a Wow Cart!!! Keep up the good work!!!
  • Rating
    Big difference between the cartos and the juice
    Review by LadyPhoenix on 7/26/2010
    When I first got these cartos, I didn't detect any banana flavor except for banana LEAF. But it grew on me, and I started to really enjoy it as kind of a banana-tobacco. Then I ordered the juice and lo-and-behold, there was the banana and the sweetness. Have to say...I think I preferred the banana-leaf/tobacco flavor batch better, since the juice is too sweet imo. So I am giving this 3 stars for inconsistency because I am not sure which is their true banana.
  • Rating
    Flavor needs improving
    Review by JE on 7/19/2010
    A guess there is a hint of banana, but I think it needs reformulating.
  • Rating
    Banana candy!
    Review by VapingMeSoftly on 6/25/2010
    You know those banana shaped candy runts? These taste like those, and they are great! I love them. Great banana candy taste! Good vape, too.
  • Rating
    What can I say, it tastes like banana
    Review by Jim Kehoe on 6/9/2010
    I got this one as part of one of the fruit samplers and its good. If you like banana, you'll like this. Its not one of my favorite flavors to start off with, but it does capture the flavor really well.
  • Rating
    nice banana flavor
    Review by alec r on 5/30/2010
    definitely one of the better cartomizer flavors v4l has to offer. not exactly banana, but close and delicious.
  • Rating
    Review by Nikki Ogg on 5/28/2010
    This flavor is absolutely PHENOMENAL! I tried it, thinking it would taste funny - but it was my favorite out of all of them I tried! Delicious, satisfying, and decent vapor! You can't go wrong with this if you like banana at all!!
  • Rating
    Banana laffy taffy?
    Review by Trace-Keir Cunningham on 5/3/2010
    I just ordered my Kit from V4L, and it is by far the best of many E-Cigs I have tried, and the Banana is one of my favorites! It tastes JUST like Banana laffy-Taffy to me and all my friends! Its simply amazing!
  • Rating
    5 STARS
    Review by Andrew Bledose on 4/20/2010
    This is one of the best tasting cartomizers you will ever tease.
  • Rating
    You will go bananas for this flavor!
    Review by Gamer on 4/9/2010
    A wonderful banana flavor packed into a high quality premium cart! What more could you ask for? Its a must buy for any fruit lover out there!