Butterscotch Bold e Cig Cartridges (Premium CoolCart)

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Enjoy the creamy flavor of golden butterscotch candies in delicious vaping e Liquid form.
Like the golden-wrapped candies of your youth, our Premium Butterscotch Vapor King Cartomizers offer the same creamy, delicious flavor. Smooth and tasty, and best of all calorie-free. Pick up some Butterscotch Vapor King Cartomizers for your personal vaporizer today!   View more premium electronic cigarette cartomizer flavors…

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  • Rating
    Fun, buttery flavor
    Review by Snappy on 3/29/2013
    I enjoy this carto, but the sustained buttery sweetness is too much for extended use. I recommend it for an occasional vape.
  • Rating
    Review by Lis Racine on 8/16/2011
    I'm not much of a sweet eater, so I was leery about this flavor ... but it's Fantabulous!

    Not too sweet, very mellow with a good vape. I'm never out of these!
  • Rating
    One of the best
    Review by Courtney on 5/3/2011
    I always seem to prefer the WOW Vapor versions of any flavor, but this is still one of my favorites. Nice and sweet, with no chemical aftertaste. If it's not available in 11 in the WOW, I have no problem getting the Cool Cart version instead.
  • Rating
    Butterscotch cartomizers
    Review by Sharon Miller on 4/2/2010
    This is my very favorite! I can't wait for them to get a new supply.
  • Rating
    spot on flavor
    Review by Jason Hajj on 3/7/2010
    Good flavor, tasted like I had a butterscoth candy in my mouth. Great amount of vapor. I plan on ordering this again but with some nic to get a throat hit(Was using 0mg)
  • Rating
    The absolute BOMB!
    Review by Jennifer Moreno on 2/23/2010
    Seriously, I am hooked on these! They have even bumped my beloved cappuccino to second place! LOVE LOVE LOVE this flavor. If you love butterscotch, you will love this one, just a nice strong butterscotch flavor and good throat hit as a bonus, even at the 11mg. This is my all time fave, and I can't imagine anything knocking this from first in my heart... Yummy!
  • Rating
    Review by Hank Scorpio on 2/11/2010
    Got one of these as a free sample, I will now order these every time! Rich, tasty, and lots of vapor! Goes great with my morning cup of coffee. The flavor is spot on which is important to me. Highly recommend to anyone.
  • Rating
    My favorite!
    Review by Glen Whittaker on 2/11/2010
    Got this as part of the candy shop sampler I ordered with my starter kit, and out of 13 flavors I've tried so far this is the best. Killer vapor and wonderful flavor that is just like real butterscotch! Will definitely be ordering more.
  • Rating
    Love this Flavor
    Review by Julia Laughlin on 2/10/2010
    The falvor is spot on...tastes just like candy.
  • Rating
    Very Butterscotch
    Review by Kristine Parker on 2/9/2010
    I'm not a huge butterscotch fan but I received this as a extra in my order, tried it and it is very tasty!!! And ALOt of vapor. If you like butterscotch, highly recomment
  • Rating
    My fave - so far!
    Review by Laurie on 1/28/2010
    I love the butterscotch! It has a smooth, rich flavor... tastes just like the hard candy! Lots of vapor, too. Highly recommend if you're a butterscotch fan.
  • Rating
    Review by Ryan on 1/10/2010
    Very tasty!
  • Rating
    Review by rocks82 on 1/6/2010
    Wow! This flavor is just outstanding! It's just like butterscotch! I can actually taste the candy melting on my tongue!
  • Rating
    new favorite
    Review by critterbug on 1/2/2010
    Delightfully warw, sweet, and... buttery! I love it all day strong.