Chillax Menthol Bold e Cig Cartridges (Premium CoolCart)

Inspired by a popular brand of menthol cigarettes, this vaping flavor has an icy menthol flavor with a touch of tobacco leaf flavor blended in.

Chillax Menthol CoolCarts...if the name doesn't say it, the flavor will! Their irresistible flavor is only matched by their exceptional vapor production. Our Premium Chillax Menthol CoolCart Vapor King Cartomizers deliver a burst of fresh menthol flavor. Inspired by traditional menthol tobacco cigarettes, these premium prefilled electronic cigarette cartomizers offer menthol smokers and mint lovers a sensational personal vaporizer experience. Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.


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  • Rating
    Best Menthol Flavor
    Review by kenny on 2/9/2013
    Of all the menthol I've tried so far, this is definitely the best.
  • Rating
    Review by skelekim on 2/27/2011
    Before as a smoker, I never liked menthol cigarettes because the throat hit was to harsh and I always tasted a strong aftertaste. When I purchased my starter kit I was sent one cart of this as a sample, and it turned me onto menthol/mint flavors. It was flavorful with out the negative effects/tastes. I was sold.
  • Rating
    Cool and Smooth
    Review by MELANIE on 11/8/2010
    This is a nice menthol. Not too overpowering. Does have a weird aftertaste that is akin to Robitussin though.
  • Rating
    18mg cool
    Review by Tracy Bell on 9/28/2010
    amazing flavor, but i must say there is little to no vapor. very disappointed in that aspect.
  • Rating
    Another hit from V4L
    Review by firefox335 on 9/16/2010
    Got this one as a freebie. Pretty decent vapor production. This is one of the best tasting menthols from V4L. I'm quite happy with it. I would say that it even rivals Dunhall Menthol.
  • Rating
    Could be better..
    Review by Sylvie and Andrew on 6/17/2010
    Was kinda disappointed with these :(
    Loved the flavor, definetely one of the two best menthol's I've tasted yet. However, hated the lack of vapor that 4 of the 5 carts produced, with the 5th barely producing 1/4 of what every other PG prefilled carts I've tried in the past produced..
    I did end up opening one of these carts and added 10 drops of another eliquid in them and they vaped problem is not with the cartomizers themselves but the juice inside them..

    EDITED: bought bottle of 5ml cool nobacco juice and they all work great now and vape decent and taste great (think the summer weather may just be drying the prefilled carts out during shipment perhaps).. very happy with them now :)
  • Rating
    Review by Brian on 5/25/2010
    Imagine you go to the supermarket, buy a little bundle of fresh mint leaves, stick them in your mouth and start chewing. That's what this tastes like. Even has the 'leafiness'. Very realistic, It's pretty amazing!
  • Rating
    fabbbb flavor!
    Review by Janae Scott on 5/12/2010
    ok, not gonna lie, this is the only cart (menthol/tobacco flavor) that actually tastes the true analog.. I am verrrryyy happy with the flavor, but i didnt seem to get ANY vapor! I told V4L about this issue and they said it dosent produce much vapor, but they are sending me a replacement pkg, so hopefully when i get it, it will produce more vapor, because im hoping that this will be my fav carto then!! so i am giving it 3 stars only because the flavor is amazing, but the vapor production lacked, if the new pkg they give me is better, i will definitely let you all know~ :)
  • Rating
    Never Smoked Menthol!
    Review by Diana on 5/3/2010
    18mg. Got as a sample, How I Love My Samples, Thanks V4L! I would have never ordered Menthol! But I so enjoyed this as a Major change of what I vape. Strong Vapor Clouds! I reordered and ordered the menthol sampler too. If you have sinus problems like me these will open you up! Be sure to exhale through your nose! Ha! Will keep on hand for those "Clogged Up Days"! Thanks Again V4L for introducing me to something I would have never ordered!
  • Rating
    Review by tk on 4/14/2010
    Well, I can not get these carts to hit right worth a darn. They kick like a mule, but the vapor is at a minimum no matter how I drag on it. 2 carts made a loud pop and hit ultra harsh, while the rest in the box were a bit better. I'm wondering if I just had a couple bad ones in a box? I'm on the last one now and its decent.

    Flavor is awsome! I'll give 4 stars just because it could be mechanical per say issues.

  • Rating
    36mg COOOOOOOL
    Review by TIMMYD :) on 2/11/2010
    Good flavor, lots of vapor! I only give a five star rating to my absolute favorites, and in the menthol category, the best is Kamel Menthol. Otherwise, this would get 5 stars.
  • Rating
    Review by Andrew Laluk on 1/13/2010
    Lets talk about the great flavor, and a ton of vapor, by far my favorite of the menthols, if not all the cartomizers, give it a try and forget the anologs!
  • Rating
    Great cart
    Review by James Lenhart on 12/31/2009
    I like this flavor. However my opinion shouldnt be taken to seriously, as I only received this product yesterday. I can say with confidence that this is by far my favorite one so far. I like the nuport flavor too.
  • Rating
    Cool (8mg)
    Review by m1273c on 12/29/2009
    Light menthol/Mintish flavor. Whereas, Mint hits you in the gut (description of flavoring not effect), Cool breezes by you, hinting at wintergreen.
  • Rating
    Review by Philip Evans on 12/17/2009
    The MOST vapor I have experienced since buying my VK. This menthol makes you want to put on the long terry robe, put Coltrane on the blower and chill for a couple days. Never harsh, a sweet vape.
  • Rating
    Review by Dawn M Worley on 12/9/2009
    Got this flavor originally as a bonus with an order..MY FAVORITE ever since. It's not just mint or menthol, you can taste a different layer on each part of your tongue as you vape. Very satisfying.
  • Rating
    Cools are the best vape ever!
    Review by Nicole on 11/24/2009
    You know that smell when you open up a fresh pack of menthol analogs? This is just what these are like. Not just straight menthol like some of the other flavors, these have a tobacco flavor blended in too. The best flavor I have tried anywhere.
  • Rating
    Review by Julia on 11/23/2009
    I love his flavor. Cool menthol, mint with a hint of nutty flavor. Its a great anytime vape.
  • Rating
    Love Cool
    Review by Linda K on 11/11/2009
    I love the flavor of Cool. The menthol is just right not overbearing and that hint of a nutty taste is wonderful, reminds me of 555, which has become another favorite.
  • Rating
    VERY good!
    Review by Jeffrey Clemons on 11/11/2009
    Wasnt sure what to expect with these but all i can say is WOW! REALLY good! Even with the 36mg carts, their still very smooth and not harsh in any way. The mint flavor is very nice...not overly sweet, not overly minty. Also has a smooth, creamy, almost chocolate like nutty finish. Almost like eating a mint! Great nicotine buzz too!
  • Rating
    The best of the menthols
    Review by Jon Solo on 10/29/2009
    Cool has become the daily vape of choice for both myself and my wife. Before dumping the dirt sticks New Menthol was what she expected to like the best from V4L. After trying Cool she changed her mind.

    Cool, IMHO, is the best of the menthol flavors. Actually I like them all, but Cool is my favorite. It's very smooth. Some of the other menthol variants can be a bit sharp. Cool is almost a perfect blend: Nice minty menthol but with faint nutty almost buttery notes and a hint of sweetness.

    If you were a menthol smoker you owe it to yourself to try Cool.