Chocolate Banana Bold e Cig Cartridges (Premium CoolCart)

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This succulent vaping flavor tastes just like sweet, ripened bananas dipped in creamy milk chocolate.
Rich milk chocolate paired with smooth, sweet ripened banana is a flavor combination made in heaven—and now you can enjoy it in Vapor4Life’s exclusive electronic cigarette cartomizers! It should come as no surprise that these Vapor King cartomizers are irresistible. If you crave creamy, sweet vapor juice flavors, these premium Chocolate Banana Vapor King Cartomizers will satisfy you to no end! Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.   View more delicious electronic cigarette cartomizer flavors...

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    No Flavor
    Review by TheQueen1988 on 10/18/2014
    All I got from this one was a slight hint of chocolate, but no banana. It wasn't horrible, and I wasn't too disappointed since I purchased this pack on clearance, but I wish there had been more flavor to it.
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    Very Good
    Review by Jeffery Haynes on 9/5/2011
    I received one of these as a sample. Very smooth with a good chocolate taste. I will have to order more of these. Would have given 5 stars if the banana was a little stronger
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    My favorite so far!
    Review by Shinike on 7/25/2011
    I was a little sad when I received a message saying that they were out of what I wanted and received this. However, I'm glad! I've tried many many flavors and this one is by far my favorite! Heart!
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    Nice Flavor, But very harsh 36mg
    Review by Darth Vapor on 2/17/2011
    This is one of my top 10 carts, but not in the 36mg strength. I found it best to take tiny puffs, makes it manageable to inhale. Large puffs give very harsh throat hit(burning sensation), makes vaping not pleasant. However 18mg and less ROCK. Massive vapor almost cant tell you are inhaling untill lungs are full. Again massive vapor great after taste.
    Lots of vapor
    Great after taste
    True to the flavors

    Very harsh hard to inhale 36mg
    18mg or less NO CONS
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    Nice throat hit!
    Review by April on 5/13/2010
    Good flavor profile. Flavors taste true to actual ingredients. I have noticed that banana flavor tends to give a nice little throat hit and I really like that about it. Not too much that you cough, just enough to know it's there. Little banana kick coming in and a nice, smooth chocolate flavor on the exhale. Would recommend these highly.
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    Lots of ap-peel!
    Review by thomas on 4/11/2010
    Wow, I am impressed! Right up there with blueberry cobbler with super taste and vapor but not too sweet. I don't know how many 'must haves' are on my list now but this will certainly be one. 8 months since switching from analogs and no desire to have one. V4L is top shelf!
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    Number one flavor!
    Review by Gamer on 4/9/2010
    This is by far the best flavor I have ever tried! Don't knock it till you try it! The chocolate and banana are both evenly balanced for a perfect mix of flavor each time you vape! Not over powering with chocolate and not too strong with the banana. Everything is just perfect! There is no "candy" taste or "Perfumy" smell which i fear. Instead it has the great flavor or a fresh banana and milk chocolate. This is a Best BUY for any banana lover with a sweet tooth.
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    Chocolate Banana
    Review by Mary Henss on 3/21/2010
    This flavor hits it mark! Both the Chocolate and Banana comes through with clouds of vapor.
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    Very nice.
    Review by Derree Brooks on 3/18/2010
    Tasty and nice vapor production from this one.
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    Excellent flavor
    Review by E-cig lover on 2/21/2010
    I have tried most of the flavors, and this one is my new favorite. The premium cart produces excellent flavor. Chocolate on the inhalation and a touch of banana on exhale. Simply awesome.