Cinnamon Roll Bold e Cig Cartridges (Premium CoolCart)

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Taste yummy oven baked cinnamon roll topped with gooey sweet icing in this popular vaping e Liquid.
Premium Cinnamon Roll Cartomizers

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    this flavor is tricky
    Review by johnathan souffront on 5/21/2010
    you have to be in the mood realy cus it isnt a constant flavor you want
    1. the cinnamon is kinda strong and scratchy to the throwt
    2. if your hungry its guna make it worst lol
    3. it isnt better then the capaccinoss espressos coffes and flavors like that
    but it is a 4 to me and it all depends on peoples preffrances and this i applaud v4l for cus they no what isnt for you is for somebody else
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    One of the best
    Review by Luis Hernandez on 4/18/2010
    This flavor was given to me as a sample and has quickly risen to my favorite among flavors. I was previously big into cola, peach, and red energy...but when i tried this..the awesome flavor of cinnamon roll just filled my taste buds without drying me out or harsh hits. I can vape this one forever~