Clove Bold e Cig Cartridges (Premium CoolCart)

An intense combination of sweetness and spice give this vaping flavor an exotic taste.
V4L Clove Vapor King Cartomizers offer the aromatic and exotic experience familiar to kretek lovers in a perfectly formulated cartomizer.  These bold-flavored e Cig cartomizers seduce you with sweetness and spice, offering you the chance to slip away into a vapor oasis. Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.   View more prefilled cartomizer flavors…

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  • Rating
    Very Nice
    Review by ElfinVapor on 3/8/2013
    I love this flavor! It's not too sweet. It is not heavy. It does resemble clove cigarettes closely, but is different enough to be better than a clove cigarette.
  • Rating
    Great taste
    Review by oribell on 6/13/2012
    I love this flavor.
  • Rating
    Great Flavor, Great Vapor
    Review by Renee DeYoung on 8/13/2011
    This was the first flavor I ordered from V4L, and it is, by far, my favorite. The taste isn't overpowering, and for some reason, it produces more vape than any of the others I've tried.
  • Rating
    New Favorite
    Review by Skye Smith on 6/3/2011
    Got this as a sample, and i loved it :) I have only smoked a few clove cigarettes but know the taste and this was awesome!
  • Rating
    Big Fan
    Review by Courtney on 5/3/2011
    Also a former clove cigarette smoker. I actually very much enjoy the natural clove flavor versus the clove cigarette flavor. The WOW Vapor version is better, with less of a chemical finish, but the Cool Cart version is still one of my staples.
  • Rating
    Pretty good...
    Review by bluevervain on 4/28/2011
    As a longtime clove smoker who has never smoked anything else, naturally I had to try these. As another reviewer said, they're no Djarum - the flavor is more akin to a clove jellybean than a clove cigarette, crisper and cleaner with just a faint hint of sweetness - but IMO it's a vast improvement over the godawful "cigar" cloves Djarum started making after the gov't made clove cigs illegal. The flavor is a bit weak compared to some of the other carts I've sampled and gets a bit smoky towards the end, but overall the taste is pleasant and they produce decent vapor. 4/5
  • Rating
    Great flavor. Good pinch hitter for menthol!
    Review by Kevin on 3/11/2011
    Another freebie I wouldn't have bought otherwise, but glad they sent it! Tastes great. Vaping it when i get bored with the menthol I ordered (i was a menthol light smoker). Throat hit may be a little harsh though (18mg)
  • Rating
    Super Amazing Clove
    Review by Arthur Fudge on 1/7/2011
    I had some pretty interesting experiences with clove but this by far is one of the best. Fair warning though, the taste gets a little skunky near the end of the cartridge.
  • Rating
    buy again
    Review by Dustin Lenz on 1/6/2011
    Great Taste!!! Vape is decent not a WOW but good enough. I will be buying again.
  • Rating
    die hard clove smoker
    Review by heather foskey on 10/12/2010
    Hello I am a new customer I only smoked cloves cigs and was leary about the change I smoked samporna milds a pk a day. No its not exactly like a clove cig but a close match glad there was a flavor from vapor king that allowed me to make a smooth transition now that I have been vaping a few days and getting used to it I am looking foward to trying other flavs....
  • Rating
    not a djarum but still great!
    Review by Robin Green on 9/6/2010
    i was a hard core djarum black smoker...until today! where these dont taste exactly the same, they're still super fantastic! i really think this can replace my 1 1/2 packs a day of blacks. and its much nicer on my throat!
  • Rating
    It tastes just like cloves
    Review by Peter S on 7/3/2010
    This is an interesting cart. I got it as a sample and tried it. I have eaten many foods with cloves as an ingredient and have had clove gum so I knew what to expect. It was stronger than I expected. It gives a strong it and really tastes like cloves. If I hit this one too much, I find it over powering. This one is an acquired taste for sure.
  • Rating
    This is clove, this is not djarum
    Review by Jim Kehoe on 6/9/2010
    While I smoked analogs, I also occasionally smoked clove cigarettes. I got pack of cloves thinking it was a clove cigarette flavor. But it was just straight clove without much of a tobacco finish. It is what is advertised.

    However, if you mix the clove liquid with a tobacco style liquid (555, wowboy, etc), you have a nice mix. Very similar to a jakarta or djarum.
  • Rating
    Great Cart!
    Review by matthew fisher on 4/29/2010
    I ordered my first carts from here just the other day and got them today. I'm a fan of clove cigarettes when i can find and afford them. I was hoping these carts would be as good and close to the taste of one and I was not disappointed at all. I could vape this cart all day and never get tired of it i think.
  • Rating
    Smoke Cloves? This one's for you...
    Review by Marne on 4/7/2010
    My analog of choice was cloves. So it was especially important to me to find a cart that would come close to that flavor and not leave me feeling as if I were missing something in my life.

    I'm happy to say, these delivered! They aren't exactly the same, but the effect is no more odd than switching brands. It tastes so much like a clove I expect to lick my lips and catch the sweet flavor when I'm done.
  • Rating
    pretty good
    Review by michael hedrick on 3/2/2010
    the flavor is good but not as strong as i would like it to be. and wasnt really what i expected. but dont let that change your mind about getting. it is good. sweet but not to sweet and alittle feel of spice. real nice
  • Rating
    Hmm.. not quite clove?
    Review by Austin on 2/9/2010
    These are good, but they don't quite remind me of kreteks.. I'd say it tastes more like anise candy, which I enjoy just as much as I enjoy kreteks!
  • Rating
    Review by Michael D Smith Jr on 1/14/2010
    Ok so when I first made my initial order, I ordered a whole bunch of Cowboy flavored carts. I decided to give these a try after seeing a review of them on youtube.

    Wow, just wow. I used to pick up a pack of Djarum blacks every now and then because I used to love the taste. This gets so close to that its great. I found my new daily vape! It tastes amazing.

    Its ashame I initially ordered a ton of cowboy hahaha, I much prefer this.
  • Rating
    Crazy Good!
    Review by Nicole Nehme on 1/8/2010
    I just got this as a sample, I never would have ordered it, but wow what an unexpected treat! I have been savoring this sweet, spicy flavor all day, this cart just keeps on going producing mounds of vapor and flavor. Extremely satisfying, for when you just need something different. Very convincing clove replica. I am really impressed!
  • Rating
    Love the Clove!
    Review by Anne on 1/4/2010
    The clove cartomizers have become my absolute favorite. YUM.
  • Rating
    Love the clove!
    Review by Suzanne Brooks on 1/2/2010
    These are delightful! Even my nonsmoking-nonvaping husband enjoys a hit off of these every now and then! (I have found that they have a fuller flavor for me at a slightly higher nic level.)
  • Rating
    Very good.
    Review by James Lewis on 12/25/2009
    The taste and aroma are dead on, but it lacks a fullness that kretek's would normally give you.