Cocktail Hour Sampler Bold e Cig Cartridges (Premium CoolCart)

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Try out five of Vapor4Life's cocktail flavors in this outstanding sampler pack. Flavors included are: Margarita, Rum and Cola, Cognac, Irish Cream, and Pina Colada.
Join us for happy hour with the flavors of some of today's favorite cocktails without worrying about who's driving home! Our Premium CoolCart Cocktail Hour Cartomizer Sampler includes 5 cartomizers prefilled with one of each of our popular liqueur-flavored vapor juices. Each box includes one of each of the following cartomizer flavors: Margarita, Rum and Cola, Cognac, Irish Cream, and Piña Colada.   View more electronic cigarette cartomizer flavors...

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  • Rating
    Not very good
    Review by Jvapor on 12/24/2013
    It sounded real tasty in the description, but most of them taste bad or strange. This is not a knock on V4L - their service is great and other flavors are too. But the cocktail sampler is not very good.
  • Rating
    an aquired taste
    Review by Diane Floyd on 2/12/2011
    When I first got this sampler pack I wasn't sure what to think. The flavors were strong but I ended up liking them. Margarita , rum and cola and Cognac are my favorites. I did notice though that sometimes there stronger the cartomizer the weaker the flavor can be. I got Margarita before as a free bee at 8 mg and it was great, the 18 it is not as strong. I compromise and get 11 mg and the flavor is better.
  • Rating
    Good flavors
    Review by Jay Doss on 9/15/2010
    The flavors are great. Only problem is they have a soft TH, even with the 24mg. Other than that I would order again. Thanks for a great product V4L.
  • Rating
    I think you need to try this sampler
    Review by Rodney Daniels on 7/1/2010
    This is a great sampler if you appreciate spirits. And even if you don't, you may like these just the same. The taste you get from vaping is like you're having a mixed drink. And a well balanced one.

    I ordered 30ml e-juice in all these flavors after sampling these cartos. They are worth your curiosity. You may even replace drinking spirits with these. They are that good.

    It's really cool to do these at work (on your job) too. It's like the boss can't piss you off because you're in vaper's heaven "sipping" on rum and coke or margarita while he's running around stressing over the normal day to day crap.

    Not me man. My attitude is : I'll just take another sip (vape) of this cognac and chill while you other folks stress out.

    Seriously though folks, you have got to try these great flavors.
  • Rating
    Very cool concept
    Review by Jim Kehoe on 6/9/2010
    Once I saw the cocktail sampler, I had to have it. There wasn't a description of what flavors, but I kind of figured out what they were from the other items in the store. Margarita and Pina Colada have always been 2 of my favorites, and the addition of cognac, rum and cola and the others made for a great treat to wash down a few real cocktails.
  • Rating
    It's 5 o'clock somewhere!
    Review by Gamer on 3/30/2010
    Bring the bar with you, no matter where you are! Flavors to knock your socks off and make you feel a bit guilty, in a good way! Having a tough day at work? Vape a logger and get a head start on finishing the day off with a cold one. Loved one giving you a headache? Kick back with a Pina Colada and enjoy your own little piece of happiness. No matter what the instance there is a drink in this sampler pack that will get you to kick off your shoes. Put you feet up and relax for a nice Vape~ This sampler is a MUST buy for any vaper looking for a little relax time without the guild of actually drinking. Give them all a try! find what you like! and order the good stuff!