Doc Popular Bold e Cig Cartridges (Premium CoolCart)

Experience your favorite sweet soda pop now in a vaping eCig cartridge.
The Doctor is in! V4L Premium Doc Popular CoolCart Vapor King Cartomizers perfectly capture the flavor complexity and sweet satisfaction of your favorite soda in a superior electronic cigarette cartomizer. An e-juice flavor so authentic, you'll think you're sipping it from a straw instead of your Vapor King e Cigarette. Each box includes 5 prefilled CoolCart cartomizers.   View more Vapor King cartomizers...

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  • Rating
    Rootbeer barrel candy
    Review by chris on 9/15/2011
    Wasn't sure what to expect with this cart. I will say while it did smell somewhat like dr pepper to me, it didn't taste at all like it. If I had to compare the taste, I would say it would be better labeled "Rootbeer Barrel Candy", because that's what the taste reminds me of. It isn't bad, produces decent vapor, but the taste isn't something I'll probably get again.
  • Rating
    Review by Diane on 8/15/2011
    Good flavor and good vapor. I will purchase again.
  • Rating
    Not quite like Dr Pepper
    Review by Jimmie on 7/25/2011
    These have a generic cola taste that is really good but not Dr Pepper in my humble opinion
  • Rating
    Good flavor
    Review by Ray on 5/20/2011
    Does remind me of Dr. Pepper. Nice flavor. Vapes well. I like the 18mg, 11 doesn't quite cut it. I used to smoke 1 pack a day but switched to 100% vaping last December.
  • Rating
    Taste Exactly like it says
    Review by Jon Muzyk on 5/6/2011
    These are Mad Scientist prefect for the flavor I must say, but for me the flavor isn't a Vape kind of taste I did mixes with strawberry, cherry, and vanilla just like the real product. Sadly It you just have to think how a soda flavor Vapes and to me it just kind flops can't force more then % pulls from it before changing it. Great JOB on matching the flavor V4L just an odd Vape... Maybe it's just me....
  • Rating
    Review by Brian on 5/1/2011
    These are pretty good. Tastes more like Bottle Caps candy, than Pepper
  • Rating
    Diet Dr. Pepper maybe?
    Review by Tamara on 3/6/2011
    These carts have a finish which reminds me more of diet dr pepper....
  • Rating
    New favorite of mine
    Review by Laura on 2/25/2011
    Really tastes like the soda! No hints of tobacco (at least for me) in this one, which I like. I've found in my almost 5 months of vaping, I no longer like carts or juices that have any hint of tobacco flavor.
  • Rating
    Doc Pepper
    Review by Diane Floyd on 2/12/2011
    Hmmm this one isn't to bad. I think the Wow sour cherry tastes more like Doc Pepper than this one but I still like it. Its spicy. I would get it again.
  • Rating
    Review by Nathaniel Thallas on 1/18/2011
    I got one of these free with my starter kit, and i must admit i was skeptical. Truth be told, they do not taste exactly like Dr. Pepper, but they do taste delicious. A bit of vanilla, a bit of cinnamon and allspice, and maybe just a suspicion of prune or raisin... more like a really good Rum-Raisin ice cream. A new fav of mine!
  • Rating
    Good vapor
    Review by Anne on 1/14/2011
    I received this as a sample and even though it didn't have a lot of flavor, it had a lot of vapor. It would probably be nice to vape when you're not looking for a strong taste, but just the vapor.
  • Rating
    Taste's like the real thing
    Review by Ecig 365 on 10/31/2010
    It was a pleasant vape not my favorite but enjoyed trying it. It is in the yes column when I want to switch things up.
  • Rating
    Really Close!!
    Review by VaVaper on 9/15/2010
    Almost exactly, but with a hint of root beer, at least to me. Really nice flavor, good TH, good vapor ... another vape I'll be reordering.
  • Rating
    Nice flavor
    Review by JE on 7/20/2010
    The first vape was a bit disappointing but it gets better the more you vape it. Not quite the DocPepper taste I was expecting but the flavor is nice and not too strong. Good for an occasional vape.
  • Rating
    Surprisingly good
    Review by Tom on 7/15/2010
    If you get one as a sample, you will buy them. I will buy them on my next order. Make it a WOW.
  • Rating
    Tastes like the real thing
    Review by Peter S on 7/3/2010
    I was very surprised by the taste of this one. It reminds me of the soda flavors from when I was a kid an American Soda water had every flavor you could imagine. This one reminds me of "Cherry Nut" which was a favorite of mine. It is sweet, has a nice throat hit and almost feels like drinking a soda. Nice Vape.
  • Rating
    Nice throat hit
    Review by David Dailey on 6/30/2010
    This is so far one of my favorites. Has an excellent taste and the flavor seems right on. It also seems to have one of the best throat hits of all the ones I have tried.
  • Rating
    Not too bad
    Review by M.Adams on 6/20/2010
    This is pretty accurate taste, not exactly 100% but very close in my opinion. I'm smoking it right now, it has a very sweet onset, with a peppery finish that has a thick and musky taste.

    Overall my only issue with this particular flavor is the very heavy throat hit it produces more so than other flavors I've had. Some people may enjoy that, but that's the one thing that would keep me from considering this an all day vape. For the record, I ordered this one in 24mg variety.

    If you are the type that really likes a thick exhale, this one delivers pretty well in that department as well - almost but not quite as much as a Wow Vapor Cartomizer.
  • Rating
    Review by redharlequin on 5/15/2010
    This is the first (of a few) I have tried and said "WOW" on my first puff. I no longer drink soda, I used to enjoy Dr. Pepper. (I used to smoke analogs too! duh) So what a great combo for me! The flavor is spot on and just... yummy! Great hit and vapor too! Got this sample free w/ my order. I will def. order more!
  • Rating
    Review by Victoria Conroy on 4/20/2010
    Smooth, tasty, loads of billowy vapor. This is by far one of the best flavors I've tried. Tastes A LOT like Dr. Pepper, and helps to round out the peppery flavor of the Nicotine.
  • Rating
    How do you fit all 23 Flavors into a single cart!?
    Review by Gamer on 3/30/2010
    I don't know how to fit them all in... but V4L has found a way! This Cart will defiantly soothe any Dr Pepper fan. The vapor is good and the taste is better! The addition of the Premium Cart makes it as fresh as popping open a new can of soda. This is a soda flavor that hits its mark and then some. If you love the taste of an Ice cold Dr Pepper this is a cart you just have to buy! If you have worries of "I don't want a warm Dr. Pepper" don't worry. There is no nasty warm soda taste! Just smooth taste, great vapor, and a satisfying "Ahhhhhhh" after every hit! This is a cart to enjoy!
  • Rating
    Looking for 'real' rootbeer flavor?
    Review by H3D from ECF on 1/8/2010
    Tastes like rootbeer flavored Willy Wonka Candy Company Bottle Caps!
  • Rating
    Dr. Pep
    Review by Marc Rainville on 1/5/2010
    An absolute pleasure to vape. Does taste a lot like Dr Pepper. One of my many new favorites! Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too?
  • Rating
    Very Nice!
    Review by Ed M on 12/8/2009
    Great flavor and it almost feels like it bubbles. Good all day vape.
  • Rating
    Great flavor
    Review by Wack4Jack on 12/6/2009
    I've tried other brands in this flavor & this one is superb. I started vaping w/ tobacco & 555 flavors and tried this on a whim. It may be my new favorite! I use the 4mg and it has a nice smooth but slightly smokey Dr. Pepper flavor. If you like the beverage & you like to vape, this one's a winner!
  • Rating
    Taste Great!!
    Review by Drew on 11/26/2009
    I received this flavor as part of the ultimate package that I got. A smooth flavor and does taste like Doc Pepper! Like the after taste from drinking the soda. Produces a good vapor and hit to the throat. Would definitely buy this flavor.
  • Rating
    Review by Nicole on 11/24/2009
    This is my just for fun, need to switch things up a bit vape. You really can feel the sensation of bubbles on your tongue. I got this as a sample and ordered a pack right away. Pure vaping pleasure!
  • Rating
    One of My Top Favorites
    Review by Moonstruck at ECF on 11/22/2009
    The Doc Pepper cartos taste just like the drink. Vapor is decent, and the flavor is AWESOME! I only drank the beverage occasionally, but this carto is fabulous. It has an awesome throat hit, too (I use the 24mg). I highly recommend it!
  • Rating
    Perfect match
    Review by rocks82 on 11/11/2009
    This tastes just like Dr. Pepper! excellent job matching.
  • Rating
    Doc Pepper
    Review by ShannonS on 11/11/2009
    I guess it is because I'm Texan and we drink this stuff like water here, but this tastes more like a rootbeer/doc pepper hybrid than actual Doc Pepper. It is a very pleasant vape, it tastes a little rootbeerish to me. YMMV.
  • Rating
    Great DR. Pepper taste!
    Review by Joe Tower on 11/10/2009
    Seriously, if you like the taste of doctor pepper, this one is for you. This has a fairly light draw (8mg), very smooth cola flavor.

    Kind of refreshing and definitely suitable for frequent daily vaping.
  • Rating
    I dont even drink Dr. Pepper
    Review by CJ on 11/2/2009
    This has become one of my favs. I just loaded up...again. It's hard to explain the taste but sweet wiith a nice throat hit. I love it!