Dunwoody Bold e Cig Cartridges (Premium CoolCart)

Like a luxurious, European tobacco cigarette, this vapor flavor is incredibly smooth and has a touch of sweetness.

Vapor4Life Premium Dunwoody Vapor King Cartomizers are the preferred cartomizer flavor for tobacco aficionados who love European tobacco. An unbelievably smooth, tobacco-inspired electronic cigarette cartomizer that boasts a hint of sweetness. To taste it is to love it! Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.


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  • Rating
    very mild,ireally wasn't a chain smoker,i'm hooked on dunwoody cool carts
    Review by smoknjoe on 5/30/2014
    very good
  • Rating
    Overall a very enjoyable flavor
    Review by Dave on 2/17/2013
    I've gone through several of these cartridges now, and it's the first one that's impressed me since the WOW Kamel. It's a very smooth and pleasant vapor, although not as tobacco-ey as the Kamel's. The cartridges seem to last a while, and it doesn't develop the "burnt paper" taste until right before the cartridge is about empty. I will be buying these again.
  • Rating
    A smooth tobacco vape with a subtle caramel flavour.
    Review by mattfromoz on 7/27/2012
    Have tried these in 11mg and found them to be very smooth, throat hit available if you vape the *ss off it, but a good selection if you've had a big night and want to take it a little easy. A hint of caramel makes these a good companion to a hot cuppa. One of my fave tobacco flavours, will try the 18's next. 4 stars.
  • Rating
    Dunhall...not my favorite
    Review by Randall Hipsher on 9/7/2011
    Dunhall-24 is my first flavor...is ok, but not really a "tobacco" tast. Kind of nutty tasting. If you like Hazelnut in your coffee, then you will probably like these.
  • Rating
    MY FAVE !!!
    Review by Jade4runr on 7/15/2011
    This one IS my favorite - HANDS DOWN !!
    Have tried; 555, Kant, Menthol & Coffee samplers, Hilton & Kamel (all good, in their own right ) looking for 'my fit'.

    This is it .

    This one tastes closest to full flavor American Spirits (blue) analogs with a little sweet pipe tobacco flavor thrown in. Reminiscent of Half and Half brand. Just wish V4L had a Dunhall e-juice I could buy. Think about it guys, would ya ?
  • Rating
    My favorite so far
    Review by synic on 7/12/2011
    I've only tried a few carts, but this one is by far my favorite. I've never had a European or Canadian cigarette to compare it (I smoked camel lights), but the flavor is just outstanding. 5 stars.
  • Rating
    Dunhall 18mg Cool Carts
    Review by Marianne Cirelli on 3/25/2011
    In my quest for a true tobacco flavor, I bought a sampler pack which had a Dunhall in it. I find is so far to be the best flavor and very close to a pipe tobacco. Where as Im not a pipe smoker, I always loved the smell of one. The TH on 18mg is perfect the taste is great, smooth. So far this is the one for me.
  • Rating
    Good True Tobacco Flavor
    Review by Bryan Norris on 2/23/2011
    I am new to vaping and have tried a tobacco flavors from the vendor and another company and I must say this is my favorite one out of the flavors I have tried. Pretty good vapor, but thinking of buying a manual battery. I hear they give better vapor than the automatic batteries.
  • Rating
    Smooth, Good Vapor
    Review by Darth Vapor on 2/17/2011
    Surprisingly smooth 36mg strength. I like this one top 20 for me. Not harsh at all decent tobacco flavor. Nice throat hit, good amount of vapor.

    nice flavor
    good vapor

    None really
  • Rating
    just OK... not much flavor
    Review by Shawn on 2/14/2011
    This flavor is very mild and may be good for some. I got it in a sampler and it was OK but too light and airy for me. Not much taste, kinda like smoking air.
  • Rating
    36mg Sample
    Review by Amy Singh on 9/17/2010
    This one is awesome, great vapor which i was producing massive clouds, lol. This is very smooth to me and it is close to a analog cigarette. I NEED to order these now as i got a sample of these, thanks so much V4L :)
  • Rating
    Review by Brian on 7/22/2010
    I've smoked actual Dun..'s in the past. (very pricey, high class smokes, one of my favorites when I could afford them).

    How on earth did you nail the taste like this? They have a very distinct flavor in the world of analogs, and I was a bit shocked to try this from the sampler, because it really does remind me of that same distinct flavor of the originals. Impressive!!!
  • Rating
    Half decent
    Review by JE on 7/13/2010
    I don't like VG and this flavor adds that oily VG taste, so its not for me. Remove that VG taste and this would be a great flavor imo.
  • Rating
    Best tobacco flavor available
    Review by michael reed on 6/18/2010
    This is by far the closest thing to a real cig you can find! The VK Kamel flavor is a close second but this one has that aftertaste and throat hit that a real cig has and it produces more vapor than anything on the planet! lol

  • Rating
    36 mg cart for a sample
    Review by Shane Gustafson on 6/17/2010
    I really liked it. as far as a tobacco flavor it was dang good! great vapor as well!
  • Rating
    Review by Hagbard Celine on 6/15/2010
    I've tried just about all the tobacco style carts, but for whatever reason never tried this one. I just got a sample of Dunhall with my last order. Wow! It's great... the most like analogs that I've tried. Pretty strong flavor and good throat hit. I think I've found my favorite!
  • Rating
    Review by Chris Jones on 6/8/2010
    This was, so far, the only one I've felt actually tasted like a cigarette. I would definetly try this one again.
  • Rating
    Review by Dave on 4/5/2010
    In my limited experience this flavor tastes most like real analog flavor. Nice vapor as well. May become my go to flavor.
  • Rating
    All I can say is...
    Review by thomas ouellette on 3/28/2010
    ...tastes great! And you want awesome vapor? You got it!
  • Rating
    Tastes just like Dunhill
    Review by Yvonne on 3/2/2010
    I cannot get over how this tastes. Just like Dunhill. I find better because its a vapor so it smoother!
  • Rating
    Review by Vince Mount on 2/21/2010
    simply put -
    my first premium try.... awesome flavor... not too strong.. and HUGE vape!
    i cant wait to order more!!!!!