French Vanilla Ice Cream Bold e Cig Cartridges (Premium CoolCart)

Picture luscious slow-churned vanilla bean ice cream, with a creamy finish.
One of our most popular cartomizer flavors, French Vanilla Ice Cream Vapor King Cartomizers capture the delicious taste of slow-churned vanilla bean ice cream. With French Vanilla being a favorite among ice cream lovers across the world, we made certain that our V4L flavor experts did it justice in this unbelievably rich, flavorful e Cigarette cartomizer. Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.   View more prefilled cartomizer flavors…

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    Review by rockyraccoon on 1/18/2014
    I really love ALL of the CoolCart cartomizers I have purchased from V4L - but will leave my review comments here since I would say the same about all flavors bought. They CoolCart cartomizers are the most superior cartomizer I have used - from any e-cig vendor - they are long-lasting and do have that satisfying 'crackling' when puffing. I will continue to buy the CoolCart product whenever I am replenishing my cartomizer inventory :) Thank you V4L!
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    Review by rockyraccoon on 12/22/2013
    This is one of the first two Vanilla flavors I bought - also bought the WOW vanilla but haven't tried it yet. I absolutely LOVE the CoolCart product, V4L has definitely developed an e-cartomizer that DOES NOT heat up during use - which I find to be particularly unpleasant. Expect a long and satisfying buying relationship with V4L of these outstanding cartomizers - have already ordered another CoolCart flavor :)

    Thank you V4L!
  • Rating
    My favorite flavour!
    Review by Kellie on 7/15/2013
    I get the Premium FV carts in 4 or 8 mg nicotine (prefer 4, but they're often sold out) and these are simply the best. MUCH better than the WOW FV carts and liquid. The premium FV is richer, and more buttery, while the WOW ones are lighter... more like a light vanilla whipped cream than French Vanilla ice cream. I usually prefer the WOW, so this surprised me. However, both the WOW and the Premium French Vanilla flavours are very good; it's just a matter of preference. If you want a richer flavour, go with the Premium. If a lighter flavour suits your palate better, go with the WOW. You won't be disappointed in either.
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    Pretty good
    Review by Me on 2/19/2013
    Just got a free cart of this flavor. First impression was very nice after a meal. Hits the spot for dessert:) After a while the flavor begins to have a "dusty" flavor in the background. Subtle but noticeable. However, there are much worse flavors with good reviews. Probably wouldn't consider a full pack of these carts but I'm not much of a dessert flavor buyer. Give it a try if you like plain vanilla ice cream.
  • Rating
    Review by Elle on 1/12/2013
    This is my favorite cart thus far, and I've tried the majority of V4L's offerings. This really tastes like vanilla ice cream, and is a really pleasant vape. Highly recommend!
  • Rating
    Right on V4L! Very good flavor
    Review by Thom on 12/6/2012
    This flavor is very smooth and delicious for a pre-filled cart. It is a true french vanilla flavor. Also, I just want to thank customer service for a great experience. They went out of their way to expedite my order and listened to my slight problem and fixed it A.S.A.P.. Thank you very much V4L!!
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    I scream for Vanilla Ice Cream! :D
    Review by Skye Smith on 5/13/2011
    I had this sent to me as a free sample and i find myself enjoying this flavor better than the ones i had actually picked to come with my starter kit. I love the flavor! :) it's smooth and it's not too harsh of a throat hit. Even if you don't get the 'ice-cream' hint of it, it still has the taste of vanilla :) Ty V4L!
  • Rating
    Like but hmmmm....
    Review by Terrill on 2/26/2010
    It is good, I don't know if I would say it is exactly vanilla ice cream, but honestly it tastes a lot like eggnog, but tastes great. I would suggest this to anyone that likes strong creamy flavors.
  • Rating
    French Vanilla Ice Cream
    Review by maynard martin on 1/28/2010
    I tried this for the first time last night and is now my absolute favorite! I am happy and satisfied with the amount of consistent vapor from the start. The flavor of French Vanilla was not what i expected at first but nonetheless enjoyed it very much. And after reading the reviews, it does taste like butter popcorn. LOVE IT!
  • Rating
    I scream for ice cream!
    Review by Laurie on 1/28/2010
    Love this one! Rich, smooth, creamy... it's a fave :-)
  • Rating
    V4L is amazing
    Review by Jason Campbell on 1/28/2010
    I dont have a vapor king yet but my buddy joey campbell let me try his out and i am really likeing this flavor. Red Energy was good aswell, Once i get the money ill deffinitly be buying this as a regular. Very smooth hitting and nice flavor. Cant wait to ry the peanutbutter cup ones either.
  • Rating
    French vanilla ice cream
    Review by Sherie St. Martin on 1/27/2010
    Love it!!! I have one complaint though. To me the name is misleading. Doesn't taste at all like vanilla. It should have been called "buttered popcorn". It has the most amazing buttery taste! Flavor lingers in your mouth longer than other vapes too. Different , but very good.