Fruit Bowl Sampler Bold e Cig Cartridges (Premium CoolCart)

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Special Price $6.99

Take your taste buds on a juicy adventure and try 5 of our mouthwatering fruit flavored cartridges. This sampler pack contains one pre-filled cartomizer of each of these vaping flavors: Banana Premium, Pineapple Premium, Peach Cobbler Premium, Watermelon Premium, and Green Apple Premium.
If you love fruit, then you'll love our Premium Fruit Bowl CoolCart Vapor King Cartomizer Sampler. It's all the delicious flavors of five of our most popular fruit cartomizer flavors. Each box includes one of each of the following 5 CoolCart cartomizer flavors: banana, pineapple, peach cobbler, watermelon, and green apple.   View more electronic cigarette cartomizers...

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  • Rating
    Review by June on 8/4/2011
    I love this selection. All the flavors taste exactly as they should be. Love the variety and its such a smooth vape. I'll definitely be ordering this one again!
  • Rating
    Another scrumptious favorite
    Review by Remy on 7/6/2011
    OMG all of these flavors are so good with a smooth th and nice vapor. Each carto tastes exactly as the name implies.
  • Rating
    good stuff
    Review by That Guy on 1/7/2011
    The green apple flavor was great, but not much of a throat hit, and not as much flavor as i was hoping for. still good. peach cobbler was decent, i don't even like peach and i like it. watermelon is by far my favorite. plenty of vapor, great hit, and amazzzzing taste. the i have yet to try banana and pineapple, but i doubt they will dissapoint
  • Rating
    Lovin it!!!
    Review by Tabitha on 9/25/2010
    Ok so the pineapple is delicious, the green apple I had alot of hope for but it's just ok, Banana I have ordered before and hated it but the banana in this sampler pack does taste exactly like runts and I think it's alot better than the original banana, the watermelon I have ordered many many packs and it has never tasted like this tastes exactly like honeydew melon...I love it and want to order it in a 5 pack!!! =)
  • Rating
    Great flavors!!!
    Review by Ashley Stewart on 8/27/2010
    I love this sampler. Every flavor is excellent, even the banana, which I was unsure about. They are all exactly what you would expect them to taste like. Great vapor, and the sour green apple has becme one of my favs!
  • Rating
    Great blend of flavors
    Review by Jim Kehoe on 6/9/2010
    The move I vape, the more that I find that I lean away from tobacco flavored liquids/cartomizers and lean towards fruit, chocolate or liqueur flavors.

    Good stuff either way.
  • Rating
    Review by julia colwell on 5/12/2010
    this one is good so many taste nice one for a change try is one
  • Rating
    Review by Eric Davis on 4/22/2010
    These cartos are incredible! I was worried that they were going to taste fake, particularly the peach. But all are awesome - even the peach. I will buy these again and again and again and.......
  • Rating
    fruit sampler
    Review by Sherie St. Martin on 1/27/2010
    If you are new to vapor king's flavor's you have to try this sampler. Amazing flavors and not a single 1 will let you down. My favorite is peach, but every flavor is as good as the next. Everyone should try these.......