Hilltop Bold e Cig Cartridges (Premium CoolCart)

A subtly sweet tobacco vape with a dash of maple and nut flavoring.
V4L Premium Hilltop Vapor King Cartomizers deliver a subtly sweet tobacco flavor with maple and nut undertones. It’s an excellent electronic cigarette cartomizer choice if you're looking for the nostalgic taste of authentic tobacco. A truly classic Vapor King flavor, available only at Vapor4Life electronic cigarette store! Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.  

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    Hilton Cartomizer
    Review by Troy Mesa on 8/21/2011
    I received this & a few other sample cartos in my order. I felt this was the best of those sample carts when it came to a tobacco flavor, a little sweet, mild throat hit, not overpowering, but in my opinion very tasty. I was formerly a menthol smoker with analogs but this brought back memories of my early days with tobacco. I plan to purchase this juice & if I remember correctly, there was a menthol version of this too. They would be my go to flavors.
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    Good Tobacco Flavor
    Review by RG on 5/20/2011
    If I were just switching to vaping from smoking analog I would go with this in 24mg. But since I have moved beyond the taste of tobacco I now go with better flavors like Peach Cobbler, Red Energy, Doc Pepper, etc.
  • Rating
    Hilton is my favorite cig flavor
    Review by Shawn Shanahan on 2/14/2011
    I like the 555s too, but the Hilton tastes the most like a Marlbro(sic) light to me. The traditional tobacco is not as mellow and smooth as this flavor. I recommend this to anyone new to vapor. I only wish it came in a WOW.
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    Still Looking
    Review by Bill on 2/10/2011
    I purchased a box of these carts still in search for the ultimate tobacco flover and throat hit. These are just OK, they have a small throat hit and the taste is just a soft mellow taste kinda like smoking a light cig. I will still keep searching. :(
  • Rating
    Review by Jilleen Carver on 12/11/2010
    These are one of my favorites, they have a small hint of sweetness, but still enough like a regular cigarette that I like them, and they have good vapor. :)
  • Rating
    Review by Paul on 12/2/2010
    Let me start off by saying dang is it hard to find a good tobacco cartomizer! This and the 555 were my favorites from the tobacco shop sampler but this one is the closest to a true tobacco flavor that I've had so far. The throat hit on these carts is AWESOME too, not too light and not too harsh. I get the 11MG in everything so far, thinking about bumping it up but I'm really trying to ween off the nicotene.
  • Rating
    Review by thomas ouellette on 9/9/2010
    Equal to my fav 555s Tastes like what a good quality cig smells like B4 being lit
    For a tobacco cart, highly recommended
  • Rating
    GREAT tobacco taste!
    Review by Wack4Jack on 5/22/2010
    I've tried Virginia, 555, RY4, Doc Pepper and other sweeter carts. This is BY FAR the most like a non-menthol cig. Very satisfying only I wish the vape were a bit stronger (I use 4 mg). IMO Virginia and RY4 are too rich, cigar or pipelike for my taste. 555 has a pleasant nutty flavor and Doc Pep is one of my faves, a little sweet & peppery for a nice throat hit BUT this one is the MOST LIKE a straight up non-menthol CIG.
    PERFECT choice for starters making the transition from analogs to ecigs.
  • Rating
    Great Tabacco Taste
    Review by Steve on 4/22/2010
    This is a really good cart. If you like a full flavor tabacco with a tiny twist, this is a great option.
  • Rating
    One of my top 3
    Review by Deb on 4/13/2010
    Got this as a sample and now I can't get enough of it. It is my "staple tobacco" carto. The juice is PERFECT also!!!! Smooth tobacco taste that never changes and still has a nice throat hit....even when you rejuice it. I always use this in 11mg.
  • Rating
    My first and my go to Vape!
    Review by Divaping on 4/1/2010
    I love it! Good fresh tobacco taste like a unsmoked pack of Marlboro lights. Too bad I had to ruin them by smoking them right? Now I can have the taste of nice tobacco without the smoke. I mix it with other Juices and now own several bottle of the stuff.
  • Rating
    Love It!
    Review by Chad on 3/30/2010
    This has become one of my favorite all day vapes. Very smooth with a light nutty undertone and loads of vapor. The more is vape this, the more I crave it.
  • Rating
    Very nice.
    Review by Derree Brooks on 3/18/2010
    I enjoyed this. If you like the green style parliament or the 555 I'm sure you'll like this as well.
  • Rating
    Best tobacco flavor
    Review by Jeff on 3/10/2010
    I had tried Viginia and Parlement based on other user ratings and cared for neither. This IMHO is the best semi-tobacco flavor I have tried. BTW, V4L is a first-rate organization and regularly send additional sampler cartridges you might enjoy based on your order. Class-act, this is BY FAR AND AWAY the best experience I have had with e-cig suppliers, there is no substitute for V4L. Keep up the great product and customer service, finally someone knows this business!
  • Rating
    Hilton 8
    Review by Stacey M. on 12/26/2009
    Hilton in the 8 strength is a wonderful substitute, and has tons of smoke. I don't think I'd want another analog again if I were to make the Hilton's my new go-to regular vape ciggie. (which I plan to) I've only tried it in the 8 strength, and it was perfect. Thinking about getting the 11's so I wont vape all my cartridges in one day. =)
  • Rating
    4 1/2 Stars
    Review by Dirk on 12/5/2009
    Really nice taste, one of my absolute favorite tobacco vapes.
  • Rating
    Good vape!
    Review by plantlvr on 11/10/2009
    When I want a tobacco flavor, this and Virginia are what I crave. Very tasty!
  • Rating
    Best I've tasted
    Review by thomas ouellette on 11/1/2009
    Hilton has an awesome flavor with awesome vapor. My new favorite
  • Rating
    Rich tabacco flavor
    Review by Shannon Howe on 10/27/2009
    It is a complex and smooth vape.
  • Rating
    Great taste
    Review by Linda K on 10/26/2009
    Hilton has a great taste. I love it. I vape it daily
  • Rating
    Great tobacco flavor!
    Review by Symmetric on 10/9/2009
    Hilton is a really smooth tobacco flavor without being too robust