Menthol Lovers Sampler # 2 Bold e Cig Cartridges (Premium CoolCart)

If you smoke menthol cigarettes and want to replicate that taste in your vape, try out 5 different menthol flavors so you can choose your favorite. This menthol vape cartridges sampler pack comes with one each of the following: Virginia Menthol Premium, Dunwoody Menthol Premium, Oasis Menthol Premium, Congress Menthol Premium, and Menthol Premium.
Vapor4Life Premium Menthol Lovers Vapor King Cartomizer Sampler offers you the chance to taste five different V4L menthol formulas. Get your minty fix with this fine selection of electronic cigarette cartomizers. Our Menthol Lovers sampler #2 pack includes one of each of the following flavors; Virginia Menthol, Dunhall Menthol, Kamel Menthol, Congress Menthol, and Menthol.   View more electronic cigarette cartomizers...

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  • Rating
    Decent taste but hitless
    Review by Bill on 2/14/2014
    These were very disappointing to me. I also bought the Berry sampler and of the 10 total carts, only two gave any throat hit whatsoever. Blanks and Smileomizers from now on for me.
  • Rating
    Virgina, Dunhall and Kamel were the best!
    Review by RANDY on 12/29/2013
    Won't be reordering this one. I found out the hard way that the CoolCart Cartomizers are mostly VG, which means almost no throat hit but plenty of vapor. 3 of the flavors in the pack are discontinued, which is probably why the all the carts where flat! One of the best flavors was the Kamel Menthol CoolCart, but it has been replaced with Oasis Menthol CoolCart. Parlament Menthol CoolCart has been replaced with Congress Menthol CoolCart, and Dunhall Menthol CoolCart, which wasn't bad, has been replaced by Dunwoody Menthol. If I decide to order menthol flavor carts again, it will be the WOW Virginia Menthol Cartomizers.
  • Rating
    Great flavor
    Review by Jonathan on 12/17/2013
    Menthols are my favorite and this pack has some really nice variety in the flavors. Customer service was great - one of mine was a dud and they sent an entire pack as a replacement.
  • Rating
    Review by kim on 3/13/2013
    gorgeous colours of carts and flavours... will buy again and again... I love the wow new menthol nobacco e-juice in tanks but the prefilled menthol sampler pack is really good too...
  • Rating
    A good mix!
    Review by Lindsey Gatz on 9/10/2011
    This is a great mix with all different flavors. Every menthol has a different taste!
  • Rating
    Fairly good.
    Review by Dklein on 8/9/2011
    Not the greatest of the Menthol sampler pack, but not terrible. Had a very basic and bland menthol flavor. Almost no throat hit and nothing to make it stand out among the others featured. I will be ordering the Virgina and Kamel seperately, but there was nothing too make me come back to this.
  • Rating
    I'll take Parliament please!
    Review by bobisu on 7/15/2011

    Kamel had too much tobacco taste for me,
    as did the rest except for the Parliament.

    These are great for finding out which flavor suits you! that's why I give it 4 ****'s.
    Also, the tobacco taste has a off taste for me in all of them.
  • Rating
    Review by Terry W Powell on 11/19/2010
    I ordered and recieved fast delivery!!
    Product contained 5 flavors. I guess I liked the menthol and Parliment menthol the best.
  • Rating
    Good sampler..
    Review by Chotikorn Buranarachada on 10/15/2010
    Parlament is the best in the produces a lot of vapor and very very good taste compare to an analog one...

    Other than that Dunhall and Menthol are good ones ..

    If you love menthol .. you should try this pack and find the one that you love...

    I have no chance to try the another menthol pack .. so i've no idea about it.
  • Rating
    Makes It Easy To Choose
    Review by brian burgos on 9/13/2010
    If your not sure which menthol to get, this is the pack for you. They give you plenty of variety of menthol for you to pick and choose. IMO the best were Virginia, and the Reg Menthol. The others did not really have the minty taste I looked for, but again its different for everybody. Buy this if your a menthol lover and do not know which to get.
  • Rating
    They were a bit dry
    Review by Shane Gustafson on 9/1/2010
    I didn't get much vape but the mint/menthol was very strong.
    they didn't last long
  • Rating
    A mentholicious treat!
    Review by Melissa Alessio on 6/12/2010
    Definately not for the a menthol lovers heaven, VERY intense flavors and nice and strong if you like a good throat hit like myself. I like to change it up every now and then, sometimes ya have to! anyway, if my favorite were the Parliament and the Dunhall with the menthol 11 at a very close second, actually their all very joke! I will most definately be getting these with every other order if not every order. as my rating scale goes 1-5 at 5 being the best...for flavor I'd have to realistically say a 4 1/2 very close to analogs but not quite....on the throat varies, but if I had to go with anything I'd say a solid 4 1/2 cuz it's hard to seperate the menthol from the actual intensity of the overall nicotine...and as far as the vapor production is concerned, well...that varies as well..but I'll say an overall 4 to 4 1/2...hope that this helped you guys are awesome!! thankyou!...thankyou!...thankyou!
  • Rating
    Great for first timers
    Review by Raymond on 4/24/2010
    If you were a menthol addict like me and transitioning to E-Cigs, this pack is a great way to see what kind of menthol cart is best for you, I found that the Traditional Menthol was best for me because it tasted closest to a menthol cig and has a clean and satisfying taste :D I'm glad I went with the sampler before splurging on what I thought would work (New Menthol) because I would have never guessed the Traditional Menthol would end up being the best of the pack. I'm a few days into only using e-cigs and love every minute of it.
  • Rating
    I want them ALL!
    Review by Gamer on 3/30/2010
    This is a GREAT way to be introduced into Menthol! I myself was never a menthol smoker but when the sampler pack came out in PREMIUM CARTS! Well i just had to give it a try. I figured i would try each and see if I liked any of them.

    MY GOD! I love them all. Each one has its own unique flavor. Some have a tobacco undertone which gives the perfect feel of a Menthol Cig, Others are PURE Menthol and can clear your sinuses on a muggy day! Which is perfect! Great taste! Great Vapor! Great Sampler! A MUST BUY for any Menthol lover! Gives you a taste of all the flavors!
  • Rating
    All Good!
    Review by terry sweetser on 3/7/2010
    If you like experimenting with the different menthol flavors, this is perfect. Sometimes I like the very similar to analog flavor of the dunhall or parlament, but sometimes I like the slightly sweeter flavor of the virginia and kamel. A great way to figure out what you really like the best. These are awesome and each one is just a bit different in flavor. They all produce a ton of vapor though. Fantastic!
  • Rating
    Menthol Sampler took my breath away!
    Review by Lori Duncan on 2/19/2010
    On the first vape of the Cool menthol cart, it took my breath away. It actually made my mouth and throat feel cooler! Then I tried the others in the sampler and same reaction. All have a slightly different taste, all are great. A couple of them taste like picking a fresh mint leaf off the plant and chewing it. I have a cold right now, and it actually clears my sinuses! Perfect sampler guys!
  • Rating
    menthol lovers
    Review by henry watson on 1/17/2010
    all flavors were excellent! definetly best for me when im having a bad analog craving. very satisfying.
  • Rating
    my opinion
    Review by abraham Galloway on 1/2/2010
    SMILIN Special Menthol - gotta love it just like a ande mint, chocolate/mint great flavor

    Menthol - just the chill without the tobacco

    Cool - great menthol flavor just like the brand ir represents

    New Menthol - to me this stated like a mix of ry4 and menthol, liked it

    Traditional Menthol - didnt really like this one, but i never liked the menthol flavor until i strarted to vape