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New Menthol Bold e Cig Cartridges (Premium CoolCart)

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New Menthol Bold e Cig Cartridges (Premium CoolCart)

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Mimicking your favorite menthol cigarettes, this vaping flavor provides an experience that feels just like you are smoking the real thing.




Full-bodied tobacco and revitalizing menthol compete for your attention in our flavorful Vapor4Life New Menthol Premium Vapor King Cartomizers. These electronic cigarette carts pack a punch, just like the traditional menthol tobacco cigarettes that inspired them. Prefilled premium e Cigarette cartridges that truly fulfill your flavor cravings. Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.   View more Vapor King e Cig cartomizers...


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Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Really Good Menthol taste
    Review by 5 starson 8/22/2013
    Taste better than the Newports I gave up.
  • Rating
    Nuport 36mg
    Review by Nicon 9/3/2011
    Great product in the 36mg form. Just like a real cigarette. Gives the feeling of the stress releif and works great.
  • Rating
    decent cart for a menthol feel
    Review by Electronic cigarettes zealoton 8/18/2011
    i just received this cart as a bonus. first impression is that cooling mouthfeel i would expect from a menthol and it was stronger than other menthols i have tried. the only issue i had and the only reason it got 4 stars was it seemed a bit try and lacked vapor production. i feel i can write that off as the fact i got it as a freebe and could be a bit older. the juice i got was good and would buy a pack sometime
  • Rating
    Just like a menthol analog
    Review by Cara McGowanon 8/5/2011
    These are very close to smoking an analog menthol. This is one of my favorite menthol flavors could stand to be a little sweeter though.
  • Rating
    The only Methol You Will Like
    Review by BernieTheMacon 4/5/2011
    I Have tried 6 different menthols and this is the only one i will vape. The others all taste so artificial. Like mint perfume. NEW MENTHOL will satisfy you if you want a menthol. I like 8mg.
  • Rating
    Pretty Good
    Review by Andrew Brunoon 3/1/2011
    These are pretty decent. They do remind me of the analog, which I would sometimes smoke before switching to vaping. This is the second best menthol flavor V4L offers, in my opinion
  • Rating
    Review by Jilleen Carveron 12/11/2010
    I was NEVER a menthol smoker, but they sent these samples with my purchase, and they are awesome, taste just like menthols (that I remember) and have a lot of vapor! I love them! Thanks. :)
  • Rating
    Menthol smokers must try!!!
    Review by Patrick Priceon 9/22/2010
    Thanks to this tasty flavor, I can now say I am a non smoker. It's been seven days now since I switched and this product is still vaping strong. Thanks for everything V4L, as a 10 year long smoker you guys have finally pushed me to switch.

  • Rating
    pretty freakin good!
    Review by Robin Greenon 9/11/2010
    i am not a menthol smoker. at all. but i got some of these as a sample and loved them. they were so minty and sweet it was like the gum i chew! my boyfriend says they taste like the analog. i would definitely recommend them- menthol smoker or not.
  • Rating
    Good For a menthol
    Review by Jim Caseyon 9/1/2010
    I give this 4 stars because for a menthol flavor it is good. I was never a menthol smoker so I would never order these, I got this one as a freebie. Ill vape it (probably when I'm ) but I wont order menthol carts. I have gotten a few menthol freebies and so far as a pure menthol this one is the best, hence the 4 stars.
  • Rating
    The "New Menthol Experience" in a nutshell...
    Review by Oliver Con 8/14/2010
    I smoked for 16 years. I happened on Vapor4Life one day through a happen stance acquiantance. I purchased a battery kit, and as a sample was given a New Menthol cartomizer. Wow! I immediately had an e-cigarette experience that rivaled an analog one by a large measure. I am now a firm e-cigarette consumer and New Menthol user and I'm never looking back to analog smoking. If you try e-cigarettes you owe it to yourself to try New Menthol. It changed my life and I'm sure it will change yours. Happy vaping!!!
  • Rating
    Nice Surprise
    Review by Thank you baby jesuson 8/3/2010
    I was really craving a good ol' menthol...ready to spark one up, when this little gifty-gift sampler showed up. So I hooked it up and took a drag...suddenly my craving for the real deal went bye-bye. I've been smoking menthols for years and just got off the stuff thanks to V4L, but I can vape it's so...un...real! Must have more of these delights!
  • Rating
    dead on!
    Review by Kevin Morrison 7/23/2010
    got this one as a bonus, and absolutely loved it. i don't really care for newport cigarettes, but this has a really nice vape with a great menthol flavor. the menthol is very strong and throat based, much like real newports.
  • Rating
    Great Taste....Max Vapor it's a winner!
    Review by Glenn Quagmireon 7/23/2010
    After 30+ years of smoking analogs I was never a big fan of menthols. I received this as part of a sample (18) and was instantly impressed with the taste and vapor production.

    Out of the Kamel (18) Parliament(18) this is the closest I've tried that reminded me of an analog. This is the best of the 3 I've put in mouth giggity giggity....OH! :O

  • Rating
    Perfect All Day Vape
    Review by Ripon 7/13/2010
    I smoked the analogs for 20 years and this is my favorite vape. I tried an assortment of the menthol flavors and this is by far my favorite. It's stronger and a bit more minty than the others, but if you like the cool feeling in the lungs analogs give you definately get this one. I love it!!!
  • Rating
    Not bad, but not Dunhall
    Review by firefox335on 7/12/2010
    I received a couple of these as freebies from V4L. (I wish everyone knew the meaning of great customer service like these guys do.) It kind of has a funky taste when you start to vape, but this subsides rather quickly. Nice intensity and a good TH. But for me, it pales next to Dunhall Menthol which will soon become my everyday vape.
  • Rating
    Excellent Menthol
    Review by Carto fanaticon 6/26/2010
    This is one of my favorites next to the dunhall menthol....tastes very close to an analogue with good vapor and throat hit. Will definitely buy again and again!!!
  • Rating
    Good clean flavor
    Review by Tara Corwinon 5/8/2010
    Real nice, refreshing mint flavor and great amount of vapor. I smoked these as analogs for 12 years and loved this! This has a little more mint to it, but I wouldn't change a thing. Thanks guys and keep up the good work.
  • Rating
    36mg Nuport
    Review by TIMMYD :)on 2/11/2010
    Tastes nothing like a Newport. BUT!!!! The taste is AMAZING!! Some kind of minty/sweet taste with a nice strong menthol hit on the throat. i give it 3 stars because the vapor production is probably the weakest i have had. If there was more vapor, it would most likely be my #1 all time fave.
  • Rating
    Review by E-cig loveron 2/5/2010
    Very strong menthol flavor! without the nasty tobacco crud aftertaste. If you like menthol this is the one to get. If you are not sure of the strength of the menthol you want, try the sampler pack, they all have similar flavor but different strengths of menthol.
  • Rating
    Review by Sherie St. Martinon 1/27/2010
    I was a newport smoker for 15 years. This vape gives me similiar satisfaction. I love it. One of my fave's for sure!
  • Rating
    Nuport Heaven
    Review by Nicole Nehme and TRSon 12/13/2009
    Well, looks like I have a new fave vape! Cools were my vape of choice, but these new menthols are the best. TONS of vapor, great menthol throat hit. You guys really got the flavor dead on this time. Thank you!
  • Rating
    Good For Menthol
    Review by terra serighton 11/5/2009
    If you like menthol, you'll love this. I'm not a menthol fan myself, but will hit on this one once in a while.

    My husband loves the flavor of the New Menthol. Says it's the best menthol he's ever had.