Peach Cobbler Bold e Cig Cartridges (Premium CoolCart)

Just how Mama used to make it. This lush peach cobbler flavor delivers a satisfying dessert taste.
Vapor4Life Premium Peach Cobbler Vapor King Cartomizers are a summertime treat come to life in a sensational electronic cigarette flavor. The fresh, sweet taste of juicy peaches perfectly complemented by the comfort food flavor of cobbler in a delectable e Cigarette cartomizer. Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.   View more premium cartomizer flavors… 

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  • Rating
    Review by navkat on 1/19/2013
    I'm one of those people who gets tired of a flavor if I use it too much for too long. I NEVER get tired of this. The peach cobbler is just the right flavor strength--not too overpowering but not too weak like some can be. You DEFINITELY get a good mouthful of peach every time.
  • Rating
    Perfect Peach
    Review by Beaglebabe on 10/5/2012
    Just like a fresh peach. I love this one for a once in a while treat.
    It's very flavorful, so I think I'd burn out on it if I used it daily. It does have a very yummy flavor.
  • Rating
    my go to flavor
    Review by annette79h on 7/6/2012
    I've been vaping this flavor for a yr and a half and its always been my favorite! Its light and tastes just like a peach and smells good, people always comment on it.
  • Rating
    Review by MC on 1/12/2011
    The whole concept of buying what I called a fufu cart was crazy, until I tried this cart in a sampler. It does very much have a peach flavor, has a solid but smooth throat hit, and produces a very nice vapor. I won't be making fun of flavored carts I just ordered the fruit sampler and more peach....but don't tell the guys :-)
  • Rating
    Tastes like peach, no cobbler taste
    Review by Surfergirl on 1/5/2011
    Could use a bit of cinnoman and crust flavor. Good though. Expected a warmer, buttery out of the oven taste, but it taste like fresh peaches.
    I did buy some more though.
  • Rating
    1 of my favs to vape
    Review by Jason Schuler on 9/21/2010
    This is truly 1 of the best ones they have and I thought it was blueberry til I got a vape of this 1.....The peach flavor is there as well as a hint of the cobbler....Nice vape and great cloudy vapor
  • Rating
    Try it
    Review by Ashley Stewart on 8/27/2010
    I truly enjoy this flavor! There is a definate peach flavor, but it's not overpowering. I also taste the "crust" flavor. It's so nice that I ordered a second box.
  • Rating
    I concur...
    Review by Andrew Parker on 6/25/2010
    ...with the previous reviewer. I didn't get any crust flavors, just peach. And the peach rings comparison is dead on. But I love those things, and I thoroughly enjoyed the sample I received in my last order. I'm getting more... ;)

  • Rating
    YUMMY peach cobbler
    Review by kimmy on 6/17/2010
    This is one i keep coming back to again and again. This is another one i simply love to vape at night, when i keep my mg's on the light side so i can fall asleep easier! I would def. say this one is at the top of my (long)list. Even if you don't eat peaches, you might still love this one.
  • Rating
    Review by julia colwell on 5/12/2010
    i like this one the best peach cobbler you can almost taste the crust and of course the peach try this one.
  • Rating
    Peachy keen!
    Review by thomas on 5/8/2010
    If you like peach you will love this cart! Strong peach flavor without being too sweet. Great vapor as well. Not an all day vape for me but a nice treat when I need one
  • Rating
    Just plain AWESOME
    Review by Josh in Michigan on 4/20/2010
    This is by far my favorite. Top of the list! The flavor is there unlike other carts. I wouldn't call it Peach cobbler, just peach. The flavor lasts as well. I can go all day just using this flavor.
  • Rating
    Review by rob21j on 1/23/2010
    I started out just with tobacco flavors and I wasn't crazy about them. But the peach blows them away. I vaped it all night last night and I was pleasantly surprised. Nice peach taste and had no desire for an analog! Very satisfying!
  • Rating
    Peach Cobbler (8mg)
    Review by m1273c on 12/29/2009
    Light peach flavor that can be vaped continously.
  • Rating
    This one is really good...
    Review by Chuck P on 12/14/2009
    One of my top 3 flavors. Just wish the cart wasn't so pink...tough to explain to the other guys at the mill... =)
  • Rating
    Peach Cobbler
    Review by Carto fanatic on 12/5/2009
    I don't even like peach cobbler in real life but i like this LOL, i wasn't sure if it would taste that much different to the regular peach flavor but it does in its own special, definitely a favorite !
  • Rating
    Peach Cobbler Cartomizers
    Review by Terie on 11/17/2009
    One of my very favorites...satisfies my sweet cravings without being TOO sweet. Definitely peach flavor, but with a nutty "crust" taste in the background. Delicious.
  • Rating
    oh wow!
    Review by rocks82 on 11/13/2009
    fantastic peach flavor!
  • Rating
    Peach Cobbler
    Review by Jennifer Moreno on 10/29/2009
    Tastes very yummy, like a nice rich peach cobbler with a vanilla finish. This is one that I can vape any time, very nice!
  • Rating
    Review by vicky huckaby on 10/29/2009
    peach on the inhale, cie crust on the exhale!!! simply AMAZING