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Peach Bold e Cig Cartridges (Premium CoolCart)

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Peach Bold e Cig Cartridges (Premium CoolCart)

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This indulging Peach e Liquid flavor has an authentic sweet taste of a ripe Georgia peach.




Few things in nature are as appealing as a fresh, sun-ripened peach. Yet that's exactly the flavor we've captured in our Premium Peach Vapor King Cartridges. You won’t believe the flawless taste of this sweet, peach-flavored electronic cigarette liquid until you experience a cartomizer full yourself. Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.


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Customer Reviews

  • only flavor i vape constantly
    Review by Jessicaon 12/23/2013
    Haven't had too many probs receiving carts that are empty, but i have had some, also have had some that aren't fully filled. Ive literally spent thousands of dollars with this company over he last few years and the customer service is second to none!! Amazing, wonderful people!!
    Peach tastes just like peaches! I order like 10 packs at a time! Tastes wonderful!!
  • great, but....
    Review by STEVEon 4/21/2013
    Is it just me or don't all carts come fully loaded. It seems about half of them taste sorta dry out of the box. Peach is a great flavor along with blueberry, but when you order add a nobacco juice of the same flavor to top them off.
  • Awesome
    Review by Brandonon 4/4/2013
    So far, Peach is tied with Blueberry Cobbler as my favorites. Great peachy flavor without that cough syrup taste of some other flavors. Awesome vapor production and throat hit!
  • Tasty!
    Review by David on 12/22/2012
    The taste of this flavor exceeded beyond my expectation. It actually felt like I was eating a peach.
  • wonderful flavor
    Review by Stephanie Lewison 8/21/2011
    this i would recomend to anyone who likes peach or just likes a sweet fruity taste i got this as a sample with my order and it was wonderful i am now addicted to peach!!!!
  • flavor is true to name
    Review by Annetteon 7/29/2011
    I started vaping in jan. and this is one flavor I always order because its so good! it has a light flavor and really tastes like peach and all my friends that try my ecig like this flavor the best!
  • Tastes like candy!
    Review by Shinikeon 7/26/2011
    Tastes exactly like the "gummy peach rings" that Trolli makes. Unfortunately it's too sweet and doesn't have a fresh peach taste. I was hopeful!
  • Aside from the pink color...
    Review by Bryan Knighton 7/24/2011
    I really love this flavor. I feel ashamed using this pink cart on my ecig but, wrapping a little electrical tape around it relieves my humility and allows me to enjoy the wonderful flavor!
  • Awesome simply awesome
    Review by John Antolinoon 7/16/2011
    This is one of my favorites. To me it tastes like a peach tea. How do you guys do it.
  • Scrumptious
    Review by Remyon 7/6/2011
    What more can I say, these are scrumptious! : )
  • Wonderful
    Review by Dianeon 3/7/2011
    This carto was my first introduction to a fruit flavor, or any flavor other than tobacco flavor, and I absolutely loved it. Not overwhelming, just the right amount of peach flavor...and a whole lot of vapor.
  • OMG
    Review by linragon 1/16/2011
    Ripe, juicy summer's day perfection! If you even remotely tolerate the taste of peaches, buy these carts! If you love the taste of peaches, knock over anyone you see with this cart and take it from them! Delightful!
  • Okay
    Review by Anneon 12/7/2010
    The peach cartridge was alright, but the aftertaste was a little like sucking on a peach pit. Not terrible, but not ideal either. I won't be ordering it again, but I'll finish what I have. I wish the peach flavor was a little stronger.
  • Nom nom nom
    Review by Mindyon 11/15/2010
    That's me eating a peach... Wait... I mean smoking a peach! This one is my dessert cig. It's very sweet. It taste just like you smushed up a sweet peach and rolled it in cig paper and lit it. Lol
  • Good.
    Review by Carto buffon 8/14/2010
    Very peachy!
  • Good Fruit Flavor
    Review by Elainaon 7/25/2010
    I really enjoyed vaping these carts. I'm not a big fan of fruit flavors, but this one has a great balance. This is a nice peach flavor that isn't flowery or overwhelming. I got great vapor and throat hit from these. I would buy again.
  • Impressive
    Review by JEon 7/19/2010
    The peach flavor is great in this carto, very peachy indeed. Its quite sweet though, almost perfumey. I think this would be perfect with half the sweetness.
  • Tastes like Peach
    Review by Peter Son 7/3/2010
    I tried this cart based on user's reviews. This cart definitely tastes like peach. I couldn't vape this one all day but it's another great change of pace when you need something a little sweet. Smooth, sweet and decent hit. Nice cart.
  • 36 mg cart for a free sample.
    Review by Shane Gustafsonon 6/17/2010
    Was surprisingly good stuff!

    too bad I only got one as a "tester" But i am thinking about getting more now.
  • so nice
    Review by redharlequinon 5/15/2010
    This is a relaxing vape, just easy and pleasant. A great all-day, anytimer. Very smooth, perfect flavor, just a hint of sweetness. Prolly my fav. fruit cart!
  • Great flavor, true to the fruit
    Review by Amanda and Nickon 4/24/2010
    Have tried the 18mg Peach Cartomizers and loved them. Tastes just like the fresh fruit. A great all day vape, not too sweet. Also has great throat hit and vapor production.
  • Lovely
    Review by JuneBug31on 3/21/2010
    I think this will be my 'all the time' vape. It tatses wonderful. Warm moist throat hit, good vapor. Very good all around flavor.
  • Light & Sweet
    Review by Katlinaon 3/4/2010
    Has a sweet flavor and a great light scent. I really enjoyed this product.
  • Best Yet
    Review by Shnikieson 2/11/2010
    My favorite carto so far Has what i would describe as a perfect taste. Not to strong just the right flavor. Throat hit is just like an analog doesn't burn no scratchiness just a perfect throat hit. I would give it 10 stars if i could.
  • Great Flavor
    Review by Kristine Parkeron 2/9/2010
    Very peachy flavor and nice vapor. Highly recommend if you like peach
  • Peachy
    Review by James Jonason 1/30/2010
    I'm more of a fruity person when it comes to vapes and this ones is 100% worth it if you like peach. Excellent vapor production with a mid-range throat hit. Next to my menthol it is my newer all day vape!
  • peach vape
    Review by Sherie St. Martinon 1/27/2010
    Amazing! Best fruit flavor there is!! My new fave...
  • Oh my Wow!!
    Review by JelliBeanon 12/31/2009
    I love these! They taste like a jolly rancher peach to me. Almost a little perfummy for my hubby, but def. One of my new Favorites!! AWESOME!
  • Peach
    Review by Ecig 365on 12/5/2009
    I really like this one, not perfumey at all, not sickly, very nice !
  • mmmmm
    Review by rocks82on 11/25/2009
    mmmmm.... i love this every bit as much as peach cobbler! and i LOVE peach cobbler. This is my go-to vape!