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Peanut Butter Cup Bold e Cig Cartridges (Premium CoolCart)

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Peanut Butter Cup Bold e Cig Cartridges (Premium CoolCart)

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Creamy milk chocolate and rich peanut butter flavors create a sinfully delicious vaping e Cig cartridge.




Who put chocolate in with your peanut butter cartomizer? Vapor4Life did and e Cigarette customers all around are thanking us for it. Our Premium Peanut Butter Cup Vapor King Cartomizers give you the unparalleled performance of electronic cigarette liquid with volumes of vapor and endless creamy chocolate and peanut butter flavor. Simply delicious! Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.   View more electronic cigarette cartomizers.. 


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Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Peanut I get, but where's the chocolate?
    Review by DENNIS Son 4/22/2014
    Taste a lot like the way peanuts smell when they're roasting but I'm not getting any chocolate at all. Disappointing.
  • Rating
    strong PB taste
    Review by Kimberlyon 1/16/2014
    Definitely strong on the PB but not much of a chocolate taste for me. I love PB and mostly tried these because I'm looking for a flavor that has a nutty taste and V4L doesn't really have much in that area. Still giving it 4 stars because the PB flavor is spot on. Am waiting to freshen my cart with the waffle juice and see if that gives me the mild, nutty taste I'm looking for.
  • Rating
    Review by Snowyon 11/28/2013
    I ordered these cuz of the discount price. (I'm a menthol person) Opening the box & popping off the caps, I felt like I'd already bitten into a Reese's- mmmm! But they didn't taste as strong as they smelled, & I lost the chocolate immediately.

    I did find, however, that if I drew slowly on it, I tasted more peanut butter flavor- perhaps having my nose over the cart longer. I also found more flavor using a Titan, rather than a DAV, Zeus, or passthru.

    All in all, this is the only non-menthol cart I can honestly say I enjoyed- but not enough to order another box. I gotta start using liquid! But the carts are just so much easier.....
  • Rating
    love these!
    Review by lizieon 10/27/2013
    my favorite these days. Full bodied, great taste and packs just the right punch.
  • Rating
    Review by Julieon 10/15/2013
    I smoke these all the time. Sometimes I order nothing but this flavor. Absolutely love this one! Smoking to me has become peanut butter cups!
  • Rating
    Review by Love them!on 8/21/2013
    Peanut Butter Cup is one of my favorites and is currently my goto flavor. It has it all - nice vape, nice hit and great flavor.
  • Rating
    So far my fave
    Review by Mollyon 5/31/2013
    Still working on trying flavors, but this one so far is my favorite by far!
  • Rating
    Pretty good
    Review by Mollyon 5/22/2013
    Definitely a peanuty flavor. Not bad at all.
  • Rating
    I can not put this down
    Review by Georgineon 8/29/2012
    As my journey continues this is the FIRST flavor I actually can't put down. Good thing I have more Titans for the rest of my so-so cartos.
  • Rating
    Review by annette79hon 7/6/2012
    This flavor is very close to a peanut butter cup! My friends all ask me if they can vape it when I have it.
  • Best Dessert Cart
    Review by Jenniferon 6/8/2012
    This is my all time favorite flavor. I do prefer the fruit and dessert flavor over the others, however. This is the reason it was so easy to make the transition from traditional cigarettes. Everyone that comes over says hey can I use your peanut butter thing!
  • Rating
    spot on
    Review by E-cig fanon 7/10/2011
    i have no idea how they even seem to get the creamyness of the peanut butter in there... but they do. good throat hit and vapor. this is a favorite after dinner flavor ;)
  • Rating
    Totally Yummy
    Review by Carol Ogdenon 4/6/2011
    Ordered a 5 pack without trying first. So very pleased! Clearly get the peanut butter and slight chocolate taste with good throat hit and vapor. Will keep these on hand at all times.
  • Rating
    An amazing experience
    Review by DJon 2/24/2011
    The taste and throat hit on these are spot on. It is slightly more peanut butter than chocolate. Very refreshing, can't wait to try it in juice form next.
  • Rating
    Peanut Butter Cup
    Review by Boneson 1/29/2011
    I taste the peanuts and I really enjoy these carts. In the morning with coffee or before bedtime it is like a snack that wont add 3 pounds to you.
  • Rating
    peanutbutter cup carts
    Review by Francis Keracheron 11/2/2010
    They're great
  • Rating
    Really does taste like peanut butter
    Review by ALon 9/17/2010
    I agree with the other comments. This tastes just like peanut butter!
  • Rating
    tastes exactly like it should
    Review by jreal.webs.comon 8/29/2010
    great peanut butter flavor tastes like you'd expect
  • Rating
    Great dessert vape
    Review by LadyPhoenixon 7/26/2010
    To me this tastes exactly like you-know-who's Peanut Butter Cup. The peanut even tastes 'fresh'. It is sweet, though, so personally this is one I rotate throughout the day. But I love it. Good vapor too.
  • Rating
    Review by Elainaon 7/25/2010
    This cart does taste like peanut butter, but it seems to be lacking in the chocolate area. With that said, I actually like the flavor overall. Warm peanut butter is a pretty nice vape. The vapor and throat hit were fine with these carts. This is not something that I would want to vape all the time, but it's a nice change.
  • Rating
    Roasted Peanuts
    Review by JEon 7/19/2010
    The peanut taste is there however that distinct rich peanut butter sensation is missing and its quite a dry taste. Maybe it should be called "Roasted Peanuts". I would imagine its quite difficult to duplicate real Peanut Butter so its not a bad effort considering.
  • Rating
    Pleasantly surprised!
    Review by Anthony Fluharton 6/28/2010
    This by far one of my top 3 flavors. Tastes just like a peanut butter cup! Yummy!
  • Rating
    Dead on, and very good.
    Review by M.Adamson 6/20/2010
    Out of all the flavors I've tried, this one is the most accurate thus far. If you're a fan of Peanut Butter Cups, you are in luck, look no further than this.

    I tried this one in 24mg, and immediately loved the accurate peanut taste that finishes with a nice chocolate fade out flavor that pretty much nails it on the head. When I go to hang out with people and they have asked to try my Vapor King, this was the flavor I handed to them - and every single time they were blown away.

    The reviews speak for themselves, just try it and you'll see what all the praise is about.
  • Rating
    Review by alec ron 6/1/2010
    delicious peanut butter with a dash of chocolate taste
  • Rating
    Review by redharlequinon 5/15/2010
    I also received one of these free w/ my order. I never would have thought inhaling peanut buttery vapor sounded yummy at all! "bleh!" i thought!
    I was hooked on the 1st drag. Def. one of my favs! reese's whoppers! It has a malted peanut butter quality, IMO.
    I do recommend!
  • Rating
    Not bad
    Review by Derree Brookson 4/9/2010
    you can taste the peanut butter and chocolate but the peanut butter part is a bit too strong for my personal preference.
  • Rating
    Perfect chocolate to PB ratio
    Review by Tenebraeon 3/19/2010
    They nailed the taste on this version. It really tastes just like those peanut butter cups that we all know and love. Perfect for a zero calorie dessert or just a mid-afternoon treat. Vapor production is incredible on these new carts and the flavor really pops.
  • Rating
    Better than I could expect
    Review by Aimee Stillmanon 3/17/2010
    As a new user that has smoked analogs for years, I thought that tobacco flavor cartridges would be my favorite and I would use other flavors occasionally for fun. I got a free cartridge of this flavor with my order and had to order more immediately. This is my favorite flavor yet. It tastes just like a pb cup, nice strong flavor, and the vapor quality is amazing!
  • Rating
    Love this one.
    Review by Timothyon 12/15/2009
    I use this more than the 555 that I like so much. I find myself always keeping 1 in my backpack.