Pear Cobbler Bold e Cig Cartridges (Premium CoolCart)

If you love the sweet taste of pears, you'll love these pear cobbler e Cig cartomizers. Box of 5.
Never had pear cobbler? Give these delicious dessert e Cigarette cartomizers a taste. Our Premium Pear Cobbler Vapor King Cartomizers give those who love the exclusive flavors of cobbler another fruity, deep dish flavor. The rich, comforting taste of cobbler is perfectly complemented by the light, sweet, unmistakable flavor of fresh pears from the orchard, all in a convenient prefilled electronic cigarette cartomizer. Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.   View more Vapor King e Cig cartomizers...

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    Review by Kimberly on 1/16/2014
    The absolute BEST flavor I've tried and I've tried a LOT!!! I vape the 18mg cart. I'm very disappointed though that I've never seen the juice equivalent for this flavor and I've been waiting for months. The regular pear juice is just not the same. I freshen up these carts with a few drops of wow waffle juice and that's also a fantastic vape. WHERE'S THE JUICE, V4L?
  • Rating
    It's the best
    Review by V.Y on 5/12/2011
    It has the best flavor ever, I tested many others but this is THE BEST.
  • Rating
    Review by Steve on 4/22/2010
    This is soooooo good. The flavor here is perfect, I mean spot on. I don't know what else to say, this cart is absolutely amazing and I can't put it down!
  • Rating
    Pears well With Cobbler
    Review by Eric Davis's Wife on 4/16/2010
    Oh Oh OH! This came to us by way of V4L's generosity. Yep, a freebie tucked away with our order. Now, we need a 12 step program to get off this wonderfully addictive stuff. If you like pears, even just a little bit, this flavor combo will ROCK YOUR WORLD!
  • Rating
    Its "Peary" Good!
    Review by Gamer on 3/30/2010
    ok that Title is lame... but there is NOTHING lame about this cart! You want pear? you got it! you want Cobbler? YOU GOT IT! The blend of pear and cobbler mesh together in a partnership that is sure to make your taste buds quiver in ecstasy. What started as a Free sample soon became a MUST buy with every order. There is no "candy" taste or overwhelming Pear taste. This is simply a Pear Cobbler that has been Vaporized into a flavor that would make grandma cry, because well... she aint got nothin on this!

    Do yourself a favor and place this in your next order! You will love the flavor!