Peppermint Ice Cream Bold e Cig Cartridges (Premium CoolCart)

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Sweet, creamy ice cream mixed with cool, minty peppermint form a silky smooth e Liquid flavor.
What could be more refreshing than ice cream on a hot day? Premium Peppermint Ice Cream CoolCart Vapor King Cartomizers! The perfect combination of sweet, creamy ice cream with the icy-fresh flavor of peppermint in our new CoolCart cartomizers. This Vapor King cartomizer is so good, you'll swear it belongs on a cone. Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.   View more Vapor King cartomizers...  

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    Review by Snowy on 10/6/2013
    If you're a chocolate-lover, this is the one for you! You can smell Milk Chocolate as soon as you open the box, you can smell it in the cartridge, and I could definitely taste Chocolate in about the first 10 'puffs.' There was no hint of mint or vanilla ice cream, which I expected from the pic. I was really disappointed.

    Folks looking for Chocolate-flavor carts will never find these under this name and image... and thus miss out on rich, milk chocolate flavor and aroma. And most excellent thick vapor as well.

    I give these a middle-of-the-road 3 stars because, while I think it's a great chocolate vape, it claims to be Peppermint Ice Cream- and it is not.

    Meanwhile, this menthol ex-smoker (tobacco-free 7 months now thanks to V4L!) who also loves vanilla continues her search for that perfect sweet vaping treat :-/
  • Rating
    Review by LP on 9/28/2010
    I purchased these in 0mg as part of my early orders. I've never had peppermint ice cream, but this certainly makes me want to try the real thing. It has a nice creamy taste with a hint of peppermint. It has a very smooth flavor. I would definitely recommend this if you like a sweet vape.
  • Rating
    New Favorite!!!
    Review by JANE PAULTON on 9/27/2010
    I got this as a sample - Merry Christmas in September!!! LOVE it! I was never a menthol smoker but this is delish. Hints of vanilla and a strong mint make this a refreshing treat. Will definitely become a staple in this house. yummy yum yum
  • Rating
    Really Good!
    Review by Joe Sterling on 7/22/2010
    This flavor is awsome, it tastes like a light vinilla on inhale and a nice subdued mint on exhale, also works as a mouth freshener lol, will order this again.
  • Rating
    Review by Gavin Hyde on 7/14/2010
    they're good.
  • Rating
    Review by susan king on 4/18/2010
    just got my order a couple of days ago and this flavor is at the top of the list... if you like menthol - minty flavors - you are going to love this.... this cart is packed with flavor above and beyond in what i was expecting... don't hesitate to order this, it will not let you down....
  • Rating
    My new favorites
    Review by Stacey on 4/10/2010
    I typically prefer tobacco flavors, but these Peppermint Ice Cream carts are right up there with 555. My new favorites. The flavor is great, the carts last a long time, and the vapor & throat hit are spot on. Excellent!
  • Rating
    Another Home Run!!!
    Review by terry sweetser on 3/23/2010
    Well, what can I say...These are just amazing. a gentle minty flavor with a sweet creamy exhale. Tons of vapor! This will be my new go- to choice for my pre-bed vaping. If you like the minty/menthol type flavors these are worth a try. These go straight to the top of my favorites list.
  • Rating
    Review by Tenebrae on 3/19/2010
    Nice peppermint bang on inhale with a moderate ice cream on exhale. Leaves a lovely smell in the room as well. Hubby and I both like this one.