Red Energy Bold e Cig Cartridges (Premium CoolCart)

Inspired by our favorite energy drink, Red Energy invigorates your senses with the punch of sugar for a flavor you won't regret trying.
V4L Red Energy Vapor King Cartomizers have a sweet, tasty, tart flavor inspired by your favorite energy drinks. With notes of citrus and bubble gum, Red Energy is a one-of- a-kind cartomizer flavor that will invigorate your taste buds. Give your sense of taste a wake-up call with V4L Premium Red Energy Vapor King Cartomizers for electronic cigarettes. Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.   View more electronic cigarette cartomizers...

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  • Rating
    Not too bad!
    Review by Lance Judd on 9/7/2011
    Vaping this right now. I order the 24mg and it took a few drags to get the cart vaping well, but the flavor is pretty good. Can't really put my finger on what it tastes like, but I would say some type of red soda flavor. nice TH, and excellent vapor. I will order these again!
  • Rating
    Definitely a staple in my Carts!
    Review by Lis Racine on 7/4/2011
    I was a little leery when I was given these carts. I've never been able to stand the drink and the person I got it from LOVED the drink, but said this one was "gross".

    I was waiting for carts to come in and it was the only thing I had left, so I gave it a shot. I was HOOKED from the 3rd or 4th drag!

    Even if you're not an "Energy Drink" lover, don't turn this down. It's like getting that "1 in 1,000" "Sweet tasting" cigarette, except you can count on these being that way everytime!

    KUDOS V4L! This is a cart I will NEVER be without!!
  • Rating
    Love this cart!!
    Review by Jacqueline on 5/23/2011
    This cart is by far one of the best! (18mg) Better yet IT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! Great hit along with alot of vapor. I just don't have anything bad to say about it! It taste so much like the drink.!! If you love the drink as much as I do, then this is the cart for you. V4L keep them coming you guys are doing great!!!!!!
  • Rating
    Like Red Bull and Red Pop
    Review by E-cig lover on 5/20/2011
    Vaping this right now. I like it!
  • Rating
    Great Cart
    Review by Chad on 4/26/2011
    I got this as a free sample. Was a little leery to try it. My wife tried it first and told me how great it was. I tried it and love it! I've never had an energy drink in my life, so I don't now if this hits the correct flavor, but I think the taste is great.
  • Rating
    I'm not drinking an energy drink??
    Review by Tiffany on 3/24/2011
    These cartos taste JUST LIKE the energy drink! I don't have a CLUE how they did it, but they did! It's Amazing! You have GOT to try these! I'm ordering these with every order from now on!
  • Rating
    Sweet Bubbly taste
    Review by Ken G on 3/22/2011
    Someone below said that it tastes carbonated and they're right, I'm not sure how they did it. It's got a nice slightly sweet red pop taste. Flavor lasts a long time. I will be getting more of this !
  • Rating
    Best Vapor Flavor
    Review by RE Casper on 2/12/2011
    This is by far my favorite flavor that V4L offers. Perfect inhale/exhale, not to sweet, will not "burn out" as fast as some others.

    Needless to say, it has been some time since my order consisted of something other than "Red Energy".

    Thanks V4L, you cats are wonderful. AND the only ones with such a plethera of flavors. Ironically enough, I usually stick to this one. But its great.
  • Rating
    Review by Connie Tuominen on 1/7/2011
    When I first got this I wondered how could the make a flavor with a carbonated exhale. When they did. This flavor is great. I taste like a code red mountain due without the mountain due flavor and sweetness. Great throat hit and the carbonation blows me a way. Smoked all day.
  • Rating
    Review by Kimberly Sprano on 10/5/2010
    I love it. Its the same as if I were drining a enegry drink!! I will be reordering this one.
  • Rating
    Like it !
    Review by Murdock on 9/3/2010

    This is not something I would not usually vape, but it has a wonderfully sweet ( not too sweet) inhale & exhale and quite different. I was pleasantly surprised, as was my girlfriend. Thanks for this great flavor!! An extremely appreciated freebie included with a previous order, I LOVE YOU GUYS !!!!!!
  • Rating
    I like it!
    Review by Brian on 8/1/2010
    Might not be my favorite, but much better than most of the other flavors I've tried in the light/fruity types.

    Very good rendition of the original drink's flavor! If you love the drink, you'll probably dig this!

    Also, very impressive vapor/TH for a premium!!!
  • Rating
    Good stuff
    Review by LadyPhoenix on 7/26/2010
    Yep, it does taste like the energy drink. I like it, it has an uncommon combination of flavors that you can't quite put your finger on. But good overall, no weird undertones, and nice vapor.
  • Rating
    My favorite so far!!!
    Review by Joe Sterling on 7/8/2010
    This tastes as it implies 100%,

    worth a try if you like sprite or energy drinks.
  • Rating
    My favorite
    Review by Jonah Mitchell on 4/7/2010
    I love this flavor.It is my everyday all day vape.