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RY4 Bold e Cig Cartridges (Premium CoolCart)

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RY4 Bold e Cig Cartridges (Premium CoolCart)

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A sumptuous vaping flavor medley of caramel and vanilla combined with a rich tobacco taste.




The exclusive Vapor4Life interpretation of RY4 is the best on the market! RY4 Premium Vapor King Cartomizers are prefilled with a tobacco-inspired e-liquid designed for those with a sweet tooth. This luscious blend offers hints of caramel and vanilla and rich tobacco undertones. RY4 premium e Cigarette cartomizers are perfect as an after dinner vape or any time you want to spoil yourself with a decadent flavor. Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.


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Customer Reviews

  • Try the 5 pack it's WAY different then Sampler...
    Review by Jon Muzykon 5/6/2011
    This flavor I got in a Sampler and was totally let down by it. Then by Accidents I bought a 5 pack of these while looking for other tobacco flavors AND WOW the 5 PACK was KILLER Tasting now I KNOW why this flavor and juice are SO hard to come by.... TRY this for Tobacco sub between your Traditional Tobacco it is a GREAT BREAK from them an AWESOME flavor just be careful and try Not to get Hooked on it to much! This Flavor has a following and it ROCKS and deserves it.
  • Good solid cart
    Review by Major S.on 3/30/2011
    I primarily use the Wow's but this may change my mind! Last's LONG and has a very solid flavor. Not strong on TH but plenty of vapor and seems to really purr with my V4L USB 5v PT.
  • My fave pre-filled flavor!
    Review by E-cig loveron 2/15/2011
    Never was a straight-up tobacco lover. When I smoked it was menthols. I thought that when I vaped I'd want menthol or foody flavors...but I was wrong. LOL I actually prefer the straight-up tobacco...which has a sweet/spicy nuance. This one has its caramel...but I can also taste cinnamon, even though it's not in the mix. Go figure. It's yummy and an easy all-day-vape. Try it if you're looking for something smooth and tasty. You can't go wrong!!!
    Review by Aprilon 1/26/2011
    I have been vaping for months now. I have been trying so many flavors trying to find one that isn't sweet and doesn't taste like tobacco. My search is now over. RY4 is perfect it kind of taste like one of the coffee flavors. Nice throat hit and it produces loads of vapor. I got the 18mg. Thank you V4L for an awesome product and your customer service is by far the best I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with.
  • Halloween Candy
    Review by linragon 1/23/2011
    This reminds me very much of the chewy Halloween candies wrapped in the black and orange wrapers that you really don't know what they are. Sort of peanutty, sort of caramel
  • Very Nice!
    Review by Shari B.on 1/18/2011
    This is awesome! Not sure why some of the others aren't tasting the caramel flavor, as it comes through very nicely to me. Very smooth, great vapor, I get my tobacco fix and it satisfies my sweet tooth as well!
  • Absolute vape
    Review by Calvin Rutzon 8/26/2010
    MmMmMmMm Snickers :P
  • Smoky taste with just enough sweet!!
    Review by E-cig loveron 8/10/2010
    I had absolutely no idea what RY4 stood for but was very pleasantly surprised!!! Currently my favorite cartomizer!!!
  • Grew on me
    Review by Louison 8/3/2010
    I got a sample of this carto in a sampler pack... At first I didn't know what I was tasting.. sort of a pipe tobacco flavor, a bit sweet.. didnt' really like it at first.. but after a while I started to appreciate it.. had to come to the web site to actually find out what flavor it was supposed to be.. but yea.. now that you mention it.. carmel.. yup.. Might get it again.
  • wow
    Review by Brianon 7/23/2010
    amazing flavor. reminds me of pipe tobacco dipped in rich caramel. sweet, but just smoky enough to not be too sweet. thanks for tossing this in with the free bonus sampler pack - new (and unexpected) favorite.
  • Good stuff...
    Review by Heatheron 7/21/2010
    To me this tasted like caramel when inhaling and a good tobacco exhaling. It'd be a good flavor for the folks who like the tobacco flavors but want to try something sweet. It wasn't too sweet for me, but it was sweet. I'm certainly not sad I have 3 more to vape! If you want a nice flavor to go along with your coffee, this will suit your craving quite well.
  • Nice! If not a little too sweet
    Review by JEon 7/19/2010
    This carto has a great flavor! But the strong caramel taste is too much, there is a very deep sweet taste that could be toned down a fraction.
  • what flavor is this?
    Review by Vapor enthusiaston 5/16/2010
    It is tasty but I dont know what it is.
  • What is RY4?
    Review by the4thpower3on 4/28/2010
    I won't get into it's origination, but I'll tell you this is one of my favorite vapes so far. It has a light smokey, caramel, sort of toffee taste to it. It vapes smooth and tastes great!
  • RY4
    Review by Mary Hensson 3/21/2010
    Now this is RY4!
  • Smooth, sweet
    Review by Abbyon 3/17/2010
    My sample of this was 4mg. This is a very smooth and mellow, slightly sweet, toffee sort of flavor. Nice for dessert, but not an all day vape for me. Goes great with coffee!
  • great taste and vapor
    Review by abraham Gallowayon 2/21/2010
    i was a little skeptical when they said more flavor and more vapor from the premium cartomizers. that was until a budy let me try one of theese. i love ry4 and this was excellent, much better than the old school cartomizers
  • Could Vape this all day!
    Review by Chrison 2/11/2010
    Currently vaping this right now at 11mg. It's a nice creamy, sweet flavour as you inhale. It's very smooth on the throat with no harshness. As you exhale you can taste a subtle hint of caramel.

    Vapour production is average but hey, it tastes friggin' great!

    Will definitely be ordering again.
  • better
    Review by Marc Rainvilleon 1/5/2010
    really didn't care for this one at first, but find myself vaping it on a regular basis now! It will grow on you if , at first, you don't like it! very smooth with a nice caramel taste.
  • my all time fav
    Review by abraham Gallowayon 1/2/2010
    some people like this flavor some people dont. to me it is a really smooth tobacco flavor with a hint of caramel and cream. i can definitly hit it all day.