Traditional Menthol Bold e Cig Cartridges (Premium CoolCart)

An invigorating rush of cool mint that comes unbelievably close to popular menthol cigarettes.

Our Premium Traditional Menthol CoolCart Vapor King Cartomizers are the menthol lover’s answer to a satisfying electronic cigarette vape. All the taste you’ve come to expect from V4L tobacco blends, with the intense, invigorating rush of menthol that Vapor4Life e Cigarette customers have come to expect. Each box includes 5 prefilled CoolCart cartomizers.


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  • Rating
    Love It...but where is it?
    Review by Donna on 8/19/2015
    Love the Traditional Menthol and have been using for 2 years...but, I have not been able to get them in 1.1 or 1.8 for months 0 nic is a no go for me. Please bring them back. Would be happy with the Virginia Menthol Cool cart in 1.1 or 1.8 too.
  • Rating
    its great but your always out of stock
    Review by Brianc on 5/24/2015
    this has benn my main vape for years....but you always run out of 18 and up. OK once is a screw up , twice is a learning experience...but consistently running out time and time again is just incompetence....order more!!
  • Rating
    Review by Donna on 8/31/2013
    I started vaping nearly 7 months ago after smoking Menthols for years. I tried several of the V4L menthol carts and most of them were ok, but...then I tried the TM Coolcarts and I have stopped searching; I had found my Eve replacement. I use the manual batts and I get a great throat hit (very smooth), lots of vapor, and a great taste.
  • Rating
    Fast delivery
    Review by Great on 5/6/2013
    Taste good
  • Rating
    If you like menthol, give this one a try.
    Review by Hunter on 10/21/2012
    A fairly robust flavor without being overpowering or harsh. Thumbs up!
  • Rating
    wanna try premium 18mg to 24mg
    Review by Dan on 3/18/2011
    Im not a fan but it is not bad. I wanna try the premium cowboy menthol 18mg to 24mg to see if there is a taste difference
  • Rating
    Good Solid Menthol
    Review by Bellehaven on 3/15/2011
    This is a good solid menthol flavor in the full body to light flavor category. Good Menthol for Newbies - people transitioning from analogs to e-cigs! Better in mid to higher mg strengths 24- 18mg is nice.
  • Rating
    Quite Nice
    Review by E-cig lover on 1/17/2011
    This is an easy light menthol. It's my husband's current preferred daily vape.
  • Rating
    Pretty Good
    Review by MELANIE on 11/8/2010
    Got this as a freebie and it is my favorite menthol so far!! Reminds of my old analogs - without the side effects.
  • Rating
    Minty fresh breath.
    Review by Steven Moore on 9/6/2010
    The first vape I took with one of these things was amazing. A really strong minty taste and smell. Ever inhale tastes like I'm freshening up my breath.
  • Rating
    A freebie
    Review by Murdock on 9/3/2010
    I received this cart as a freebie with an order and REALLY liked it! I've been using their Menthol Nobacco Juice for some-time, refilling my own. But this one ( Traditional Menthol) has the tobacco flavor that I'd been missing for a while now. I'll be ordering THIS one soon :)

    PS: Love the free stuff !!
  • Rating
    good menthol taste
    Review by alec r on 5/30/2010
    not too sharp, nice sweet taste
  • Rating
    Review by Trey on 2/15/2010
    Traditional Menthol is my all day vape. Lots of vapor and a nice mix of tobacco and menthol flavor. Nice job!
  • Rating
    36mg Cowboy menthol
    Review by TIMMYD :) on 2/11/2010
    Good menthol. Not as good as Kamel Menthol though. Not as much vapor production as they say, even on the passthru...
  • Rating
    love at first vape
    Review by Cody Strohl on 1/4/2010
    My favorite menthol flavor so far!
  • Rating
    My favorite
    Review by Dan Cayo on 11/27/2009
    This is the smoothest flavor that I or anyone I know to have purchased from V4L. I also like whiskey mixed with menthol or cola.