Traditional Tobacco Bold e Cig Cartridges (Premium CoolCart)

An incredibly authentic blend of savory rich tobacco in vaping e Liquid form.

Our Premium Traditional Tobacco Vapor King CoolCart Cartomizers have a robust, tobacco blend flavor. These superior V4L e Cigarette cartomizers have an intense flavor reminiscent of signature cigarette tobaccos, yet somehow better. You won't believe the incredible taste of these Vapor4Life premium electronic cigarette carts until you’ve experienced it yourself. Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.


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  • Rating
    my favorite blen
    Review by awesome on 7/11/2015
    What happened to the 18 strength
  • Rating
    My go-to vape
    Review by Erik on 8/22/2013
    The more I get into vaping, the more flavors I try. I always come back to this one. I don't like it nearly as well in WOW, but in CoolCart at 24 mg, I can vape this all day long. Great product!
  • Rating
    So far my favortite!
    Review by Luis on 3/6/2013
    this flavor has a very smooth tobacco leaf taste. Has a little spice on the background of the taste. Ordered it in 11mg and 24mg and has a great throat hit.
  • Rating
    Close to having a taste of a real cig
    Review by Lovey on 1/12/2013
  • Rating
    very very good
    Review by marie on 1/10/2013
    This is a pleasure to vape. Very smooth. Really enjoy it. I will get more of these for sure.
  • Rating
    Review by Zac on 12/17/2012
    Got these with the starter kit, and has great flavor, slightly sweet, but not too much like the coffee flavors I also got. A good throat hit but not that bad like some of the other flavors.
  • Rating
    The Best!
    Review by Nicki on 11/17/2012
    I have been vaping for a couple of years now, and I have tried a lot of different carts. But the Traditional Tobacco Cool Carts are by far my favorites. They have such a nice, straight-forward flavor.
    I never get tired of them or get burned-out on the flavor!
    They are the best, and so is V4L!
  • Rating
    Great at first
    Review by Jimmie on 7/25/2011
    These are my go to tobacco flavor but they develop a little aftertaste after a while
  • Rating
    great for someone switching from analogs
    Review by Electronic cigarettes zealot on 7/10/2011
    this is a solid cart all around. the WOWboy carto is my standard go to flavor, but i love these to change it up. also, if you refill (if you aren't... i dont know what you are doing with your life) i throw some WOW clove juice in these and it seems to retain the king cowboy flavor.
  • Rating
    Love these but out of stock!
    Review by Ms D on 5/13/2011
    I was a "Cowboy" Lights smoker for many years and I wanted to find something as close as possible to it. These are my #1 choice in the 36mg but they seem to be out of stock. I will be sure to stock up when they become available again. Would like to see these become a regular that is always available. Tried the WOW Cowboy in the 36mg and 24mg but it is much stronger and not much vapor. I am trying the WOW in the 18mg and 11mg for an alternative until these come back in the 36mg. If you are looking for something comparable to an analog... 555's, and Dunhall's have also been an alternate of mine in the 36mg. I am comparing from being a "Cowboy" Lights smoker.

  • Rating
    Pleasantly Surprised
    Review by cheezy on 5/12/2011
    11Mg Good vapor nice TH good taste I can see this being my default vapor easily

    as an 18 year smoker i can attest that you will love these.
    They really remind me of my old analog brand American Spirits Lights (yellow pack)
  • Rating
    Very pleased!
    Review by Michelle on 4/29/2011
    I am a new vaper...I am trying out many flavors and this one is going to be one of my "go to" brands. I'm very pleased! I was a "Cowboy" Ultra Light smoker and am vaping this one at 11 mg. I am very happy with it. They say you'll NEVER find anything that tastes like what you used to smoke. That's OK with me because nothing is going to taste like burning poison. In my opinion, this tastes better! Thank you V4L! Signed, one happy new customer.
  • Rating
    Current Batch of Hilton must be mislabeled
    Review by Jack Lund on 2/24/2011
    Because it tastes identical to Cowboy. There is not one difference. Order up!
  • Rating
    Very close
    Review by Carto fan on 10/31/2010
    Tastes smooth and clean with sweetness ... one of my favorites and have already ordered (and RECEIVED!) some juice to refill the cartomizers. Thanks!
  • Rating
    Review by wolfsong on 10/3/2010
    Imagine when you first open a brand new pack of cigaretts. You remove the foil
    and get a whiff of that fresh tobacco aroma...That's what these taste like to me.
    Mild to medium flavor strength. I can vape all day with no heavy aftertaste. The flavor & throat hit increase as you increase mg strength. Clouds of vapor. I use 18mg for breaks at work and 11mg for my down time.

    The flavor of the liquid stays true to the flavor of the cartomizers. It is a
    great liquid to add to other flavors when they are too strong. It will dilute the
    strength of a the flavor without changing the original taste.

  • Rating
    pretty tasty
    Review by jreal on 8/29/2010
    pretty good they taste like 51 tobacco wich is really good not quite like a cigarette nothing else tast quite like this it is kinda spicy sweet you want a taste thats simialer to a ciggerette this is not bad tho i think it taste better than any analog
  • Rating
    Review by Robert Peterson on 8/11/2010
    I received one of these as a sample in my order. I didn't think I would like the taste of a "tobacco" flavor, but these are a must!! I have been a smoker for 20+ years and I am using the VK with the purpose of switching off smoking cigs all together. My down fall when trying to quit has always been when I have a few cocktails/beers ~ then wanting a cig with them. I have to admit, these are PERFECT with a nice cold beverage! I didn't crave a regular cigarette AT ALL!!!
    Thank you V4Life!! You may just save mine!
  • Rating
    Not bad...
    Review by firefox335 on 7/20/2010
    I must say that I'm not a big fan of the tobacco flavors, but then again, I was never crazy about the flavor or real cigarettes (smoked primarily for the TH.) These are nice. The flavor isn't too harsh. Overall, pretty good. Just not my flavor of choice.
  • Rating
    Can't Make Up My Mind.....
    Review by mark on 7/11/2010
    I just got my first taste of these killer carts. Nice flavor,good th, great vapor. I thought I liked Kamel better (my go to now) but these Cowboys have a wonderful after taste. I guess I'll have to keep both of them around. If you haven't tried these, GET SOME !!!
  • Rating
    Premium Cowboy-EXCELLENT!
    Review by Dolores Mesa on 7/3/2010
    I was a Cowboy analog smoker for 20+ years, i was looking for something compatible to vape is this is PERFECT. I'd say to those looking to describe the flavor of these, they taste a LOT like a "Cowboy" Light analog. They are my all day, regulars, they simply replaced my analogs. FANTASTIC FLAVOR AND THROAT HIT and I'm soooo happy that there was something so compatible with what I've been used to for 20+ years. THANKS!! :)
  • Rating
    Not bad
    Review by Jim Casey on 6/11/2010
    These are okay, not great, but by no means bad. Hard to describe the flavor. I got the 24mg carts and the throat hit seems a little weak compared to the others I have tried. Vapor is really good. All in all I would say this is a solid flavor, even though I can't exactly explain what the flavor is.
  • Rating
    Pretty good, even if no clue what flavor it is...
    Review by Sylvie and Andrew on 6/11/2010
    This was an extra in my order from V4L..
    came to see what exactly the flavors were but seems no one else can figure it out either lol. Oh well, either way it is pretty good and is not too strong nor weak either.. Just simply good and smooth. I personally won't order it for myself since I prefer menthol flavors but will recommend it to my non menthol friends/family members when they decide to start vaping too..
  • Rating
    Review by devscojo on 5/23/2010
    I did not enjoy these, but I generally vape menthol flavors. I still gave it 3 stars because I gave them to a friend and he seems to like them.
  • Rating
    Lovin it
    Review by Bobby on 3/20/2010
    Its great. I want to get around to trying all the tobacco flavors but I really like this one. It will be a go too for sure. The soft tip design is great and easy to get off if you want to refill but its durable as well.
  • Rating
    Excellent Flavor
    Review by Burnt-Toast on 3/19/2010
    Excellent flavor even if it's a little hard to describe. It seemed to me that it has a chocolate undertone which makes it very appealing as it's not simulating just tobacco tastes. My friend is an avid menthol smoker and even loves this one! The excellent flavor and consistent delivery makes this a staple in my personal rotation.
  • Rating
    A good place to settle in.
    Review by BB Blackwell on 1/27/2010
    This is the first cart I ever tried, coming off smoking analogs. My first impression was that it did not taste like a real cigarette, and I doubted whether it could actually replace smoking for me. Like most first impressions, this proved to be inaccurate. I have not smoked more than one analog cigarette on any given day since receiving these carts. I still do not think it tastes like a real cigarette, but I actually prefer vaping these to smoking. That's high praise considering I was not trying to quit smoking, I was just giving Vapor King a shot because it was cheaper than the $7-$10 per pack we pay in NYC. A great general purpose cartomizer; if I had to take one cart with me to a desert island, I'd take Traditional Tobacco because it replaces smoking in a satisfying, gimmick-free way.
  • Rating
    doing the job!!
    Review by E-cig fanatic on 1/23/2010
    I was not really sure if this could really replace my pack, I have had it for 2 weeks and have not had a cig. yet and I really would not ever want one again. The flavor was not as good as the real deal, but close enough that if you really want to you will get used to it, and probably like it better then an actual cigarette!! I am very happy!!!!!
  • Rating
    Review by Carto fan on 1/17/2010
    For me this is the real deal.. Nice throat hit at 18mg and good flavor. It stops my craving.
  • Rating
    Review by abraham Galloway on 1/2/2010
    A really good approximation of the red and whites that will give you the feel that you have the real thing.
  • Rating
    Review by Axl on 12/18/2009
    I really like these. I smoked ultra lights pre vaping and I don't find these 'too harsh' at all. I think they have actually moved in front of coffee, choc, and cappucino to be my new favorite!!
  • Rating
    Great substitute
    Review by Justin Credible on 12/14/2009
    I recently was lucky enough to get this flavor as a freebie in an order I had placed and was very surprised when I took that first vape.

    If you're looking for a substitute for your red-box analogs then I'd definitely give this one a shot.
  • Rating
    When you really craving an analog!
    Review by Andrew Swingle on 12/4/2009
    This flavor is what I turn to when I get a strong craving for an analog. It has big throat and lung hit. A couple of hits at 36mg and your good to go
  • Rating
    Great Flavor
    Review by JH on 11/2/2009
    This is the only kind hubster likes.