Vanilla Bold e Cig Cartridges (Premium CoolCart)

This true, rich complex vanilla produces a smooth vapor flavor that manages to be both sweet and sophisticated.
It’s not easy to find vanilla electronic cigarette cartomizers with the true, rich sweetness and complexity of real vanilla, but we’ve got them right here! Our Premium Vanilla Vapor King Cartomizers produce wonderful volumes of luxurious, vanilla flavored vapor. These premium e Cigarette cartomizers boast flavor that is mild and intense, rich and light—just like real vanilla!  Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.   View more electronic cigarette cartomizers...

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  • Rating
    Review by PL on 8/4/2015
    My favorite. It has lots of vapor and a nice vanilla taste. I've tried most flavors and I keep coming back to vanilla cool carts.
  • Rating
    Better than French Vanilla Ice Cream flavor
    Review by Snowy on 12/17/2012
    but still not enough vanilla flavor. Being a menthol vaper, I missed the minty flavor, too.
    I'm hoping they'll cook up a Vanilla Mint CoolCart- I'd be hooked on those real quick!
  • Rating
    Better than the French Vanilla Ice Cream
    Review by Hunter on 10/21/2012
    This one has a nice smooth vanilla taste, with good clouds of vapor. If you like vanilla, give it a try.
  • Rating
    Review by Christina on 9/12/2012
    It is okay.. I can't really taste vanilla .. Would be better if there was a bit more vanilla in it
  • Rating
    Vaping perfection!
    Review by Sissi on 8/17/2012
    This is the satisfying taste that I have been looking for. My new go to flavor!! Not too sweet or thick that you can't puff on it but a few times. The flavor is just right, so it's perfect for an all day vape!
  • Rating
    Review by Bryan on 6/12/2012
    This is a great vape, not too sweet and not chemically at all. I can vape this all day and love it. Its great for anyone who is new to vaping and wants a basic vapor that you can always go back to. Five stars for flavor and four for vapor; Vapor is not as big of a thing to me considering analogs dont blow clouds.
  • Rating
    Review by Shinike on 7/26/2011
    I enjoy these a lot! They give me a homey-kind of feeling. Heart!
  • Rating
    Really Smooth
    Review by E-cig devotee on 1/29/2011
    This is a nice smooth vanilla flavor. Very enjoyable, Decent vapor and TH with 24mg but not too strong or harsh. Very mellow & relaxing.
  • Rating
    Review by linrag on 1/16/2011
    Very smooth; strong but not over-powering vanilla. I've tried other brands' vanilla and they both had a strong chemical after taste. Not these. Will definately purchase again!
  • Rating
    Vanilla Me Happy
    Review by Beebes on 1/11/2011
    Love the Vanilla 11mg. This flavor delivers, nice throat hit, nice vapor release, pleased. Poof is gone the NP ciggies since 12/24/10. I was a casual smoker so this transition I am feeling pretty good about. Optimistic 1st experience today. More reviews to come.
  • Rating
    Review by weston on 1/10/2011
    I love it. The taste is awesome, as is the vape. A must have with every order.
  • Rating
    Just Dessert
    Review by MELANIE on 10/14/2010
    Just got these today. Nice light vanilla flavor and good vapor production. Not an all day vape, but quite good for after a meal.
  • Rating
    Awesome Vape
    Review by Divaping on 4/1/2010
    Great Flavor that catches the flowery notes of the vanilla. I love it, it is my "all day" vape mixed with Hilton! Could be mixed with fruity and other flavors as an enhancer or used on its own very well!
  • Rating
    Review by Bobby on 3/20/2010
    Another change of pace flavor for me. Tastes as advertised.
  • Rating
    vanilla juice
    Review by chuck on 3/19/2010
    nice flavor (a little soft) very smooth hit, good after taste, i'll buy more of this
  • Rating
    Review by Christian & Angelica on 3/6/2010
    WoW so soft flavored is a 10 is just so smooth I recommended to everybody to try this product is just one of the cartoamizer that you would always need to keep in stock
  • Rating
    Obviously the best....always out of stock!
    Review by christy clifton on 2/11/2010
    Great flavor!
  • Rating
    Review by henry watson on 1/17/2010
    my FAVORITE!! Soooo smooth, great flavor.
  • Rating
    Vanilla (8mg)
    Review by m1273c on 12/29/2009
    Warm light vanilla flavor.
  • Rating
    Sweet N' Light
    Review by James Lewis on 12/25/2009
    Nice substantial throat hit, with a light taste that's very distinct. Its creamy too, I have no idea how VK did that but kudos!
  • Rating
    makes an amazing base.
    Review by Alison R. Harper on 12/19/2009
    these are great for two major reasons.

    1.They taste absolutely perfect, real mild, but defined.

    2.They make for a great "background" flavor. You can vape these until they're about half-empty, then mix much stronger flavors with them to create a great mixture. Try them with a pear mix, blueberry, or cola (cola-vanilla being my personal favorite mix) and you'll be happy you did.
  • Rating
    very nice
    Review by rocks82 on 11/24/2009
    Delicious sweet vanilla!