SMILIN Special Menthol Bold e Liquid (Premium) (30mL)

An invigorating strong menthol and spearmint blend with a taste of chocolate and a hint of rich coffee, this vaping flavor is a favorite of our founder Steve.




Vapor4Life's Smilin Special Menthol Nobacco Juice is the menthol blend designed by our President and CEO! He's determined to bring smiles to the faces of our fans with great product and a fabulous warranty, but that wasn't enough. He also came up with the perfect menthol e-juice flavor! V4L Smilin's Special Menthol smoke juice is a refreshing, complex menthol electronic cigarette liquid with rich chocolate undertones.

Customer Reviews

ADV Menthol Review by meowmix915
This is the best menthol vape ever! The chocolate is woven through but is not overwhelming. It adds a lusciousness to this juice that makes it addictive! Wonderful product! (Posted on 5/29/2014)
I just got the smilin special menthol today and it great. The other reviews are spot on. It has a sweet menthol flavor with a nice chocolate finish. It reminds me a lot mint chocolate chip ice cream. I wonder how the two would taste together.

If your looking for something different and like menthol give it a try. (Posted on 11/22/2013)
Winter fresh! Review by Josh
SMILIN's Special Menthol Nobacco Juice brought a smile to my face with the first drag! Packing a strong punch of cool spearmint, this juice is perfect for hot summer days. (Posted on 7/5/2012)
My Favorite All Day (and night) Vape! Review by VonRell
I'm not sure what's in it, but it's wonderful for me. I am a former Kool smoker, and it's not too sweet, not too strong, but tastes wonderful in my mouth. It's definitely my go-to vape all day. When I swap out, it's for a few puffs of something sweet for dessert and then back to my Smilin' Menthol. I am smiling and vaping right now! (Posted on 7/5/2012)
great Review by GENE HAYES
great taste and very smoothe (Posted on 3/22/2011)
Pretty Good. Review by Johnny loves E-cig tanks
I like this at work because it has no smell and little vapor. Add a little VG raspberry and it's FANTASTIC! (Posted on 3/22/2011)
Strong Menthol taste Review by Linda Erickson
Not normally menthol user, but husband wanted to try this one. I didn't like it at first, but now mix it with several flavors. It's great alone for something different, or with bigger battery, that needs more flavor to come through. (Posted on 3/15/2011)
This is the Wow, not the other wow... Review by Michael Rogers
This is my favorite juice EVER! It has a peculiar taste that I can't describe at the very beginning that initially I didn't care for, but now crave. I'm a menthol lover and this has all I could ever ask for. Many menthol juices are more mint than menthol, which while menthol is derived from mint, tastes completely different. Though I would never want V4L to change the formula, I sometime find myself adding just a drop or two of liquid sucralose for a touch of sweetness making it my favorite dessert. I wish this stuff was sold by the quart... (Posted on 3/1/2011)
it's alright Review by JiZz 2 Xtreme
for a menthol, it's alright.. It honestly tastes exactly like Wowboy juice except with menthol.. (Posted on 8/9/2010)
Terrific Flavor Review by R Bunds
This one is a winner!

It reminds me and my girlfriend of the Cowboy Menthol, Which we both love.

It starts with a nice strong menthol flavor, has a good throat hit and on exhale you get a nice chocolate flavor. One of my favorites, I got a 30ml bottle and gf already took 10ml for herself! :) (Posted on 6/17/2010)
My Fav!! Review by Scott Edwards
I absolutely adore this juice! I get tons of vapor and a great hit. Wish it was available in a larger size. I also notice that the most popular strengths are sometimes out of stock. V4L, please keep 18mg stocked...I need it! (Posted on 6/5/2010)
Makes you smile! Review by Brian
An airy vape, nice and minty with just a hint of chocolate. I'd compare it to an Andes Mint. Not very hard hitting or smoky, but smooth as silk and true to it's name, makes you want to smile :-) (Posted on 5/24/2010)
Best juice on here! Review by Krazie_kid
This is my favorite juice on this site!!! (Posted on 5/8/2010)
Great tasting Review by Wanda Lambert
My husband fell in love with this juice,we are both menthol smokers. (Posted on 3/9/2010)
If you smoked Marlboro Smooth You Will LOVE this!! Review by E-cig maniac
This mint flavor is the very best for me having just switched from smoking "Cowboy Smooth"...1.2 packs/day. Mint flavor is close but this is much closer to the "Smooth" flavor. (Posted on 2/5/2010)
Great vape Review by Sherie St. Martin
This menthol is amazing. Just the right amount of mint and throat hit. Sooo smooth. Sometimes the liquid isn't as good as the fresh cart (might just be in my head) but smilin special juice is just as good ! (Posted on 1/27/2010)
YUMMY MENTHOL Review by Angie
This has me totally smilin and is my all night vap at work! I love it! TY (Posted on 1/11/2010)
Very nice, refreshing Review by Bill
This is my favorite right away. I use it to top-off/mix with the chocolate cartomizer for an amazing pepperminty-patty-ish flavor. Amazing mix! By itself it's refreshing and, in my opinion, better than the menthol nobacco juice. (Posted on 1/4/2010)

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