Stogie Nobacco Juice USA (30 ml)

Stogie Nobacco Juice USA

Swirl its slow draw and gently puff the next best thing to a hand-rolled Cuban. Rich, cured flavor sends your senses to Havana where you can bask in the bouquet of humidor heaven. Tasting notes fit for aficionados perfectly pair this cigar stnad-in with spirits and other luscious liquid refreshments.

The “Best By” date for these e-liquids has been reached. These e-liquids can still be used. The best by date for e-liquids is not an expiration date. You will not experience a loss in flavor or nicotine content until one year after the best by date.


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  • Rating
    I cant use my 30% code
    Review by marie on 11/12/2013
    Long time customer not happy with not getting my discount it said.
  • Rating
    One of my favourites!
    Review by GRIMMI on 3/13/2013
    I guess that taste really is a subjective thing.

    I'd have to disagree with the other reviews as this one is spot on for me, it has a rich woody taste that's smooth and consistent.

    Will definitely be ordering it again :)
  • Rating
    Cigar taste good but..
    Review by JR on 8/26/2012
    The cigar taste in this eliquid was really good, the taste it starts and finished with tasted and smelled bad. I love cigar flavor and maybe a stogie has that bad taste, but this one won't be back in my cart. Just not for me or my husband.