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Traditional Tobacco Bold e Liquid (Premium) (30 mL)

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Traditional Tobacco Bold e Liquid (Premium) (30 mL)

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An incredibly authentic blend of savory rich tobacco in vaping e Liquid form.




V4L Traditional Tobacco Nobacco Juice is a robust, tobacco-flavored electronic cigarette liquid. This superior V4L e Cigarette liquid has an intense flavor reminiscent of signature cigarette tobaccos. You won't believe the incredible taste of this Vapor4Life e-juice masterpiece until you’ve experienced it yourself. View more signature electronic cigarette flavors...

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Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Best flavor if you're looking for real tobacco flavor!
    Review by Tanyaon 1/17/2014
    It was a year on 1/14/2014 that I made the switch! I've been through many flavors, and while I haven't found a fruity, coffee or other flavor that I love as much as Traditional Tobacco - I've also tried "off brand" tobacco flavors. This Traditional Tobacco Nobacco Juice is by far the closest to the flavor of a "real cigarette" as it can get!

    Thank you V4L for beig there for me!!! Customer Service is great and everyone is awesome!!
  • Rating
    Review by Michaelon 11/10/2013
    I am 45 years smoker and after few of my friends tried this product I also decided to do it- yesterday I stop by and bought my first kit and amazingly since I tried I did not light up a single cigarette in two days!!!I don't have a wish to do it!!! Didn't believe that something like this is possible....I am on 24mg liquid, I used to smoke Pal Mal light 100 for last 12 years, pack a day
  • Rating
    Review by Rayon 9/14/2013
    I really enjoy this flavor, not too sweet. I think it's a great all day vape.
    I also think it's a good one to try when first switching from analogs.
  • Rating
    Boom!!! A Winner!!!
    Review by Omenon 12/26/2012
    My go-to tobacco flavor. I always keep a stock of these to keep me going! Love it!!!
  • Rating
    Review by Chris Andrewson 8/19/2011
    I LOVE this juice. It is smooth, nice vapor, has a hint of sweet tea as others said. A perfect all day vapor. I have already gone through a bottle and ordered two more, one in the WOW version and one in the regular. Very nice.
  • Rating
    Review by bernie the mac vaping out backon 6/19/2011
    I am very hesitant about writing good reviews. Only because next time i go to order my favorites are out of stock.
  • Rating
    Review by Holly Millson 5/21/2011
    I love the 36mg but I've only found it to be in stock one time. It's VERY frustrating when you get used to a product and then have to try and find something comparable elsewhere because it's never in stock. I've wasted so much money on crap that I'll never use!
  • Rating
    Review by Matt Reeseon 1/27/2011
    This is my go to juice. Its not too sweet, and not tart or bitter at all. Produces great vapor and a pretty good throat hit. Doesn't taste like a analog at all, but it does kinda have the same after taste as the red and white packs do. I would recommend this for anyone who doesn't want exotic flavors and just wants a great all day smooth vape.
  • Rating
    Great for topping up
    Review by Lindaon 1/4/2011
    Bought small bottle. Used it to top up grape cartomizer. Didn't change the grape flavor at all. Will continue to experiment with this one. Good one.
  • Rating
    0 or low strength?
    Review by Larry Cravenson 12/10/2010
    I just ordered this but was surprised to see that the strength only comes in 0 or low so I ordered the low. Another reviewer mentioned 18. mmmmmm we will see.
  • Rating
    Review by wolfsongon 10/3/2010
    Imagine when you first open a brand new pack of cigaretts. You remove the foil
    and get a whiff of that fresh tobacco aroma...That's what this tastes like to me.
    Mild to medium flavor strength. I can vape all day with no heavy aftertaste. The flavor & throat hit increase as you increase mg strength. Clouds of vapor. I use 18mg for breaks at work and 11mg for my down time.

    The flavor of the liquid stays true to the flavor of the cartomizers. It is a
    great liquid to add to other flavors when they are too strong. It will dilute the
    strength of a the flavor without changing the original taste.

  • Rating
    Medium tobacco with a tiny hint of mint-thol
    Review by Altmedon 7/31/2010
    Great flavored, smooth, but with just a little bite. Menthol is barely there, but adds to the flavor. I was surprised that I liked it with anything menthol even hinted on it... I love it!

    I'm not a menthol person at all, but I love this flavor. Great to have if getting those tobacco smoke cravings.

    This is 2nd, yet essential to my collection of tobacco flavors. Hilton is my tobacco smoothie 1st choice for every day... this is my 2nd every day... will likely vape both of them alternately.
  • Rating
    Good all around!
    Review by Jim Caseyon 7/8/2010
    Got a couple of 36mg Bottles of this, Good stuff. Can't really describe the taste, but its a good all around vape, good throat hit and vapor. Not sure it's the best tobacco flavor, but its a good daily vape.
  • Rating
    Good Stuff
    Review by Eric Murphyon 6/29/2010
    Solid, rich taste and I love it. I vaped on this 24/7 until I ran the last drop from the bottle. Not quite the same as an analog, but it's not too sweet and resembles one nicely.
  • Rating
    Carto's taste better
    Review by Eric Gliddenon 5/5/2010
    I am new to this, so I may be doing it wrong. I have followed the vid on this site about refilling. I have premium cartos which I refill with 10-15 drops. Tastes great the first few hits. After that the taste fades quickly but still smokes but doesn't burn the filler. I like this flavor in the carto's. I bought blanks and will try to fill those.
  • Rating
    As Close As It Gets To Real Marb Reds
    Review by Arthur Fudgeon 4/22/2010
    I really cant imagine them doing a better job. When you take this flavor in for the first feel times, you might say to yourself "its not the same" and your right. Its not the same, but they get pretty damn close. The smokey dark texture and the deep throat hit remind me of my Marine Corps day.

    I promise by choosing this flavor you will be rewarded with the satisfaction of a familiar taste if you like Marb cigarettes.
  • Rating
    Review by Chadon 3/22/2010
    Sweet and smoky with a nice throat hit. Perfect all day long.
  • Rating
    The one to help you quit!
    Review by Charleson 2/28/2010
    I was a camel light smoker for the past 20 years and this flavor was the one that I used to switch. Still my every day flavor and several friends who smoked both camel and Marlboro enjoy this one too.
  • Rating
    Review by Christian Dickensonon 2/7/2010
    Pretty close in taste to a Marlboro, it satisfies your craving
  • Rating
    Strong and sweet
    Review by Daveon 12/6/2009
    Not as sweet as the Kamel carts, but very tasty nonetheless. Very close to Winston or American Spirit in taste. Got these in my starter kit, and very happy with it.