Vanilla Mocha Frappe e Liquid Bold (Premium) (30 mL)

Silky chocolate paired with a splash of vanilla gives this coffee vaping flavor a gourmet blended taste.
Enjoy the smooth, roasted coffee flavor blended with the richness of creamy mocha and vanilla. V4L Premium Vanilla Mocha Frappe Nobacco Juice lets you enjoy the flavors of one of today's most delicious gourmet coffee blends while you relax in clouds of vapor.

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    My New Favorite All-Day Vape
    Review by Moontiger on 5/31/2014
    Taste is so very personal and subjective, but I'm glad I tried this one. I've been vaping for almost 5 years, so I've tried lots of vendors and lots of flavors and even made my own DIY juice (got tired of that).

    I've vaped 2 bottles of this and I've just reordered it again today. I love, love, love this flavor! It has a great throat hit, tons of vapor and the flavor is just delicious. To me the taste is that of a rich, creamy, bold coffee. The vanilla and mocha are not overpowering, and you can actually taste the coffee.

    I'm vaping on a V4L Zeus battery and smileomizer (small 3.5ml). This flavor is perfect for that set-up -- some ejuices have tasted somewhat burned on higher voltages, but this one is just perfect.

    Note: I also tried the Classic Caramel Mocha, but in my opinion this one is far superior.
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    Wow! Delicious!
    Review by DangerousDan on 3/18/2014
    Was recommended by staff when another coffee flavor was out of stock. Great recommendation! Sweet, rich & mellow. A new fave!
  • Rating
    Love it
    Review by Andy on 1/10/2014
    Ordered it by accident and now I'm glad i did.

    The taste kind of reminds me of the marshmallows from Count Chocula cereal.
  • Rating
    Nice but.....
    Review by Serena F on 1/4/2013
    It's kind of overload. I thought I'd really LOVE this one. But it was too sweet for my tastes. If you're used to those sugary flavored coffees then you'll most likely like this one. I can vape it every now and then. But after awhile it just becomes too much. Does taste like Starbucks though!
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    This is too easy!
    Review by Master Chief on 11/9/2012
    Compared to Classic Caramel Mocha Frappe, this flavor is the better of the two in my opinion. I'm a HUGE fan of vanilla though, so I'm being biased. Oops!
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    Hubby's Favorite!
    Review by Dale Ann on 11/9/2012
    This is his GO TO juice. I don't drink coffee so the flavor isn't for me, but boy does it smell good!
  • Rating
    Great vape
    Review by Sean on 7/9/2011
    This tastes exactly how I was hoping it would xD You know those little french vanilla creamers at the gas station ? That is what this juice tastes like to me ! :D It is not too strong and not too weak, The flavor strength is perfect right in the middle. Solid throat hit too. If you like your coffee flavors this will not be a disapointment :)
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    My Favorite!
    Review by Carol on 5/16/2011
    This is my very favorite flavor and I've tried many of them. Sweet, warm and tasty. I have a top three or four and this is definitely #1!
  • Rating
    LOVE this flavor
    Review by Elizabeth on 4/28/2011
    This is my 'go-to' flavor of choice for vaping, I've got a top 5 but this is definitely #1. The mixture of the sweet vanilla and the earthy coffee makes for a really balanced flavor with great TH (I use 11mg), and it has decent vapor output as well. If you like the carts, you'll like the juice!
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    love this
    Review by charles engen on 4/16/2011
    I love this juice. It has good vapor and throat hit. I had it in a cart first and loved it. The carts were always out of stock plus it gets a little pricey when you can't refill them. I was very glad to see that they were stocking the juice.
    The flavors are mixed nicely, nothing too strong or sweet. A nice coffee drink taste with a good aftertaste.
  • Rating
    Five Stars!
    Review by Carolyn Kiser on 4/14/2011
    This is my favorite Vapor4Life e-cig flavor by far. I am so pleased that I can now buy it in the 30ml bottle. I ordered 3 bottles yesterday! Thanks for making this available V4Life!
  • Rating
    needed my fix...behold the Holy Grail of juice!
    Review by natalie scettini on 3/11/2011
    Amazing taste...I have been addicted to the prefilled carts in Vanilla Mocha Frappe and have been checking everyday to see if they were restocked when I see that while they haven't been,they are offering the juice!Well I have to try so ordered along with some wow blanks and I am back in business. ..Love this flavor which stays true while vaping. With almost no loss of the strong flavor!!!I'm sooo happy! !!
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