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Vanilla Smooth e Liquid (WOW) (30 mL)

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Vanilla Smooth e Liquid (WOW) (30 mL)

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This true, rich complex vanilla produces a smooth vapor flavor that manages to be both sweet and sophisticated.




It's not easy to find a vanilla e-liquid flavor with the true, rich sweetness and complexity of real vanilla, but Vanilla Wow Vapor e Juice has just that along with volumes of vapor! Its an electronic cigarette vapor juice that manages to be both mild and intense, rich and light, just like real vanilla! Our exclusive V4L vapor juice formula is the only electronic cigarette liquid out there that does justice to this classic flavor. View more electronic cigarette vapor juice flavors...

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Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    light on flavor
    Review by Tara-louiseon 7/29/2014
    This one was not the strongest flavor but still nice, is excellent when using it to mix with other flavors. Great all day vape!!
  • Rating
    Love this
    Review by Phyleeon 4/28/2014
    A great full vanilla.
  • Rating
    My favorite Flavor
    Review by pamon 12/12/2013
    would like it more if it were in stock the past few weeks
  • Rating
    my favorite
    Review by Melissaon 3/9/2013
    Best vanilla juice around. It's my ADV!
  • Rating
    MIX IT
    Review by Jonathanon 1/30/2013
    If you mix this with french vanilla ice cream it is the best vapor I've had yet!!! This mix is my all day vape.
  • Rating
    Review by Omenon 12/26/2012
    This is a very nice balance of the flavor, not too subtle and not too sweet. I have tried other brands and this by far is my favorite...I have order 6 bottles so far!
  • Rating
    Makes everything taste better
    Review by Sueon 10/15/2012
    I wasn't sure I would like this, I thought it would be too sweet. I LOVE THIS !!! You can add this to anything and make it even better !! I mix it with coffee and Wowbacco ! ! Can't get enough. I smoked another brand for 3 years, found V4L through a coworker and am now a loyal customer!!
  • Rating
    Review by RedHenon 9/27/2012
    This has a yummy sweet flavor and hits well. I ordered in 18mg, which is possibly too high for me (some harsh throat burn), so I ordered again in 4mg (I plan to mix them and end up with 11mg).
  • Rating
    Review by Autumon 9/4/2012
    I love this vanilla flavor! It is not too sweet it is just right. I also have tried different vanilla flavors and this one is just right for me.
  • Rating
    Just ok
    Review by Dominicon 8/19/2012
    Not bad. I don't get a vanilla taste from this one...but it is a good flavor and smooth vape.
  • Rating
    Review by Vickieon 8/8/2012
    This is better than most other vanilla flavors I've tried; only one other is better. It has a smooth, slightly sweet flavor with a good TH and plenty of vapor. It is not super-sweet. The one I do like better is sweeter.
  • Rating
    The best
    Review by Craigon 7/7/2012
    This is my go to flavor. I've had every variety of vanilla on this site and several from other sites, but this one is bar none the best one. I order 3-5 bottles every time I place an order here.
  • Rating
    Review by Johnny loves E-cig tankson 5/4/2011
    I agree with other reviewers that this would be a great mixer. Just too much to handle alone.

    Very strong throat hit.
  • Rating
    Great Mixer
    Review by Kimon 2/26/2011
    This mixed with just about any fruit flavor is great. I also mix it with some of my tobacco flavors for a little different tase now and then. It is a very thick and dark liquid that is very sweet on its own. I use it with an EGO Tank and don't have any problems with it clogging up my atty.
  • Rating
    Review by E-cig loveron 1/24/2011
    Incredible Vapor!
  • Rating
    LOVE IT!!!!
    Review by Shari B.on 1/18/2011
    I absolutely love this. I am in Vanilla heaven right now! Will def repurchase when I run out. Thanks V4L !!!
  • Rating
    Review by Earl Carmichaelon 1/12/2011
    nice task through hit a little high very dark in color
  • Rating
    Not Vanilla
    Review by Electronic cigarettes zealoton 1/11/2011
    This is not Vanilla. I have tasted Vanilla and know what it tasts like and this isn't it.
  • Rating
    Vaping with vanilla syrup...
    Review by Ronon 9/3/2010
    Sticky, thick, and sweet. Not for me at all and I love vanilla. You can make it work by mixing 1 part vanilla to 3 parts regular (something thin) like Wow-boy juice.
  • Rating
    Best so far
    Review by Joshua Holmgrenon 8/29/2010
    I have sampled about 7 different flavors. So far this is by far the best! I love it. Can't get enough. Plus, the 30ml refills about 30 carts. 12.50 for 30 packs of cigarettes.. THANK YOU V4L!!! :)
  • Rating
    Tastes like Vanilla
    Review by Christopheron 8/22/2010
    Good, but not one of my favorites. I can't figure out why though, I like vanilla. Maybe a tad sweet for an all day vap.
  • Rating
    Very nice
    Review by Thomas Wrighton 8/7/2010
    Dig it. And compared to other companies vanilla e-liquids ... it rocks them all.
    Ok, I've gotta say, still love the flavor, but Vanilla for some reason clogs cartomizers really quickly. Not to fond of that. Clogs lead to burning ... next thing ya know, you've gotta throw the cart out early.
    But still diggin the taste. Thanks.
  • Rating
    Review by Elainaon 7/25/2010
    I really enjoy vaping this juice. The flavor is mild, slightly sweet, and is excellent as a base. The vapor and th are great with the premium carts. I will buy this again...
  • Rating
    Review by John Rolleron 6/6/2010
    Great taste and good throat hit. Tons of vapor