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Our carrying case holds two batteries (Shorty or Regular, not XL) and four cartomizers. However, Vapor Titan/ Original Vapor King Regular Length MANUAL batteries will not fit in case.

The Vapor King Carrying Case gives you an elegant, stylish solution for carrying your e Cigarettes.  The new and improved case uses molded plastic inserts to securely hold two Shorty OR Regular length batteries and four cartomizers! However, the Vapor4Life Carrying Case does not hold Regular Length MANUAL Original Vapor King batteries, or Regular Length MANUAL Vapor Titan batteries. This sturdy little case fits nicely in your pocket or purse.  Please indicate your color choice using the drop down menu. For best results always choose genuine V4L e Cigarette products.  Vapor4Life is not responsible for compatibility issues.   View more electronic cigarette batteries 


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  • Rating
    Shorter than I expected
    Review by Jax on 1/18/2014
    It seems like a good case, but the downside is that I was expecting to be able to hold my ecig in it with a cartridge screwed on. You can't. I even have a short. Oh well, it will work until I can find something better.
  • Rating
    almost perfect
    Review by cory on 6/21/2013
    like others before me have stated it can hold everything you need to make it through a day of all day vaping, only down side i see with it is i think the top part of the case should have a small band to hold your business cards. i rigged mine with a small clip so when ever someone asks where they can get one i just pull a card and go about my day, i carry about 10 cards at a time in the case and have no issues closing or opening it.
  • Rating
    needs to be just a little bit longer
    Review by JimmyK on 3/25/2013
    It's thin enough to fit in my pocket without feeling bulky. I would like this case a little more if it was able to hold a manual battery with its cart attached. It's a shame that V4L only carries two cases and neither are able to do this.
  • Rating
    Review by Nocturnal on 1/3/2013
    These actually look very nice and are well built too! 2 regular manual batteries and 4 carts or 1 drip tip in place of the 4th carto spot fits perfectly.
  • Rating
    The Case
    Review by James Dunlap on 9/12/2011
    The carrying case for the e-smokes is brilliant. it allows me to keep everything completly organized as well as carrying multiple choices of cartomizers. I guess all in all I am very Happy with my choices and purchasss
  • Rating
    King Case
    Review by E-cig buff on 4/10/2011
    I love my case, but when my husband and i went out it was really hard to switch carts.. i wish they made them long enough to hold 4 e cigs with the carts attached to them
  • Rating
    Perfect Unassembled
    Review by TB on 3/9/2011
    This case is a great size and I love that it holds everything tight. The lock on the case is great, doesn't fall open. I do wish I could fit a fully assembled cig but understand that the case would be a lot larger. For its size it's perfect and of a great quality build.
  • Rating
    Perfecting thee almost perfect..
    Review by Ashley H on 9/28/2010
    This case is great, it not only holds 2 batteries and 4 carts, but theres a snug fit and the case size fits IN my pocket pretty well and ladies you know how small our pockets of certain jeans can be!
  • Rating
    Nice but could be better
    Review by Johnny loves E-cig tanks on 9/7/2010
    I like this case. It holds everything in place well and can hold plenty for everyday use. The small size fits really well in your pocket too. My only wish is for a case that retains all of these features but adds just a little length so it would be able to hold a fully assembled VK. Trying to screw on a cartomizer while driving is a bit of a hassle!
  • Rating
    Review by Ashley Stewart on 8/28/2010
    I got mine a few weeks ago, and I love it! I ordered the zebra print. It's fabulous! It holds my batteries securely, and the latch is strong. it doesn't open up in my purse, and the carts stay in place wonderfully. I couldn't be happier. I'll be ordering another one asap.
  • Rating
    Ordered mine in Black
    Review by Steve M. on 8/15/2010
    Even though my PCC is black I still ordered this case in black as well. It's got a slightly different logo which helps me in identifying which case is which. I love this case so far. I plan to mod this case to hold one battery and 8 cartos but as of right now you can still get 2 carts in each battery slot if you don't have 2 extra batteries to hold. I keep this on in the car and put my two favorite flavors in my PCC which stays in my pocket all day! Worth the 10 bucks if you want to keep extra flavors with you and the snap case is sturdy and well made.
  • Rating
    Review by Stephanie Thompson on 7/7/2010
    This case is soooo adorable and works perfectly for my batteries and cartos. I would eventually like to get one in every color!!! lol... I even like the logos on them, as it keeps my items separate from the ones from other companies (yucky plain). Plus I do not mind advertising for this company, as they have the best deals and best customer service!!!
  • Rating
    Goin' Mobile
    Review by Eric Davis on 4/17/2010
    We received our case in our Ultimate kit and we don't leave home without it. It's sturdy and protects our batts and cartos perfectly.
  • Rating
    Review by TDavis on 11/17/2009
    Simple and elegant! They got it right with this one for sure. It's a nice solid case that securely locks closed. It holds two batteries, two cartomizers, and looks really sharp!
  • Rating
    Review by Troy on 11/1/2009
    Solid case, the one in silver is very nice looking in person.
  • Rating
    It's a case
    Review by Symmetric on 10/10/2009
    The case will hold 2 batteries and 2-3 cartomizers, keeping your Vapor King safe from the elements!