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Vapor Titan Auto Battery

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Vapor Titan Auto Battery

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Vapor Titan Regular Length Soft Touch Diamond Series Auto Battery




The Vapor Titan is our finest e Cigarette yet. They provide the best vapor on the market. The Soft Touch finish makes the Vapor Titan extremely comfortable to hold in your hand, and the automatic batteries are sealed to prevent damage from overfilled cartomizers.

200 - 420mAh*
4.2 - 3.7 volts*
Nominal Voltage:
3.97 volts
280-450 (4 second puff)
Puffing Time:
2 - 6 hours*
66mm - 113mm*
Charge Time:
2 - 4 hours*

*Capacity: The Vapor Titan electronic cigarette batteries come in three sizes: Short: 200mAh, Regular: 300mAh, XL: 400mAh for Auto.


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Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Good Beginner
    Review by Chrison 8/30/2014
    Good to start off with but you'll soon move up to a vap-hog lol of a battery
  • Rating
    excellent first battery
    Review by Julie gon 7/12/2014
    I got this battery in my first starter kit. I liked that it was automatic and most closely simulated smoking an analog. With this bat I learned how to refill my own cargos and eventually moved on to tanks. Decent vaper production. Still great back up if I let my DAV die.
  • Rating
    Long lasting
    Review by Pon 4/28/2014
    Although I found pulling a Vape in harder at 1st with this battery I love it now. It worth the extra few bucks for the longer battery time. Although I've found I prefer the ash cap or stealth to diamond.
  • Rating
    Great Product!
    Review by Nikkion 12/31/2013
    I love the soft feel of this battery. I purchased 2 of the Titan Diamond XL manuals in black. It is a great look for the ladies. This battery provides a great pull and lasts a long time. That being said, I don’t see much of a difference from my new Vapor King Diamond XL manual, just the soft touch finish.
    My one complaint with all of the batteries is that the finish starts to chip away after a month or so of use. My older batteries look rather sad. However, this is not an exclusive problem to V4L. I have purchased batteries from other companies, at a much higher price, and their finishes also chipped away.
    For the price and high quality, I am going to stick to the V4L products.
  • Rating
    The Gold Standard
    Review by Drannyon 11/3/2013
    Since I don't want to look like Tony Soprano with a stogie, I prefer these to the current trend in giant fatties. These are great with tanks and hold a charge well, delivering a good strong draw. Their only quirk is that there seems to be a difference in longevity depending on which colors are ordered. I have a couple of older ones that work way better than some of the newer ones I've purchased in different colors. Overall a good bat with a nice feel and worth a couple of extra bucks for their dependability.
  • Rating
    great battery
    Review by Jenon 9/14/2013
    I have tried many ecigs and this one is fabulous. I have been able to use this battery for almost a day and half without charging. I was desperately trying to quit cigarettes and v4l helped me accomplish my goal. Thanks for making a great product.
  • Rating
    Vapor Titan
    Review by Ecigaudit.comon 9/13/2013
    We have tried many different brands of electronic cigarettes and we must say that Vapor4Life’s Vapor Titan unit provides a big burst of smoke and nicotine that will make your cravings for other cigarettes history.
  • Rating
    Great Performance
    Review by Brittanyon 8/27/2013
    I ordered this in standard and a diamond XL starter kit simultaneously. I prefer the Titan. It has an easier draw and the soft touch feature helps to keep it from slipping from my fingers. It might just be me and my own vaping style, but my standard Titan lasts about as long as my Diamond XL. Perhaps it's because of the easier draw? I don't have to puff on my Titan as often or with as much force.
  • Rating
    Nice, but excessively NOISY!!!
    Review by Timon 3/20/2013
    Great looking battery. Draw is as loose as it gets and needs a silencer. I can be heard across the table when vaping. A couple of tweaks in the manufacturing of this battery and it would be unbeatable. (Note to Steve: Need a version 2.)
  • Rating
    Great battery!
    Review by Luison 3/6/2013
    I got a regular sized one and it gave me good amounts vapor. I love the smooth velvet feel, very classy. The battery length for me lasts almost all day with one charge every night. I recommend this battery one for anyone!
  • Rating
    Very handy!
    Review by 9 Toeson 11/9/2012
    I work with my hands a lot. This batt sits comfortably as if it was a real cigarette. I got a white one with a red light so I can use it in public without worrying too much about getting weird looks.
  • Rating
    Great batt
    Review by Master Chiefon 11/5/2012
    This one carries it's weight! It's always nice to have a spare stick batt around.
  • Rating
    Review by Mr. Catch the Vaporon 11/1/2012
    The automatic titans work very well with the tanks. Then again thats all I really use now a days but they give the best hit for an automatic I have had in a while. A great working battery that last a good amount of time as well.
  • Rating
    This is true quality
    Review by Mac Vaporon 9/29/2012
    I don't know what some of the other reviewers are talking about. These batteries give off PLUMS of vapor and are certainly the best traditional style cigarette batteries out there. They're elegant and vastly more powerful than the competition. V4L has nailed it with these. They do use a lot of power though, so if you're a heavy vaper, one may not last you through the entire day. So buy two!!! They're a great investment that you'll cherish, and with V4Ls constant sales, you can always get them at an astounding price.
  • Rating
    Mixed feelings
    Review by Powdered_Donutson 9/4/2012
    Where to start.. This battery was my first. It does not look or feel cheap in any way and i have enjoyed it very much.
    However, i recommend steering clear of the automatic batteries. You have to draw very long and hard to get the desired vapor. They dont seem to last me the 3-5 hours they promised and take a long time to charge. If you go with this battery order at least 2 of the manual batteries or you will find yourself waiting for a charge more often than not.
  • Rating
    The TITAN of e-cigs!
    Review by Matteoon 8/23/2012
    I just received my two new Titan batteries today and I have to say, my expectations for them were underrated. They more than surpassed what I thought they would be. Just pulling them from their envelope, I could tell, this was a quality product. They are beautiful in their design. I bought the cigar and sapphire colors, with their smooth velvet touch, and the colors that just shimmer in your hand. Not even charging them first, I screwed on a WOW cartomizer and was blown away by the shear volume of vapor they produced. These babies are powerful! I've been collecting kr808 batteries from various places for a while, but never have I been so impressed by the beauty and craftsmanship of an e-cigarette before. This is where form meets function. Not only do they work so excellently well, but they're a true sight to behold. 5 stars, indeed. These will be a treasure to any real vapor-lover!
  • Rating
    Nice feel, Less Charge
    Review by R.B.on 8/2/2012
    We ordered 2 of these recently. In comparison to the diamond autos, the charge really doesn't seem to last as long. Both my wife and I noticed this within the first couple days. Otherwise, it works very well.
  • Rating
    An OOPS that turned out great!
    Review by Mandaon 7/10/2012
    My original order was for manual batters, but I ended up getting automatic batteries. It was a sign! I love these batteries. The battery life on them is great. I vape a few times every hour and a charge lasts me about a day or longer. I got the short size, which fits perfectly in my hand with a cartomizer, so its very discreet! LOVE EM!
  • Rating
    Titan is now my favorite
    Review by Elise Hon 7/5/2012
    I have purchased many batteries (both V4L & V2), & until I tried the titan, V2 had the better battery. However, I purchased 2 Titans and they are now my favs!!! I recently gave one to a friend in an effort to get him to give up tobacco cigs and use the e-cigs exclusively. He hasn't made the complete transition to e-cigs, but he has been using it more frequently and maybe one day he will give up the nasty the tobacco cigs to the pleasant e-cigs. I have been tobacco free for 8 months and I don't plan on ever going back to tobacco.

    The reason I didn't give the Titan a 5 start rating is because the coating they use on the Titan started to peel off and I'm afraid the color coating may get scratched off as well and it won't look as nice. However, based on functionality, the Titan beats all other e-cigs hands down!!!
  • Rating
    The Best of all the rest!
    Review by Julie N.on 7/4/2012
    Never have I had a battery that responded as good as the Titan.
    It works on all my carts and the touch of the Titan feels AWESOME.
    Love the purples, pinks and reds.
  • Rating
    Performs exactly as advertised
    Review by Kananson 6/25/2012
    These Titan auto batteries are great. I have had mine for 2 months now and it still works awesome! My autos in the past would always get juice in them and stop working after a few weeks if I wasn't careful. Well it appears whatever they did to these Titans to seal them up has worked flawlessly. I try to keep it clean but sometimes juice gets in there until I can clean it out. The auto switch still works perfect and lights up on every drag. These batteries are worth the extra money and their quality really is much higher than the standards. Highly recommend, thanks for making it so easy V4L!
  • Rating
    The Best E-cig by far (not to be compared to the EGO)
    Review by Skyleron 6/7/2012
    If your looking to buy a battery from V4L and you think the Vapor King (VK) is cheaper, so why not? I can only tell you this, the Vapor Titan (VT) is remarkably better in almost every field. Why? I have personally used my for about 3 weeks and it has surpassed my VK in all the fields I will mention except two.

    1. The one thing I hated about my VK, was that it's color would be destroyed in pocket wear and tear and leave you with a spotted silver battery. This is something that the VT does a lot less, because of the new skin applied to the battery to make it more durable and a lot nicer.

    2. Grip - I would use my VK a lot during game play and it would tend to slip out of my fingers or from behind my ear a lot easier while holding a controller. Because of the VT's new skin this is diminished greatly.

    3. The style of the textured skin wraps, actually provides a much greater look in the aesthetics field of the VT, versus the VK. I personally use a Cigar skin with Gold wrapped Blank Cool Carts (I fill and save so much money) and I love it because it looks like I am smoking a high end filtered cigarillo.

    4. This is a Pro as well as a Con. The VT, unlike the VK, only comes with two choice tips, the Diamond, or the Stealth which both look stunning and elegant. But if your like me, from time to time you enjoy the ember looking standard head, then this will be a slight let down; Also I believe that the price on the VT, is higher versus the VK, because they don't offer the standard tip and so you pay more for the designer tips!

    5. The last difference is a Con. The one thing I loved about my VK, is that my charger was a USB charger, that I could use on my Computer or PS3 very easily. For the time being the VT's recommended charger is the Slim, for those of you that don't know the Slim, it's a new battery designed for a better charge on the VT and the EGO batteries. The downside is the Slim charger of current does not come as a USB charger, instead it is simply a short stubby wall plug, that unless its plugged down into a surge protector (standing upward), it's sticking out from the wall and can potentially be bent, if accidentally collided with! I hope they come out with a version of the Slim battery for USB, because it is my choice form of charger.

    All around in my opinion though, the Vapor Titan battery is worth the extra money, versus the Vapor King! By preference I use Automatic batteries for easy vaping while doing activities on my PS3, computer, driving, etc. I am a Vaper For Life, thanks V4L!!