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Vapor Titan Manual Battery

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Vapor Titan Manual Battery

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Vapor Titan Regular Length Soft Touch Diamond Series Manual Battery




The Vapor Titan is our finest e Cigarette yet. They provide the best vapor on the market. The Soft Touch finish makes the Vapor Titan extremely comfortable to hold in your hand, and the automatic batteries are sealed to prevent damage from overfilled cartomizers.

200 - 420mAh*
4.2 - 3.7 volts*
Nominal Voltage:
3.97 volts
280-450 (4 second puff)
Puffing Time:
2 - 6 hours*
66mm - 113mm*
Charge Time:
2 - 4 hours*

*Capacity: The Vapor Titan electronic cigarette batteries come in three sizes: Short: 200mAh, Regular: 300mAh, XL: 400mAh for Auto.


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Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    best ever
    Review by taraon 9/3/2014
    Ive done a review on this product already but I.bought a few more batteries longer ones and oh man I wanna say this the longer the battery the stronger the vapor love v4l best brand of.e cig on the market... hands down.
  • Rating
    Great Battery!
    Review by Yvonne14720on 5/29/2014
    Truly one of the best, most reliable batteries I've tried. I use them exclusively now.
  • Rating
    very nice
    Review by taraon 12/24/2013
    I bought the stealth red camo regular length and i love it its beautiful andits very powerful heats up my cartomizers very quickly
  • Rating
    Review by carlon 12/18/2013
    I wish this could come in flat steel for the case
  • Rating
    Rockin' Action
    Review by Chucky La Vapeguyon 11/2/2013
    The manual is clearly the right path to go. I have been through a couple in the passed year. Super durable, soft to the touch and it pleases my senses. Worth it to pick one of these bad boys up.
  • Rating
    Vapor Titan Soft Touch Manual
    Review by Rhondaon 9/16/2013
    I love these. Everyone I've bought still works but 1. I dropped it on the kitchen floor. It still ran all night before it died. I have only had 5 batteries die on me since I started vaping 3 1/2 years ago. V4life products are awesome.
  • Rating
    Great batteries
    Review by Kimberlyon 8/24/2013
    I got a number of these and some are over a year old. I use them everyday and charge them once per day. The older ones don't last as long, but still give a good vape for a while.
  • Rating
    Review by Annon 8/24/2013
    I agree with practically everyone else, these batteries are the best and worth the extra cost.
  • Rating
    Nothing beats these batteries!!
    Review by Colleenon 6/2/2013
    I've been using your batteries for quite some time. I thought I'd try out a competitor's brand because they had a huge sale. Let me just say to everyone - STICK WITH V4L!!!!!

    Those batteries were awful! Barely any throat hit or vapor. I just ordered 3 more XL Titans and I'll never switch again.

    PS - I already lost one of the "other brand" and I really don't even care! :)
  • Rating
    Titan e Cigs
    Review by Lenetteon 5/6/2013
    I like the extra long batteries
  • Rating
    Review by jim e. rustleron 3/22/2013
    first e-cig i've ever bought and i'm really pleased. cigar color plus a black cart makes it look classy. should of gone with the short length though.
  • Rating
    Awesome first E cig
    Review by Custo481on 3/4/2013
    This is my first Ecig and it's awesome first choice for a beginner looking to make their own juices. definitely need 2 or 3 of these laying around.

    Some guy wanted mine but I only bought one.
  • Rating
    Go manual forget about the auto
    Review by SSG Gon 2/25/2013
    I know this is being redundant but go for the manual you wont have to do take a couple of tiny drags to get the good one like how you have to do with the autos sometimes, you get a great hit every time. If your like me and you have to do a lot of research before you buy into something feel free to stop your search now and pull the trigger on this one.
  • Rating
    Excellent Battery
    Review by Janon 2/23/2013
    I've tried other companies batteries in the past. V4L batteries have been the best I've used. Smooth, good battery life and performance. Great colors and excellent customer service! V4L is the only company I use for EVERYTHING needed to vape!
  • Rating
    Review by Catherine Engelkeon 2/13/2013
    Simply love this battery. Long lasting, soft touch. Got a lavender one and use it all the time. My next battery will be the stealth. Absolutely love all the the products from Vapor4life as well as their customer service.....:O)
  • Rating
    V4L Forever!
    Review by Omenon 12/26/2012
    These batteries are unbelievable, I use my shorty's when i go out and my XL's at home! I don't use my regulars that I started off with anymore. I think I just need a few stealth's to add to my collection.
  • Rating
    Awesome look
    Review by Simonon 12/14/2012
    I got a manual Black camo with yellow.. Looks really really cool actually..
  • Rating
    Titans are the best
    Review by Tmanon 11/20/2012
    I am a chain vaporer and I own 5, 3 regular XL manuals and 2 XL Manual Stealths. Love all 5, last longer on battery life and just life in general on the battery. There isn't anyting bad at the moment I can say about this Bat. Great throat hit especially with the 3ml tanks and right juice.
  • Rating
    Review by Mr. Catch the Vaporon 11/1/2012
    Im a vet when it comes to using the product and manuals are the way to go by far. No questions asked now you pull out a titan and tank(twinset) and you got some good vaping coming along.
  • Rating
    love the xl manual VT soft touch
    Review by Grannyvaperon 11/1/2012
    I have ordered several of the xl manual VT soft touch batteries. The battery life is great and I love it with a tank. I have loaned them out to friends until they can place their own orders, but I miss them while waiting to get them back, lol.
    The finish has an awesome feel to it and doesn't slip out of your hand. The colors are wonderful. I am really into bright colors!!
    WTG V4L!
  • Rating
    V4L is knows what they're doing
    Review by Matteoon 8/26/2012
    I could never say I could be more satisfied with any of the orders I've received from Vapor4Life. From their e-liquids to their batteries, V4L knows what they're doing. I just received my sapphire manual diamond series battery and it's fantastic. It's not only powerful, giving plums of vapor with every hit of the switch, but it's also beautiful, with its silky touch and shimmering color. They've broken the monotony of white and black shiny batterie and really given us something that's memorable and satisfying. V4L has a treasure here for any serious vaper. This is where form meets function. The titan batteries are a true winner for me, hands down!
  • Rating
    Review by Mindyon 8/1/2012
  • Rating
    My new favorite battery
    Review by Kananson 6/25/2012
    I really like the unique texture of this battery. Its soft yet firm and gives you a good grip. I have had it for 2 months and it is still going strong. The button still works like it did when it was new. I recommend the XL size, you get amazing battery life, and you quickly get used to it being a little longer. The quality of the Titan series is really quite a bit better than the standard batteries. I think these will last a lot longer.
  • Rating
    Review by Janeon 6/19/2012
    I love the life of the Vapor Titan Batteries. It lasts an entire workday (though I bring along a spare, just in case)!
  • Rating
    Best battery in the V4L line
    Review by NJD316on 6/19/2012
    I have used this battery for 4 months and highly recommend. It charges fast and I can go 24 hours using 2 Tital XL batteries. I like the manual much better than the auto just because of the seal factor in case of leakage. It is well worth the few extra dollars to get a Titan.
  • Rating
    The Best E-cig by far (not to be compared to the EGO)
    Review by Skyleron 6/7/2012
    If your looking to buy a battery from V4L and you think the Vapor King (VK) is cheaper, so why not? I can only tell you this, the Vapor Titan (VT) is remarkably better in almost every field. Why? I have personally used my for about 3 weeks and it has surpassed my VK in all the fields I will mention except two.

    1. The one thing I hated about my VK, was that it's color would be destroyed in pocket wear and tear and leave you with a spotted silver battery. This is something that the VT does a lot less, because of the new skin applied to the battery to make it more durable and a lot nicer.

    2. Grip - I would use my VK a lot during game play and it would tend to slip out of my fingers or from behind my ear a lot easier while holding a controller. Because of the VT's new skin this is diminished greatly.

    3. The style of the textured skin wraps, actually provides a much greater look in the aesthetics field of the VT, versus the VK. I personally use a Cigar skin with Gold wrapped Blank Cool Carts (I fill and save so much money) and I love it because it looks like I am smoking a high end filtered cigarillo.

    4. This is a Pro as well as a Con. The VT, unlike the VK, only comes with two choice tips, the Diamond, or the Stealth which both look stunning and elegant. But if your like me, from time to time you enjoy the ember looking standard head, then this will be a slight let down; Also I believe that the price on the VT, is higher versus the VK, because they don't offer the standard tip and so you pay more for the designer tips!

    5. The last difference is a Con. The one thing I loved about my VK, is that my charger was a USB charger, that I could use on my Computer or PS3 very easily. For the time being the VT's recommended charger is the Slim, for those of you that don't know the Slim, it's a new battery designed for a better charge on the VT and the EGO batteries. The downside is the Slim charger of current does not come as a USB charger, instead it is simply a short stubby wall plug, that unless its plugged down into a surge protector (standing upward), it's sticking out from the wall and can potentially be bent, if accidentally collided with! I hope they come out with a version of the Slim battery for USB, because it is my choice form of charger.

    All around in my opinion though, the Vapor Titan battery is worth the extra money, versus the Vapor King! By preference I use Automatic batteries for easy vaping while doing activities on my PS3, computer, driving, etc. However, the Manuals tend to hit a lot nicer and require less priming! I am a Vaper For Life, thanks V4L!!