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VG Cafe Mocha Smooth e Liquid (WOW) (30 mL)

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VG Cafe Mocha Smooth e Liquid (WOW) (30 mL)

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A delicious blend of warm espresso topped with bittersweet chocolate make this rich vaping e Liquid a decadent choice among coffee lovers.




The rich, delightful taste of creamy cafe mocha flavor in a sinfully delicious vapor juice. VG Cafe Mocha Wow Vapor Juice makes for a wonderful vape morning, noon and night! Our VG e-liquid formulas are vegetable glycerin based. They do not contain any propylene glycol (PG)—the base used in our standard electronic cigarette liquids. Although allergy and sensitivity to propylene glycol are rare, we offer VG e Cigarette refill liquids and prefilled electronic cigarette cartomizers for those who are sensitive or allergic to PG. View more delicious electronic cigarette liquids...


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Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    it is a good flavor
    Review by Kathrynon 12/30/2012
    I like it great flavor
  • Rating
    The Vegetable base is best
    Review by PinkyPrintson 12/13/2012
    I have tired several flavors and different types. The VG (vegetable based) is the best choice. Read Read Read the label. The others always gave me a throat hit that would make me cough and caused me difficulty enjoying it no matter what the flavor was. I did some research and decided to try the VG juice and found that I can now enjoy the throat hit and the flavor without coughing my head off. It even helps to keep my throat moist. I feel that I can now vape and really enjoy it. I just wish there were more flavors available in the VG line.
  • Rating
    One of my favorites
    Review by Joshuaon 12/9/2012
    The throat his on this is amazing and it really satisfies my nick cravings more than most. I'm not sure if that's because it's the only VG I've ever tried. It seems like VG doesn't absorb into the cartomizer as much as PG, but anyway....

    I only had a hint of sweetness, definitely not a lot as another reviewer said and I do not like sweet vapor and am very sensitive to it I feel like. I wonder if they always make these the same?
  • Rating
    Review by gardenbabyon 9/12/2012
    This is a great flavor, it is strong but smooth. Many flavors are so light it's like vaping air. 100% satisfaction with this one!
  • Rating
    Review by Janon 8/21/2012
    This is a thick consistency liquid. Dry, and I don't get that pop and crackle sound as with others. I assume it's due to being VG. Great taste though, I love the taste. Just like a great cup of coffee at the coffeehouse.
  • Rating
    Simply the best!
    Review by Jdron 8/18/2012
    Love love love this flavor! Perfect! Just like a coffeehouse drink! Amazing!
  • Rating
    Too sweet!
    Review by Joshon 7/5/2012
    They really hit the nail on the head with this flavor! It tastes just like a caramel mocha frappe! The caramel, the chocolate, and the coffee... it's all there! What's lacking though, is the bitter undertones of the coffee flavor which, for me, balance out the sweetness of the real drink. I can only take this in small doses. But it makes for an excellent "dessert" vape.
  • Rating
    Review by Budon 6/14/2012
    I agree with DJ, Good flavor & vapor.!
  • It's in the name
    Review by DJon 6/10/2012
    WOW, is correct..! This is a great flavor & the vapor is perfect.
  • Rating
    So good!
    Review by Michelleon 4/28/2011
    I'm new to vaping and have a lot of flavors to try...but I know this will be one of my favorites. Yum-Oh!
  • Rating
    I'm Lovin it!!
    Review by Banjomanon 4/8/2011
    I'm finding out that VG juice is a better vape than PG juice. It has more vapor, hits smoother although if you really take a long pull it will choke you. It's the closest to the real thing(analogs) that I've tried. This Cafe Mocha is EXCELLENT!! I'm not sure what it tastes like but it tastes GOOD! Lightly sweet with a hint of caramel. This is HIGH Quality eJuice. I would like to see more VG eJuice from V4L. I'll be ordering more, would recommend this ejuice to anyone looking for a very nice change. Enjoy! Thanks again V4L!!
  • Rating
    Awesome Vape
    Review by Slick Tomon 3/26/2011
    This flavor is awesome, and the vapor is incredible! I am ordering more to keep at work.
  • Rating
    Good but a little to sweet for my taste
    Review by Crystallon 3/2/2011
    It taste like a Mocha after the whipped cream has melted into it. It is very nice but just a little to sweet for me to smoke all of the time. Its a special treat.
  • Rating
    HOOK ME UP TO AN I.V.!!!
    Review by skelekimon 2/27/2011
    I love this flavor. absolutely LOVE it. Its smooth, creamy, sweet, and hits all in the right places. It had me at inhale.