Triple Nickel Smooth e Cig Cartridges (WOW)

European tobacco mixed with freshly harvested hazelnut and cured tobacco flavors form this delicious vaping e Liquid.

This sensory-pleasing electronic cigarette cartomizer includes our distinctive Triple Nickel e-liquid flavor blend. While your taste buds savor the complex harmony of sweet, cured tobacco and freshly harvested hazelnut, your worries will drift away with the voluminous clouds of relaxing cartomizer vapor.


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    Full body without being overbearing
    Review by Jimmy on 12/24/2013
    An avid smoker of American Spirit Virginia blend filter-less for many years; I knew it would be difficult to match the full richness. The 555 24mg comes very close. Though it lacks the subtle sweet undertones of the American Spirit, it is full body with very subtle sweet nut after taste.
  • Rating
    Review by Eh on 8/16/2013
    I chose the 555 flavor for my first carts. It tastes kind of like butterfinger candy. I don't personally like it, so Ill be trying a different kind. Not much of a nutty/buttery flavor kind of person
  • Rating
    Review by Brad on 10/25/2012
    Now this is what vaping should be. First 555 I have tried. Great nutty tasre. Great vape.
  • Rating
    Smooth Tabacco Leaf Taste
    Review by Stone704 on 10/6/2012
    I really enjoyed this flavor. It's smooth, but full of flavor. I've only tried the WOW 555 24mg and the CoolCarts Traditional Tabacco 36mg. I recommend this flavor to anyone trying an e-cig for the first time and use to smoke a smooth flavored cigarette like Marlboro Lights or L&M Blues.
  • Rating
    Absolutely The Best!!!
    Review by Flowerlady on 10/4/2012
    Has a smooth favor! Closest thing to a cigarette, in my honest opinion.
  • Rating
    My new favorite
    Review by Stonewallj35 on 7/31/2011
    Love this cart. Vape 36mg and use the carts then add juice plus add a little 36mg vanilla. Great nutty tobacco flavor. Great throat hit and vapor. Every box has been perfect... no dudes. Also vape wowboy, rassberry, vanilla, cafe mocha, and wowbacco...all wow 36.
  • Rating
    Review by E-cig buff on 6/12/2011
    I haven't tried all the tobacco flavors but so far this 555 is one of my top 2. I give it 5 stars on taste, vapor & throat hit (@ 8mg.)
    Edited: I've been receiving carts that are individually wrapped and am very disappointed in them so far, they have hardly any flavor and a lot less vapor.
    They are also harsh on the throat and make me cough. I might have to try the Premium 555 and switch to them.
  • Rating
    I like it
    Review by Electronic cigarettes zealot on 5/25/2011
    Has a very strong almond extract kind of smell. Flavor is good, very nutty, but a little overwhelming for all day use
  • Rating
    Best V4L Cart
    Review by Scott Knight on 4/30/2011
    Got this one as a freebie, Excellent flavor , slightly sweet and nutty taste, produces TONS OF VAPOR ! The throat hit is intense and takes some adjusting too. This will be my regular go to cart. GET IT !!!!
  • Rating
    Oh My God
    Review by BernieTheMac on 4/5/2011
    I got this as a sample. I have been a menthol smoker for 35 years. Not anymore. These are the best. A lot of people say it has a nutty flavor. I say it tastes like buttery Hazelnut. I imediately ordered more carts and juice. Out of 10 flavors i have tried ,this is number 1. My sample was 8mg. Super Vapor,Super Taste and Medium throat hit. YUMMY is the best way to describe it. Now i no why they call it WOW 555 . 5 Stars Vapor, 5 Stars Flavor and 5 Stars Yummy
  • Rating
    Best cart so far!
    Review by Patrick on 4/1/2011
    I'm new to vaping and have been trying a few tobacco brands and strengths to find my signature cart. This one has got to be my favourite so far. Good throat hit and vapor. Would recommend to everyone.
  • Rating
    Review by Electronic cigarettes zealot on 3/2/2011
    I found the vape that made me switch from analogs. Great vapor and throat hit. Love the nutty taste, but not sweet.
  • Rating
    Wow 555 cartomizers
    Review by Carto buff on 2/15/2011
    Please, please bring back higher strength wow 555 cartomizers. They are by far my favorite!
  • Rating
    Review by Erin on 2/12/2011
    These are my absolute favorites! Please bring back the 24 and 36mg!!
  • Rating
    WOW 555 Cartomizers
    Review by E-cig devotee on 2/4/2011
    These are my favorite by far of all the other flavors I've tried. I love the nutty flavor with just a hint of sweetness. They are much better than the WOW 555 VG cartomizers, which have very little flavor.
  • Rating
    My favorite so far
    Review by Nathan Torosian on 1/3/2011
    And as testament, they are out of the higher mg doses at the moment. Highly recommended!
  • Rating
    Not too shabby
    Review by Ricky on 12/23/2010
    I got one of these as a free sample with my last order. Its a unique taste, kind of nutty with a sweet almost vanilla aftertaste. I enjoyed it.
  • Rating
    BIG let down!
    Review by Paul on 12/2/2010
    Wow so I love the 555 flavor don't get me wrong, but the 555 in WoW Vapor is definitely NOT the same. The flavor is different, it lacks that slightly sweet finish that the premium 555 has and it also lacks the throat hit. It tastes really airy with a stale cig and hazlenut undertone. Only good thing i can say is that the vapor production was great. For all you premium 555 lovers, I'm betting these will disappoint you. Hope the review helps!
  • Rating
    very nutty
    Review by E-cig fan on 11/19/2010
    Not bad, but not tobacco-esque. I would say hazlenut-ish.
  • Rating
    Review by Bry-rye bread on 11/19/2010
    Great throat hit and vapor. Very good taste! I urge anyone to try this:)
  • Rating
    Review by Carto buff on 10/31/2010
    Really like this flavor ... the nutting undertones are awesome.
  • Rating
    Review by mark on 9/6/2010
    This stuff is SO GOOD this has moved to the top of my list. I tried the 555 Premium carts and really liked them but very light on the throat hit & vapor. NOT ANYMORE. You have to try these if you haven't. You're in for a real treat. WELL DONE V4L!!!
  • Rating
    VERY nice vape!
    Review by Ken Saint John on 8/5/2010
    This is a nice vape! Great taste, hit and vape production. To me it has a good honest tobacco flavor with what I can best describe a mild nutty after taste. I love it.
  • Rating
    Review by The Android on 8/5/2010
    555 is flippin fantastic! I love my premium Hilton flavor, but WoW 555 has taken the lead by far. On a scale of 1-5.....I give it a 10. I just ordered more cartos and a 30ml of ejuice. It has bit less of a sweet taste than other 555's and it makes me d@mn happy.

    Thanx V4L!!!!
  • Rating
    Best yet!
    Review by Louis on 8/3/2010
    I am relatively new to eCigs so I have been trying various flavors to see what I like.. In my last order I got some WOW 555... This is amazing!! My new fav! I almost don't want to vape anything else.. Can't wait to order more WOW flavors!
  • Rating
    Review by Brian on 8/1/2010
    After trying and enjoying the premium version of 555, I was excited to get my hands on more, and you've massively improved upon the original with this Wow version.

    It hits me as having a very nutty aftertaste, specifically a bit like cashews. This could definitely be an all-day vape - will definitely find a place in my regular rotation! EXCELLENT!
  • Rating
    Nice Flavor
    Review by Jim Casey on 7/30/2010
    I really like the Tobacco flavor of the 555. Now that it is in WOW vapor, I really like it. Good flavor, good throat hit and nice vapor. Can't ask for much better.
  • Rating
    My favorite regular cartomizer
    Review by Derree Brooks on 3/18/2010
    Excluding the premiums, this is by far the best overall cartomizer.
  • Rating
    #1 Favorite Flavor - former menthol smoker
    Review by Deb on 2/27/2010
    I got one of these carts as a sample and fell in love with it!!

    Flavor of the 555 CARTOS is nutty and slightly sweet. The throat hit is smooth. If I could afford to not refill I would love to LIVE on these alone.

    Problem with 555 JUICE is it doesn't taste as perfect or smooth as a fresh/new 555 carto. It is harsher and not as sweet. I don't "clean" these cartos or even blow them out until the original carto flavor is really gone. I put some vanilla or butterscotch and plain VG to cut the harshness of the juice, and I still really enjoy the taste.

  • Rating
    Review by Mary Carroll on 1/19/2010
    I am a BRAND NEW vaper and recieved. I tried it and I like it so much I am going to order some now.
  • Rating
    Smooth Vape!
    Review by Diana on 1/7/2010
    Got this as a bonus with my order and glad I did! Nice Smooth vape, not harsh, with a slight nutty taste as stated in other reviews. Will order these, thanks for the sample!
  • Rating
    Review by Marc on 12/29/2009
    The best tobacco flavor I've tried so far. The vape that resembles and mimics actual "Light" tobacco flavor. This one is spot on and will be any ones favorite all day, everyday vape!!! You guys knocked this one out of the park!
  • Rating
    Just what I was looking for
    Review by Justin Credible on 12/14/2009
    I had recently found myself in search of a nice smooth yet flavorful tobacco flavor that I could vape on throughout the day, which immediately ended as soon as I took my first "drag" of 555. A very smooth & robust tobacco flavor with a nutty undertone that is easy to vape on all day long. Even in 18mg it's so smooth that it's hard not to just sit and vape on it throughout the day.

    A+ flavor for sure
  • Rating
    555 Cartomizers
    Review by Terie on 11/17/2009
    Anyone remember the Bit O' Honey candy bar? That's what these remind me of. Yum!
  • Rating
    Review by anil on 11/17/2009
    This is truly a fantastic flavor: not too bold (i.e., it is quite smooth), nutty, and sweet. I highly recommend it.
  • Rating
    i dont care for tobacco flavors but i like this on
    Review by cr12 on 11/10/2009
    it reminds of pipe smoke.