Cappuccino Smooth e Cig Cartridges (WOW)

Warm Italian espresso and creamy milk come together to create a perfectly velvet smooth vape.
Order up a decadent Italian delight, but hold the cup. V4L Wow Vapor Cappuccino Cartomizers present you with a wonderfully warm, rich espresso bean flavor tempered with sweet, smooth creaminess. These prefilled electronic cigarette carts are formulated with such gourmet finesse you’ll swear you can taste the steamy milk froth.   Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.   View more electronic cigarette cartomizers...

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  • Rating
    not bad not great
    Review by marie on 1/12/2013
    Doesn't really taste like coffee. But I am vaping with the dial a volt at full power. One comment above says that the higher strength may take away some of the flavor. Will have to try it at a lower strength or power on the dial a volt. Not bad. Just not what I was expecting, I guess.
  • Rating
    Not quite cappuccino, but good nonetheless
    Review by squishface on 12/26/2012
    These have more of a latte-ish flavor, but still very good.
  • Rating
    Review by Rick on 9/3/2012
    I start the day every day with these. They're one of my absolute favorites!
  • Rating
    Ooops...tastes a little like a chai latte' XD
    Review by mattfromoz on 7/27/2012
    Not a bad flavour, cappuccino though? IDK. Throat hit like all get out on the 18 mg. Room for improvement, but okay overall. 3 from me.
  • Rating
    It is not bad
    Review by MultiPlayaBeast on 6/28/2012
    It has the taste of as its trying to imitate cappachino but... its just not there. It is forgivable and depending on strength may take more of it away the flavor but I enjoyed it.
  • Rating
    must buy
    Review by Danielle on 9/8/2011
    This flavor is yummy at 18mg. Definitely tastes like cappuccino, very smooth and not too much like coffee. I have tried the coffee and it is good as well. This flavor is a smoother, sweeter version of coffee.
  • Rating
    Decent but hard to smoke
    Review by narvinye on 1/25/2011
    I got this as a sample and found that while its flavor is pretty accurate, it's extremely harsh. Massive throat hit, good vapor, but I couldn't take more than a few puffs at a time.
  • Rating
    First Love is still the Best
    Review by Dawn on 12/8/2010
    This is the first flavor I ever tried and still think it's the best. Tasty and a bit of sweet with a nice coffee aftertaste. Must have to start the day & wonderful with a cup of coffee. A cig smoker told me it tasted like a "swisher sweet", but I don't get that at all.
    Taste = 5
    TH = 5
    Vapor Production = 4.5
  • Rating
    Review by lampshadeburgler on 12/7/2010
    I haven't had a cappuccino in quite some time, but from what I remember, this tastes like cappuccino. Delicious!
  • Rating
    Review by Elisa Bishop on 11/19/2010
    Not as "coffeeish" as I'd like but still very good. If you like strong coffee, get the espresso instead.
  • Rating
    Best mistake ever
    Review by Clint on 9/21/2010
    Accidentally ordered this in two separate orders, and I'm glad I did. It is my favorite flavor so far. Not to weak, not too strong, and great vapor. Highly recommended.
  • Rating
    WoW is right!
    Review by Jeff Tollefsbol on 8/6/2010
    This flavor is my favorite! Nice and smooth. Leaves a buttery after taste. Would definitely recommend anyone to try this. I have found that the 18mg has the best flavor with a decent hit.
  • Rating
    Review by Alan Lichtenthal on 7/21/2010
    The name is right WOW!!...Very impressed. Just started this one nice smooth cofee flavor. Easy draw lots of vapor Will hope it lasts at least a day

    Definite WOW...makes the other ones sorta bleh...:)
    Worth the price.. Would order more right now BUT THAT D..N $7 SHIPPING!! will wait
  • Rating
    Great Flavor!!
    Review by Jim Casey on 6/11/2010
    Got this as a Sample with My order, Great flavor and decent throat hit. They nailed this one!!
  • Rating
    Review by dale winchester on 5/30/2010