Cherry Cordial Smooth e Cig Cartridges (WOW)

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The taste of sweet, ripe cherries and creamy milk chocolate create the most succulent dessert-flavored e Liquid.
Sweet ripe cherries and creamy milk chocolate come together for Wow Vapor Cherry Cordial Cartomizers. Fans of the popular confection will not be disappointed with this cartomizer flavor. Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.   View more electronic cigarette cartomizers...

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  • Rating
    Review by Gerald Brann on 5/15/2011
    these cherry ones are... strong flavor, good vapor, but can't take more then a few hits as its just.. to strong on the flavor. Spot on though, tastes just like the Cherry candies
  • Rating
    I crave this...
    Review by Michelle on 4/28/2011
    One of my absolute favorites so far. I found myself craving it when I ran out. Love it!
  • Rating
    what to say
    Review by Richard on 3/25/2011
    good vapor, throat hit is ok, but imo it tastes like vaping flowers, to be fair it smells like cherry blossims, and I'd immagine if you rolled them up and smoked them it would taste something like this

    *I have to edit my review, after getting past the first couple puffs the floral taste seems to fade, and can taste the rest of it a little better, I gave it a 3 now instead of 2
  • Rating
    Review by Wyllough on 3/19/2011
    At first puff I thought the liquor flavor was a tad overwhelming but the more I vaped the more I enjoyed this one. I'm not big into fruity flavors but the hint of chocolatey reall gives it a well rounded taste. Great vapor in the 18mg. Definitely try this!
  • Rating
    Cheery Cherry
    Review by TB on 3/9/2011
    The taste on this Cartomizer reminds me of a cherry coke rather than a Cordial. It's fresh and Cheery.
  • Rating
    amazing flavor!
    Review by Annette on 3/1/2011
    One of my top 3 favorites! very rich flavor! I vape it in 8mg or 11mg. It does taste more like a liquer, which might be why I like it! lol This is on my regular order list!!
  • Rating
    Deliciously Divine
    Review by Beebes on 1/20/2011
    I love love love these! I have to FYI this is not Chocolate Covered Cherries but Cherry Cordials, so cordially research the difference. lol Very nice VAPE. TH 4 me 6 @ 11mg, VAPE 9, overall experience 9.5. Delicious as expected. I will be vaping these more and more.
  • Rating
    Yummy Dessert Liquer
    Review by Dawn on 12/8/2010
    Very good flavor! Sweet cherry on the inhale with a cherry chocolate exhale and tastey chocolatey liquer aftertaste. This complex taste if wonderful after a meal; Lip-smacking. Can taste more floral if vaping after a very strong flavor. 18 mg
    Taste = 5
    TH = 2.5
    Vapor Production = 2.5
    Left the rating at 5 since it's so very tasty!
  • Rating
    Great Once You Know What to Expect
    Review by Spring on 8/7/2010
    When I ordered, I really thought these would be like chocolate covered cherries. First time vaping, I thought I was going to get drunk! These are a perfect flavor of the cherry cordial liquor, not chocolate covered candies. Once you get past the surprise, flavor is good and produces lots of vapor. If you want an after dinner dessert, this one hits the spot.