Coffee Shop Smooth e Cig Cartridges (WOW)

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Try a new different coffee-flavored cartomizer every day this week! Our sampler pack allows you to taste a variety of our coffeehouse favorites. The pack includes one cartomizer each of the following vaping flavors: Cappuccino WOW, Caf

This one goes out to all you coffee lovers out there! Our Coffee Shop Wow Vapor Cartomizer Sampler offers a popular selection of our prefilled Wow vapor cartomizers. Featured flavors include Cappuccino, Cafe Mocha, Espresso , Coffee, and Cinnamon Roll. Delicious coffee shop flavors in 5 convenient cartomizers! Each box includes one of each of the 5 cartomizer flavors listed above.


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  • Rating
    Review by pinkdove on 11/29/2013
    If you love coffee as much as i do, you would enjoy this so much. great flavors all around!
  • Rating
    Great Sampler
    Review by Mark on 10/4/2013
    Order these with my first kit. Great if you want a coffee flavor but not sure want to get. My Favorite was the Espresso and the cinnamon roll was great for mixing it up.
  • Rating
    A great sample pack
    Review by Brittany on 8/27/2013
    These are all good, but my favourites are coffee and cinnamon roll. My husband actually loved the cinnamon roll so much that he took it and puffed it like crazy until it was almost gone, so when I got my replacement pack in the mail (I had two duds in my original--many thanks to V4L for replacing the whole pack for me!!), I didn't tell my hubby I had another cinnamon roll cartridge, haha! I'll have to order a bottle of the cinnamon roll juice for our household for sure!
  • Rating
    Review by T*Baby on 12/20/2012
    They were all good. I was expecting the cinnamon roll to be a little sweeter than it was. The coffee, cafe mocha, and espresso was the best to be b/c they had a mild sweet taste to them- yum! The cappuccino was kind of bland, kind of like straight black coffee but instead of coffee flavored cappuccino flavored. No sweet taste to it. Over all I believe you will like them if your a coffee lover!
  • Rating
    One of the first things that I picked up.
    Review by Master Chief on 11/9/2012
    This is the pack that got me hooked on Cafe Mocha. There seriously isn't a bad flavor in this pack! Cinnamon Roll was tasty, and adds a creative twist!
  • Rating
    Review by Steve on 8/2/2011
    I really don't like the cinnamon roll flavor but all of the others are great, they make up for it enough to earn this pack 5 stars in my opinion. Get it if you like coffee...or if you used to smoke full flavors. I think that had something to do with me liking these so much
  • Rating
    Coffee Lovers
    Review by Tony on 3/21/2011
    Coffee lovers will LOVE these prefilled cartomizers. i liked plain old coffee the best.
  • Rating
    Super Sampler - Favorite
    Review by Dawn on 12/9/2010
    This is my number one favorite sampler to give as gifts. Regular cig smokers seem to prefer the espresso & coffee flavors while menthol lovers seem to usually prefer the cappucino & cafe mocha flavors. Everyone so far loves the cinnamon roll. Tried these flavors in 18 mg and 24 mg. They all have very good to excellent flavor, TH & vapor production.