Oasis Smooth e Cig Cartridges (WOW)

A smooth and slightly sweet blend of Turkish and Virginia tobaccos give this vaping flavor a luxurious taste.

Our Oasis Wow Vapor Cartomizers have all the taste of fine, Turkish tobacco in a rich, complex cartomizer vapor. Try some today and find out why this premium Vapor King cartomizer is such a favorite among our customers Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.


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  • Rating
    my favorite flavor
    Review by Dave on 3/11/2013
    I've been using V4L for 6 or 7 months now, and I've tried a number of flavors at this point. WOW Kamel is the best one I've tried. The flavor and throat hit (18mg) is closer to analog than any other that I've tried. It doesn't have any additive qualities like fruit or spice flavors, just a reasonable facsimile of cigarette tobacco. If I go the refillable route, WOW Kamel will be the first flavor I try.
  • Rating
    Excellent flavor- while it lasts
    Review by David on 2/17/2013
    This is probably my favorite flavor- it tastes more like tobacco than any other flavor I've tried. The one serious problem, though, is that the flavor deteriorates rather quickly and develops the "burnt paper" taste even though there's a lot of juice left.
  • Rating
    Review by Jordan on 1/28/2013
    I have smoked camels for years and this is delicious. It tastes like a camel would if it weren't a cigarette if that makes sense. It really gives you that smooth Turkish blend taste. I've only tried these and the traditional tobacco since I got my starter kit last week but I'm already ordering 2 more packs of the wows.
  • Rating
    Wow is right.
    Review by royburt on 11/19/2012
    Got the 36mg in the Tobacco Shop Sampler: holy Moses, this is strong, sweet, and delicious. The 36 is not for the faint of heart, but it's awesome nonetheless!
  • Rating
    Decent taste.
    Review by Matt H. on 9/8/2011
    These have a decent cigar-ish taste that's really not too bad at all.

    Would buy again.
  • Rating
    Best tobacco flavor
    Review by John Corvin on 6/22/2011
    My fav. for after dinner or any meal. yumm
  • Rating
    Review by Ecig 365 on 4/13/2011
    One of my top 2 tobacco flavors so far. 5 stars for taste, vapor, & throat (8mg)
  • Rating
    My second favorite
    Review by Nathan Torosian on 1/3/2011
    Very good cart, I'd recommend them to anyone.
  • Rating
    Review by Bry-rye bread on 11/19/2010
    This one is so much better than the Cool cart. You need to try this in WOW. Great throat hit and vapor. Smooth and rich:)
  • Rating
    Kamel Cartomizers
    Review by John on 10/12/2010
    So far out of the Tobacco flavored Cartomizers I have tried, this is my favorite. I can not quite pin-point the flavor, but I do find the taste pleasing. It is not overly bitter or harsh, has a sweet/peppery taste.